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Merry Christmas Rioters

By che - 24 December 2008 28

To all our readers, Rioters, and lurkers we hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

And thanks from all of us in the RiotACT team.

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28 Responses to
Merry Christmas Rioters
farnarkler 8:24 am 25 Dec 08

Have a good one people and only make the pages of the Canberra Times if it’s for something good!!

Pommy bastard 7:16 am 25 Dec 08

Nadelik lowen!

ramblingted 6:46 am 25 Dec 08

Yes Merry Christmas Rioters, and as the Greeks used to say, “Moderation in all things, including moderation”

astrojax 6:37 am 25 Dec 08

bon noel, dudes 😉 godspeed…

Spectra 11:21 pm 24 Dec 08

Thanks to everyone, and especially the admins for another fun and informative year of Rioting.

Merry Christmas everyone – stay safe and have a great holiday.

Mr Evil 10:19 pm 24 Dec 08

Yep, best wishes to everyone – even though I ‘hate’ youse all. 🙂

Eat, drink and be merry.

sepi 10:19 pm 24 Dec 08

MERRY XMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

123qwe 9:54 pm 24 Dec 08

Tomorrow is a day off, but come Friday the gloves (boxing day – poor attempt at Xmas humour) will be back on.

Best wishes to all.

Overheard 9:54 pm 24 Dec 08

What’s with this ‘we’ sh!t, boat man?!

Skidbladnir 9:48 pm 24 Dec 08

While we’re all making typos, Seasoned Gratings to the lot of you.

Overheard 9:44 pm 24 Dec 08

Many thanks to everyone who’s made this site so diverting, amusing, bemusing, c-musing, etc. this year. Yes, even the trolls have their place.

Whatever religious/quasi-religious celebration you’re making your own on the morrow, enjoy. And if you’re travelling great distances to do so, take one extra deep breath (two, if that’s what it takes) and be kind to your fellow travellers.

Get there late if you must, but do get there in one piece.

Cheers, Overheard in Buladelah (where even the trucks are making it a merry night before Xmas by staying away! Apart from that tanker. And that freight van. OK, I may have spoke too vroom.)

staria 9:39 pm 24 Dec 08

Merry Kiss’m’arse to all!! :o)

hehehe… I wish you all much happiness and mucher food!

Thumper 9:36 pm 24 Dec 08

Have a good one all 😉

bloodnut 9:03 pm 24 Dec 08

merry christmas.

I look forward to much more cutting sarcasm and manufactured mirth in the new years.

thanks to the team for your generous efforts.

to all the contributors – even deadset arsehole losers like realityskin and eyeball – stay safe enough to continue your trolling post xmas.

Kramer 8:24 pm 24 Dec 08

Thanks to BerraBoy for the following seasons wishes, but Che beat you to it! Best of luck for next year. Don’t touch that URL, there’s more good stuff coming this year & into 2009!!!

How can you say merry Christmas in a single thread and hope it reaches every Rioters? You can’t so I thoght Thread dedicated to thsi purposes might be a good idea.

So, merry christmas, hannakah, Kwanza etc… to you all. I wishe you a very merry and safe Holiday period. I hope each of you gets what you want and want what you get. I look forward to convesing with you over Xmas and in 2009.

Merry Xmas,


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