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Motor Vehicle Thefts are down… wait for it… 1%

asp 22 August 2007 13

Yes, break out the Penfolds Grange Hermitage and leave it full view on the passenger seat of your $300,000 Bentley parked in the City West Carpark with full confidence that there is a 1% less chance it will be boosted.

Ok, so car theft isn’t down much, but there is some good news. Home Burglaries are apparently at there lowest levels in several years according to new police figures.  And for the two wheeled commuters of our city, bike thefts are at their lowest for five years.
On the other hand,  reported assaults are at their highest level since 2003, though Simon Corbell says 117 reports in one quarter is relatively few. (According to my calculations, only 1.285714285714285) per day.

Full story from ABC News Online here.

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13 Responses to Motor Vehicle Thefts are down… wait for it… 1%
vandam 11:35 am 24 Aug 07

So funny, maybe someone should start a group which enables Canberrans to dispatch one druggy per month. That will sort out those figures.

Avy 10:37 am 24 Aug 07

I don’t think you mean ‘anomaly’, as such. But we would want to know if there has been any kind of shift in population (perhaps there are fewer cars on the road), seasonal effects (perhaps more people have been staying at home), improved new car security (something the local government cannot really take credit for), etc..

asp 2:33 pm 23 Aug 07

Thumper, good point. I’m no expert, but the 1% drop is a valid statistic in this case because it is a 1% drop in REPORTED cases. If it were an interpolation, to try and figure out all cases based on history and was basically an educated guess, then 1% would be invalid because such interpolations have a margin of error.

Thumper 2:26 pm 23 Aug 07

Is 1% a valid statistical difference, or is it an anomoly?

Any statisticians out there?

Bueller, bueller, anyone, anyone???

astrojax 2:20 pm 23 Aug 07

so, bad people don’t bother waiting for you to go out then rob your house; rather they wait for you to come out and bash you up to get the goodies. noice.

Gungahlin Al 12:49 pm 23 Aug 07

“bike thefts are at their lowest for five years”

Probably because the drop-kicks that frequent City Mall have, we see, managed to steal pretty good ones so no longer have to pinch anyone else’s…

VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt 12:47 pm 23 Aug 07

Now, if something could just happen to Amber…

Woody Mann-Caruso 11:25 am 23 Aug 07

Looks like something good came out of the death of David “DJ” McLaughlin.

Part of me wants to shake my head sadly, but part of me wants to swing my arm around, point my finger and say ‘touchdown’.

VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt 10:51 am 23 Aug 07

Harsh, duck. Funny, but harsh.

Scott 12:54 am 23 Aug 07

Maybe a 1% decrease reflects the fact that the statistics now prove that the smashing of a car side window reduces the overall weight of said vehicle by this much.

Deadmandrinking 12:14 am 23 Aug 07

“Looks like something good came out of the death of David “DJ” McLaughlin.

Comment by hk0reduck — 22 August, 2007 @ 9:15 pm”

Yeah, the fact that we now have undisputed evidence of your brains fecal content.

madman 9:23 pm 22 Aug 07

Ouch! Shabang…..

hk0reduck 9:15 pm 22 Aug 07

Looks like something good came out of the death of David “DJ” McLaughlin.

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