Monday afternoon parking

Barcham 22 July 2013 8

Hey Rioters! I just got back in the ‘Berra after a week away and I immediately craved photos of people parking poorly.

It’s like there’s something in the air here.

Thank goodness for you lot, you’ve delivered again and my cravings are satiated.

Have a photo of a terrible parking attempt?

Send it to us at and feed our growing hunger for these images.

Make sure you put the word “parking” in the subject and let us know what you would like to be called.

1. Sheep Groper is looking on the bright side:

Taken a few weeks ago at a busy car park. Makes a change from tradies parking on the grass.


2. Deref delivers:

I spotted this one at Harvey Norman in Fyshwick.


3. Ben Dover wanders the mountaintops looking for trouble:

At the arboretum this morning.


4. Ishai finds a two hit combo:

This car has been spotted, not only parking flawlessly over the lines, but in the motorcycle parking section…


5. Kazza the Blank One doesn’t like it when people park on the footpath.



6. JessP wonders if different cars have different laws:

Yesterday in the city. Rules don’t apply for the Ferrari…and the Prado…


7. Ladywriter awards full points:

Caught this in Manuka on Sunday. Car was parked at a great angle and I especially loved the front wheel up on the footpath. Top effort!


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8 Responses to Monday afternoon parking
Mike Bessenger Mike Bessenger 10:51 am 23 Jul 13

The Ferrari is the one I see all the time at the Halal place in Kippax. His driving is no better than his parking.

bigred bigred 6:52 am 23 Jul 13

Re number 6, don’t you hate it when someone else gets in first.

joingler joingler 8:46 pm 22 Jul 13

#3 is hilarious given there are a tonne of spots within 100 metres.

I’ve got some for next week I must remember to email through

jase! jase! 6:50 pm 22 Jul 13

number 6 would be a pajero

Innovation Innovation 5:30 pm 22 Jul 13

Not sure about #1. Can’t see any lines or signs and, anyway, parking side on with a trailer is far better (for the driver and others) than having the car or trailer stick out in the middle of the carpark.

dks00k dks00k 5:21 pm 22 Jul 13

The Ferrari tosser now thinks he/she is uber cool with all these people taking photos of his/her car……

astrojax astrojax 4:41 pm 22 Jul 13

i’m with kazza – i abhor people who block pedestrians’ path with their car when there is no good reason to do so… shoot ’em, i say.

Reprobate Reprobate 4:01 pm 22 Jul 13

@6: Looks like JessP got her bad parking photo in before the dude in the pic on the left hand side!

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