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Lundy nervous about PS “razor gang”.

By Mr Evil - 8 November 2007 34

Well, according to this story, Kate Lundy is a bit worried about Kevin07’s promise to put a razor gang onto the Public Service.

Make sure you all rush out to vote for Labor now, like all good Canberrans seem to do unquestioningly!

What’s Your opinion?

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34 Responses to
Lundy nervous about PS “razor gang”.
ant 10:33 pm 08 Nov 07

Does anyone think that the Dead Wood and Long Termers go when they have a pogrom?! Hah. The ones who can go out and make money go, and the APS is not sanitised. The Razor Gang thing is to please everyone who hates “Canberra”. It’s interesting that he names DEWR as a target though.

thetruth 10:23 pm 08 Nov 07

Might be easier so say which will stay…… The only one that I can think of with cred on both side is Mark Sullivan

thetruth 10:15 pm 08 Nov 07

A slash and burn would be a good thing. There is no doubt the PS has become too big, top heavy and centralised in Canberra.

There are also too many long termers that need to move on – I know some people that have worked in the same job for 15 years (and it is not as if they are stellar performers)

ant 10:14 pm 08 Nov 07

So, which Dep’t heads will get the chop?

Ingeegoodbee 8:11 pm 08 Nov 07

A big public service is a natural consequence of Howard’s anti-conservative policies dressed up as capital “C” conservatism for the left leaning aspirational voters. Big government is anathema to any true conservative, yet Howard has made an art form of selling the punters traditional mainstream Labor platform as his own – bloating up the public service as he centralizes power – proudly urinating in the mouth of Menzies corpse as he makes government more interventionist, regulatory and proscriptive as he shamelessly paders to the lame of brain and the dull of wit who demand – “I want the Government to do something about this!” like the good little Labour voters they are …, and in the process Howard has, until now, successfully pushed Labor to the outer (viz the Fat Boy and Latham).

It’s why Rudd is freaking Howard out big time – because instead of trying to distance himself (and get sucker-punched on the wedge), Rudd is saying, “Yeah, those policies sit comfortable with traditional Labor” The undeniable reality is, that every time Howard says “Rudd is just copying us!” he’s actually saying “We’re no different from the mainstream and Rudd does ‘mainstream’ more convincingly than I can…”

boomacat 7:31 pm 08 Nov 07

The public service is bloated, as a consequence of Howard’s many vote buying schemes.

Mr Evil 5:33 pm 08 Nov 07

And Labor’s “big bad enemy” is all those horrible people who kicked poor Goughie out of office back in ’75!

EtFb 5:10 pm 08 Nov 07

… a lot of people in Canberra seem to think that it is only ever Liberal Govts that hammer the PS.

Yes, but even Little Kev’s fans know he’s going to be the best Liberal Prime Minister since Keating…

My theory is that the Libs (the real ones) always have to have a Big Bad Enemy. It comes of the party’s birth in the midst of Cold War paranoia. Initially in 1996 it was the bloated Public Service, then The Gun (after Martin Bryant had his day trip to Tassie) then a bunch of other factors like queue jumpers, unions and the rest. So they attack their enemy because it’s just What They Do.

Whereas Kev will cut the PS because it’s a good policy to demonstrate how Conservative he is. Sigh

Pandy 5:03 pm 08 Nov 07

Machinery Of Government

Test for moderation at wordpress. why?

sepi 4:53 pm 08 Nov 07

What’s a MOG change?

I forgot about all the merges and name changes we’ll get. They should just try not doing that for a while and save a fortune on new business cards etc.

Some people need them (when you deal with external people often), but really, most public servants don’t even use their endless business cards, it is a waste of our taxes. I dont bother with them anymore.

v_man_returns 3:41 pm 08 Nov 07

“they think everyone in Canberra is in the PS, and that we get given heaps of money by the Commonwealth to live the high life.” – some truth there.

Tempestas 2:17 pm 08 Nov 07

That should be a lot of $ for little pain

Tempestas 2:16 pm 08 Nov 07

MR Evil – got to say you are right on this one.
Historically all first term Govt’s do like a bit of slash and burn of the PS – House prices might get to drop a bit. Although ALP Government’s tend to use the PS to advise it, so it might be a temporary thing. That said there are so few lower level APS staff in Canberra anymore not sure where Kev is going to find them. Mind you with a big enough MOG change and a few mergers they might be able to cull a few hundred SES and associated spear carriers, saving a lot of $ for little dollars.

Mr Evil 2:00 pm 08 Nov 07

I was being sarcastic because a lot of people in Canberra seem to think that it is only ever Liberal Govts that hammer the PS.

I guess it’s good to see Kevin’s being up front about it, but it certainly won’t win him many friends in Canberra. Of course on the other hand, the rest of Australia will be overjoyed about this news because they think everyone in Canberra is in the PS, and that we get given heaps of money by the Commonwealth to live the high life.

EtFb 1:53 pm 08 Nov 07

So what you’re saying is that the ridiculously huge cuts in 1996 weren’t cause to mistrust our current government? Or did you only start getting sarcastic once Wee Johnnie started losing?

Every government cuts the Public Service when they get into power. All the good employees come back as contractors, until the next time the Dept of Finance reminds the Minister that permanent employees are cheaper in the long run. Rinse, repeat.

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