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Motorbike parking at Reid Campus

By Maelinar 26 February 2008 11

I’ve found nothing on the net – so, have any RiotACTers parked their motorbikes at the CIT Reid (Civic) Campus ?

Where can you park ?

Is it pay parking ?

[ED: It’s a motorbike, park where ever you like! And pay parking for a bike? Does that happen anywhere?]

What’s Your opinion?

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Motorbike parking at Reid Campus
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minime2 1:12 am 02 Mar 08

Oh…another interesting thing. Well, not if you don’t own a motorbike or park in that lane off Bunda that goes onto The Walk… regular purple-flashing light vehicle inspectors go there for smorgasboard of bike rear tyres, funny spots for rego labels, torn seats (Yes!) and other people killing stuff of biking commuters. That’s IF you can get a spot in that little rathole.

minime2 12:25 am 02 Mar 08

for the other side of the record: If there is not a WHOLE, readable paid and current ticket displayed – you’re gone. Motorbike in bike racks won’t go … got moved-on trying that by a khaki-brown bomber at Yarra Shops. They are very very fussy on m/c parking in ACT. Used to park next to Gus’ cafe inBunda .. up against the plastic, behind the really big, wooden advertising boards, out of the way; but no! Will get booked there now. (The bike is smaller than the billboards hiding it). They even turn up saturday afternoon now to get the quiet coffee sippers who lean their m/c on the footy path areas. So, if you see m/cs all lined up taking one parking spot each, you know why.

Mælinar 9:02 pm 26 Feb 08

Thanks all – found it tonight and plenty of spaces.

And now there’s a reference on the internet where motorbike parking is at the Reid campus, for future riders 🙂

pptvb 8:03 pm 26 Feb 08

As Geoffco said,
In front of “E” block (library) or
around the back between “F” and “G” blocks

Mr Waffle 1:18 pm 26 Feb 08

The parking lot just north of the CIT Reid carpark- opposite the convention centre- has motorbike parking at the top end, I believe. At least, there’s always motorbikes parked there, so I assume as much…

Geoffco 11:51 am 26 Feb 08

From what I’ve seen, there’s usually a number of bikes parked just near the library near the disabled spots.

poisonivy 11:49 am 26 Feb 08

Park anywhere? Uh . . . no. You WILL get booked for parking without a ticket in a spot not specifically designated for motorbikes. I understand that if you retain a portion of your paid parking ticket, this would sufficient evidence to protest an infringement should the portion left with your bike ‘go missing’.

For parking at Reid CIT, try calling the main office. They will be better informed than anyone here.

TAMS have produced the following pamphlet on Motorbike parking in the ACT

It’s a bit out of date for the city though – there are some new spots outside the new Canberra Centre (outside Nandos on one side and the seafood shop on the other, and around the corner towards Braddon)

James-T-Kirk 11:10 am 26 Feb 08

Spectra – And there you have it-

A trivial defence.

I had a ticket holder, and brought a ticket, but somebody took it – That would hold up in court without any problems.

See – No need to purchase tickets for Motorbikes.

Mælinar 11:06 am 26 Feb 08

No marked motorbike spaces at CIT ?

Last week I parked in the dirt carpark across the road, the ticket placed for all and sundry to deal with, under the band that crosses the seat. Luckily it wasn’t removed, but I’m awaiting the day that it is and I’m greeted by a yellow envelope.

Spectra 10:50 am 26 Feb 08

The official word in Canberra is that legally you can only park in parking spaces, just like a car (plus marked motorbike spaces). Whether you’d ever get booked for doing otherwise, of course, is a separate matter entirely.
Regarding the pay parking, if you park in a car spot in a pay parking area, legally you have to pay just like for a car. Urban Services even give out free voucher holders for parking in areas that require display of a voucher (though how that’s mean to stop someone just nicking off with the voucher anyway is anyone’s guess).

ASP 10:25 am 26 Feb 08

I think in practice, motorbikes can park anywhere. You could probably even get away with using a bike rack if it fits and you need something to secure it too. It’s a motor vehicle though so you might want to see what the official word is. Lot of the parking monkeys (inspectors) in the triangle for example are harsh.

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