More Daylight Saving

paperboy 15 July 2006 11

Today’s Council of Australian Governments Meeting may just have bought us a few extra hours of sunshine.

New South Wales, Victoria and the ACT have agreed to talk to their voters about joining Tasmania in starting daylight saving on the first sunday in October, instead of the last Sunday.

Triple 6 ran a phone and SMS poll on the proposal today and found 78-percent supported the extension.

What do you think….

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11 Responses to More Daylight Saving
Irongeek Irongeek 2:01 pm 17 Jul 06

I am sure they will just fix it with the next service pack/first service pack of Vista.

Extra time after work with Sunlight is great in my books.
The sooner the better.

VYBerlinaV8 VYBerlinaV8 9:54 am 17 Jul 06

Daylight savings… the more the better!

Thumper Thumper 8:46 am 17 Jul 06


A rare outbreak of logic and sanity.

What is this country coming to?

James-T-Kirk James-T-Kirk 9:48 pm 16 Jul 06

Wo Hoo…. Bring it on.
The pollies have *no clue* about the overtime that any non-Microsoft sanctioned modifications to the daylight savings scheme creates!
More $$ in for those helpful IT souls.

More time on the lake for me. Even if the extra sunlight will fade my sails.


Vic Bitterman Vic Bitterman 9:37 pm 16 Jul 06

I don’t mind a few extra weeks of daylight savings.

Bring it on!

Big Al Big Al 6:48 pm 16 Jul 06

Dont know about fading curtains … but my favourite Joh-ism is “There’s more than one way to skin a cat than drowning it!”

Swaggie Swaggie 5:47 pm 15 Jul 06

My God, a rare example of common sense emanating from a meeting of Pollies…whatever next?

Blargon Blargon 3:25 pm 15 Jul 06

My first voting experience was the Queensland daylight savings referendum. Joh wasn’t state premier for this he was in post-Fitzgerald inquiry disgrace and was busy stacking his jury at this time. There was some stupid shit bandied about like cows not being able to know when to come for milking. But about half of Queensland’s population live in the country where they woke on dawn anyway and thought it was all a city person plot to get them. Also surfers voted against it to keep people off the beach at the prime early morning surfing times.

Mossey Mossey 3:09 pm 15 Jul 06

But the curtains will fade faster…

Hehe.. Apparently Sir Joh told the Queenslanders this and many believed him. Can anyone confirm?

ant ant 2:12 pm 15 Jul 06

about time. It’s crazy that it starts so late. I’m in the US every ski season, and we’re in daylight saving for about the last month of it, as it’s spring. And it works very well.

johnboy johnboy 12:42 pm 15 Jul 06

sheer and total hell for all the IT workers and anyone doing international business. Other countries Labour under the misapprehension that no country is stupid enough to bugger around like dilettantes with their nation’s clocks.

I’m sure that in a few years someone else will want to bugger around with it again in order to justify their useless job.

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