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Monkey bike mayhem in the Inner North

By johnboy - 24 January 2007 35

The ABC reports on a night of madness with allegedly Rebel linked bikies trying to recover an accursed monkey bike they say was stolen from them.

“The court heard that just before midnight AEDT yesterday, Gregory Seears, his brother James and nephew Grant were involved in two violent home invasions last night.

Police say the men entered a house in Lyneham and assaulted a man, demanding to know where the bike was.

It is alleged that when another man who had the bike arrived, they forced him into the back of a car and took him to a house in Dickson.”

The Seears were caught by police trying to make off with their monkey bike and have been refused bail.

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35 Responses to
Monkey bike mayhem in the Inner North
morto1980 11:14 pm
24 Jan 07

I wouldn’t have thought the kind of chaps that are monkey bike enthusiasts would be involved in “violent home invasions”. SLANDEROUS!

LeSuede 11:35 pm
24 Jan 07

What the hell is a monkey bike?
And how small is this bike if a monkey can ride it? Must be nice if they are that desperate to get it back. Why not call the police and report the monkey bike as stolen?

Thumper 11:38 pm
24 Jan 07

Small enough for a monkey to ride.

They are a serious pain in the provebial.

KaneO 5:58 am
25 Jan 07

Stealing a bike from members/associates of a bikie gang could almost be considered a form of natural selection.

simto 7:51 am
25 Jan 07

Bikie gangs let monkey bikes in now?

I know standards are slipping everywhere, but wow…

Danman 8:44 am
25 Jan 07

From my open sources today

Bikie threatened to knee-cap man: court
380 words
25 January 2007
Organisation of Asia-Pacific News Agencies
© Copyright 2007. OANA. All rights reserved.

A Rebels bikie gang member threatened to shoot a man in the knees after accusing him of stealing a miniature motorbike belonging to his deaf son, a Canberra court heard on Wednesday.

Gregory Seears, 54, of Kaleen, his deaf son Grant, 26, and brother James Seears, 52, of Girralang, appeared in the ACT Magistrates Court charged with trespassing with the intent to cause harm, trespassing with the intent to cause damage, common assault, assault causing actual bodily harm and unlawful confinement.

Constable Richard Gough said Canberra man Stephen Watsford had bought a miniature motorbike for $100 from Bradley Walker in Lyneham on Saturday.

The constable said Mr Walker was woken on Tuesday night by three men claiming the bike had been stolen and demanding its return.

Const Gough said Mr Walker was assaulted, dragged around his house and garden, and threatened as the men searched for the bike, which was not there.

Mr Walker told police the heavily bearded man (Gregory) said: “Don’t tell anyone or we’ll put bullets in your knees”, the court heard.

And, pointing to his Rebels motorbike vest, Gregory allegedly said: “Do you know these people?” He demanded Mr Walker call his friend and ask him to return the bike.

When the men found Mr Watsford at a friend’s house, two friends fled and called police, but Mr Watsford and another friend were attacked.

The pair were then forced into a car and driven to Mr Watsford’s house, where two of the accused men smashed open a door and a bike was found, Const Gough told the court.

Gregory said: “I need you to open the back gate to get my bike. It’s nothing against you, my son is deaf and has worked hard for this motorbike”, Const Gough told the court.

But as the motorbike was being loaded into the back of a station wagon, police arrived, the court heard.

Magistrate John Burns, who was told all three charged men had significant criminal backgrounds, refused bail. “No bail conditions to my mind would be sufficient to alleviate my concerns of witnesses being interfered with,” he said.

All three men were remanded in custody and are due to reappear in court on February 14.

Good to see Giralang is still as family friendly as when I left in 1997

bonfire 10:41 am
25 Jan 07

while i loathe thieves, and think hanging from telegraph poles is an appropriate punishment, this form of behaviour is appalling.

i hope these thugs do hard time.

smokey4 1:13 pm
25 Jan 07

Nice to see the law coming down hard on these innocent people retriving stolen property. Cannot wait to see whether they now have the balls to carry out their threats.

Myrmecia 6:31 pm
25 Jan 07

Are these Seears related to the excellent work wear business in Fyshwick?

Danman 11:32 pm
25 Jan 07

“how do ya know” ?

TAD 11:31 am
26 Jan 07

Yep he’s Greg’s brother.

I wouldn’t hold that against him though.

Greg’s an angry dwarf

bonfire 9:48 am
30 Jan 07

on-road monkey bike sighted on australia day near evatt shops. being ridden by an adult male mid 20’s shorts, shirtless, thongs.

i guess the laws of gravel rash dont apply to these idiots.

Boxy 1:33 pm
10 Feb 07

To Le Suede.Typical know all dickhead gobbin off with a load of crap without knowing jack about the facts.The disabled young man who’s bike was stolen reported it to the ACT’s finest over a week before his father and uncle stepped in and retrieved it about a day later.If you ever have something pinched it might be a good idea to ring the Seears boys when the cops fail to help.No wonder only 40% of Canberrans have faith in a police service that just doesn’t give a rat’s about a disabled kid without much money.

Boxy 1:40 pm
10 Feb 07

To Simto
And just what the f–k would you know about Bikies f–kwit

Boxy 2:23 pm
10 Feb 07

To Bonfire,
Yeah you’d be the kind of f–ken hero who would bravely look straight past the pain in your kid.s eyes and stick your chest out and say “i’ve rang the police son i.m sure they will come and see us about it one day,that.s the best i can do”.A bit of ticker trouble eh c–t? I’m sure your kid’s gunna love the cops when he grows up.Why because his brave daddy lead him to beleive they would bring his toys back.When they walk you should show ya kid your not really the whimp he thinks you are and go give these lawless thugs a piece of your mind.(oops sorry superhero forgot about the ticker problem )

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