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Menaced by brats in North Lyneham

By Kaz - 15 October 2010 39

Hey there … in the past couple of weeks I’ve been hassled/menaced/threatened three times while trying to ride my bike along the bike path next to Ellenborough Street, North Lyneham.

Two young boys (aged 10 or so) stand on the bike path, barricading it so cyclists can’t get through, screaming and brandishing large sticks. I suspect they live in Edwell Place, as they are right near there.

Has anyone else been freaked out by these little s***s, and, short of pulling a gun on them – which would be bloody tempting if I had one – have you worked out a safe way deter them, or get past?

What’s Your opinion?

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39 Responses to
Menaced by brats in North Lyneham
Gungahlin Al 12:41 pm 15 Oct 10

I had a similar situation up in Caboolture a couple of weeks back where three 10yos egged the car from a railway overpass. They came back to the scene of their crime after a short while and I had nothing better to do so I took off after them.

Up and over the bridge, sliced through a crowd getting onto a bus, through the carpark, across the main road traffic and cornered in a shopping centre car park. Must have been the last thing they though would happen an old-ish guy chase and catch 2 out of the 3 of them… 🙂

Walked them back to the station master through the crowds and all and called the cops, etc. They couldn’t spill on the one the got away quick enough…

Nothing like a little bit of sheer fear and terror to (hopefully) scare them back onto a straighter road…

It was most fun I’ve had in ages.

Amanda Hugankis 12:11 pm 15 Oct 10

Open up a can of CopAss on their evil little souls.

1. Tell them you’re calling the cops.
1A. If they scarper, chase them on your bike (invariably they’ll run to home).
1B. Knock on the door, ask to speak to an adult, go off banana at adult.
1C. If no adult home, call cops.

2. If they don’t scarper, call cops and await their arrival.

schmeah 12:03 pm 15 Oct 10

It’s hardly helpful to suggest that the OP take photos of them and post them on the net. Not sure what planet you live in Grail, but whether their hooligans or not – that sort of behaviour will cause the OP a world of pain.

Sounds like their a pair of brats though, but there is only two of them .. I’m not sure what you could do. Try another route, ride off the path, go at them full pelt – they’re bound to move – set the magpies on them. It’s not likely to last, they’ll get bored soon enough and find another haunt to hang out at .. doesn’t make it right though.

Rollersk8r 11:51 am 15 Oct 10

ME TOO! In green school uniform! I sped up when they tried to stop me last night! And it’s not the first time it’s happened.

You hit me with those sticks though and I don’t care how old you are! It will be ON! At the very least I’ll be confronting the parents.

I’ll be relying on this post as evidence when they tell mummy I’m lying! 😛

toriness 11:44 am 15 Oct 10

pretend to photograph them and say you’re sending it in to the police.

trix 11:22 am 15 Oct 10

Pull up off the path and call the cops on 131 444. How hard is that? Forget about photos and that kind of carry on – tell them when the kids are right there and ask them to send a car around. If everyone who sees the little buggers calls immediately, the cops will show up some time or other.

Captain RAAF 10:50 am 15 Oct 10

Grail said :

Photograph them, send photo to police. When they don’t act, post photo on RiotACT or in local newspaper. I am sure there is some poxy law in place preventing you identifying minors on the Internet, so be prepared to be harassed by police when you do so.

That law mustn’t apply in Chile…

Davo111 10:49 am 15 Oct 10

Cops won’t really do much as <18 punnishments are far too soft. Although i remember reading about a kid (now an adult) who was taken by the police and shown what the cells looked like – and it was enough to steer him in the right direction.

Imho, slow down, park up, confiscate the sticks, and move on. Dont wear your lycra while trying to do this.

Other than that, photographing the trouble makers so that people here can identify the kids. Even blacking out the eyes is enough.

Diggety 10:44 am 15 Oct 10

Stamp on all their toys, burn their sister’s dolls and beat their parents.

Grail 9:57 am 15 Oct 10

Photograph them, send photo to police. When they don’t act, post photo on RiotACT or in local newspaper. I am sure there is some poxy law in place preventing you identifying minors on the Internet, so be prepared to be harassed by police when you do so.

Captain RAAF 9:50 am 15 Oct 10

Give em’ a good old fashioned flogging, tell them if you see them there again you’ll grab them by the ear and drag them down the cop shop.

Don’t worry about them ‘dobbing’ on you because as hooligans thier word means SFA and just don’t use the path for awhile until the heat, if any, dies down.

No steet hooligans in Captain RAAF’s hood’!

Solidarity 9:41 am 15 Oct 10

Speed up, they won’t have the strentgh to pull you off.

JessP 9:41 am 15 Oct 10

Taser them

Katietonia 9:41 am 15 Oct 10

A friend of mine was hassled by them the other day too. There is no answer to this question that is within the law.

thewindycity 9:34 am 15 Oct 10

pretend they are not there – i doubt they will try it twice

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