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Minister approves Woolworths expansion at Mawson

By Chris S 10 May 2006 8

Seven-Storey Call-in Corbell has again used his call-in powers to prevent public consultation (well, in this case, to enable the planners to ignore what people have said) – see media release.

[ED – And he still hasn’t returned our reader’s questions from the email interview]

Twenty-nine submissions were received, and Seven-storey Simon reckons that he has addressed the concerns through amendments and conditions. If these concerns have been addressed, why use your call-in powers, Simon? The only reason is that Simon doesn’t want any appeal to the AAT. And why doesn’t he want appeals to the AAT? Firstly, because that slows down the development process, and Simon is captured by big business who would lose profit. And secondly, because development applications are often rejected or significantly modified during the AAT appeal process (have a look at to see how many cases go against the planners).

Seven-storey Simon has now removed opportunity for public consultation in Civic and the Town Centres, he’s now started on the group centres, and the rest of Canberra is soon to follow. When’s the next election?

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Minister approves Woolworths expansion at Mawson
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evee 9:53 am 12 May 06

Call in Corbell? He can be called that for another reason…

Thumper 8:01 am 11 May 06

I heard it commented the other day whilst eating a pie in civic, ‘is he just incompetent, or in the pockets of developers?’

And the answer I heard back was, ‘both’.

Chris S 3:46 pm 10 May 06

Queensland planning minister Desley Boyle yesterday called in a nursing home development proposal in Brisbane. She has copped a lot of flak for doing so: see

Qld Opposition leader Springbord said:

“Call-in powers are there for extraordinary purposes, they are not there to be used and abused every other day of the week as we have seen by this government.”

Seven-storey Call-in Corbell must have an open line to Peter Beattie!

Mr_Shab 1:15 pm 10 May 06

Mr Evil – you’re not the only one who has wondered if rat-boy is on the take. There were many rumblings about same at the time of the Civic call-in fiasco.

Thumper 12:41 pm 10 May 06

Well he showed his contempt for people when he called Keelty a public servant!

Imagine how he treats his own staff?

Mr Evil 11:41 am 10 May 06

Maybe that’s what therapy teaches people to do in difficult situations? 😉

Chris S 11:28 am 10 May 06

He’s not bright enough for that. His problem is that he’s incapable of arguing against big business, who have enormous lobbying power and money, and therefore he dumps on ordinary citizens who are completely powerless.

He refuses to respond to letters that he doesn’t like, and has effectvley shut up shop when it comes to communicating with people in the community. When he doesn’t send his minions on his behalf, he simply ignores whatever people say to him.

Mr Evil 11:16 am 10 May 06

I love how this Govt harps on about Human Rights, UN Coventions, etc, etc, while at the same time constantly riding rough-shod over the ACT whenever it suits them.

I wonder sometimes if Simon’s on the take!

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