Lundy nervous about PS “razor gang”.

Mr Evil 8 November 2007 34

Well, according to this story, Kate Lundy is a bit worried about Kevin07’s promise to put a razor gang onto the Public Service.

Make sure you all rush out to vote for Labor now, like all good Canberrans seem to do unquestioningly!

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34 Responses to Lundy nervous about PS “razor gang”.
Dark and Mysterious Dark and Mysterious 11:37 am 12 Nov 07

Far from being worried about any ‘slashing and burning’, I say ‘bring it on!’ My partner and I would just love a nice fat redundancy payment to pay off the house, and it isn’t like getting a job is a huge problem in Canberra at the moment.

We can only dream. 😉

Besides, it isn’t like some departments can’t afford to lose a little ‘fat’. You know who you are. But the problem with voluntary redundancies is that you tend to lose the quality workers who are confident about finding another job, while the less talented ‘barnacles’ desperately hang on.

What was it the Chinese said about living in ‘interesting times’? 🙂

ant ant 10:50 pm 10 Nov 07

Yep. When you get a division, and put all the “managers” over in one group, so your Divison head, branch heads, and section heads, there aren’t many Indians left in the remaining group. Labor could just require departments to reduce SES by X and see a massive change in focus.

Ingeegoodbee Ingeegoodbee 10:42 pm 10 Nov 07

its a version of bracket creep. I’m told that 30 years ago, and ASO6 would have been responsible for managing a staff of between 15 and 30 in some departments. Nowdays, youd call that number of staff a branch and you’d need an SES Band 1 to run it.

thetruth thetruth 4:11 pm 10 Nov 07

Ingeegoodbee it is scarey but we are as one – we also have an education department that only has respnsibility for one university and 25 technical colleges.

sepi sepi 9:52 pm 09 Nov 07

Where I work there are even very few APS 3s and 4s. Where did they all go – it is crazy.

ant ant 8:48 pm 09 Nov 07

The Libs, years ago, applied the yellow pages test. If someone was offering goods and services in the yellow pages, the gov’t should not be offering it. Making everything a commercial earner has not been a success in many areas, but the gov’t no longer directly offers these services. I employs Contract Managers who pay private companies to provide these services. Tehre are very few ASO 1s and 2s, but lots and lots of SES, and EL 1s and 2s who, to be blunt, would not have made it as supervisors in my old service organisation.

Ingeegoodbee Ingeegoodbee 7:52 pm 09 Nov 07

The Commonwealth does not have a single public servant in the health portfolio that actually provides a health service to a consumer – like doctors, nurses, paramedics, etc. yet there are literally thousands of blood-sucking parasites draining our taxes … bring on the razor gang!

thetruth thetruth 2:33 pm 09 Nov 07

At least a clean out will improve housing affordability – too bad if you listened to John No-hope and uprooted your family to live in Canberra and contributed to the ACT coffers by purchasing a house.

I just sold my house so I can sit back a wait for the collapse of 08 (made a killing by selling in 95 to purchase in 96)

pierce pierce 2:32 pm 09 Nov 07

Ah but saying sorry isn’t the same as apologising Skidbladnir – he’s not an English teacher remember 🙂

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 2:29 pm 09 Nov 07

@pierce: So you mean Howard is only -now- coming out of a Thatcher advised mindset that was out of date before he came to power? Anyone suprised?

By the way @sepi, the Face of the Workplace Authority is Ms Barbara Bennett, previously of Comcare. She’s out at the airport when they’re not in Melbourne.
But her and a few other of them (not naming names though) would be nice, getting rid of some of the dead wood to give rise to some new shoots would be nice too.
Depending on where things get cleared out, it might be time to go finish my degree and go into policy.

pierce pierce 1:43 pm 09 Nov 07

Thatcher told Howard years ago that one of his main jobs was to secure the appointments of the 600 people in the country who actually made the decisions – guess it’s Rudd’s turn now.

(The other thing she told him was to never admit being wrong)

tuggers tuggers 11:06 am 09 Nov 07

I was one of the ones purged by the incoming Liberals who wanted smaller government and public servants would be policy and not auxillary. DAS, the printing office, Comcar, Purchasing Australia all had lower paid & blue collar staff. Some have made a fortune in private enterprise. Most haven’t.
The bloat is in SES advisors and spin doctors now, but they will be replaced quickly with Labor mates.

Ponkygirl Ponkygirl 10:11 am 09 Nov 07

If I may quote from the APSC 05-06 statistical bulletin…

At June 2006, there were 2253 SES employees in the APS, up from 2028 last year.The proportional increase in the size of the SES (11.1%) was larger than the growth in the APS overall.

Chop them at the top I say, and chop them hard. It works for the roses, and it would work for the PS. If Kevin would like to borrow my chainsaw, he has only to ask.

S4anta S4anta 9:47 am 09 Nov 07

ant – re: DEWR, workchoices perhaps?

There are certainly effiiciencies that can be garnished from a clean out of the APS.

You look at what has happened at the state and federal level previously, and you tend to see that after total program changes (such as removal of workchoices, troops out of afghanistan, streamlined medicare and health services) there will almost certainly be a clean out of administration positions, which is good. For the past few years there has been too many good programs and initiatives brought undone by an ineffective and oversized bureaucracy, at all levels not just federal. Look at the health system for an example

thetruth thetruth 8:26 am 09 Nov 07

Mark Patterson and Jane Halton will jump… Sheargold will hold on for a few months then get a job offer in Melbourne

Ingeegoodbee Ingeegoodbee 7:25 am 09 Nov 07

“I know some people that have worked in the same job for 15 years (and it is not as if they are stellar performers)”

Ha, blow-ins! I know of a guy who joined the APS as a section head in 1974 and has been in the same job ever since.

Pandy Pandy 11:46 pm 08 Nov 07

And any one who touched the F18Fs

sepi sepi 10:52 pm 08 Nov 07

Jane Halton is top of mind to go (spruiker for the children overboard).
And that woman on the workplace ads.

thetruth thetruth 10:44 pm 08 Nov 07

rudds form on clean outs within the qld PS is very well documented – he is very good at it. dont underestimateis ability to dislodge cockroaches. THe other difference here is the gfenerational change that is occuring. I think that most of the long termers will not have the energy to dig in – in 96 most of the dead wood was in their 40’s

ant ant 10:33 pm 08 Nov 07

Does anyone think that the Dead Wood and Long Termers go when they have a pogrom?! Hah. The ones who can go out and make money go, and the APS is not sanitised. The Razor Gang thing is to please everyone who hates “Canberra”. It’s interesting that he names DEWR as a target though.

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