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Mulcahy says scrap pedestrian malls

By johnboy - 24 August 2006 25

Canberra Review have a stunning puff piece shameful even by their own dire standards.

In a “Review Profile” lacking a byline we are treated to an arts profile on one Richard Mulcahy MLA. One can only wonder if Mr. Mulcahy’s close friendship with the Canberra Review proprietor Michael Hawke had anything to do with it.

The “Profile” is notable for the clench-jawed photograph of Mr. Mulchahy in front of an impressionist painting of Canberra. While supposedly about the shadow Minister for Arts, the belt-driven profile quickly diverts to Mr. Mulchay’s work on the Public Accounts Committee and his enjoyment of a night at the movies.

But hidden down the bottom is a strange question asking what he’d like to do with the redevelopment of what normal people still call Civic.

If you had the opportunity to re-develop Canberra’s city centre, what would be the one major thing you would do?

Scrap pedestrian malls as I do not think that they have worked anywhere that I have visited.

Now we know.

UPDATED: Jorian Gardner form the Canberra Review has been in touch to point out that the “Profile” is a regular feature with the same questions each week.

What’s Your opinion?

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25 Responses to
Mulcahy says scrap pedestrian malls
seepi 1:39 pm 25 Aug 06

Bourke Street Mall in Melbourne is nice too.
– And on the Cockroaches, I never saw one in Woden in the 90s, but Civic since 2000 is full of them – where did they come from???

Absent Diane 10:44 am 25 Aug 06

Yeah Queens street is pretty awesome….. I like their idea of cafe/pubs in the middle of the walk way as well….

Thumper 10:33 am 25 Aug 06

I love the Queens Street Mall. Great for going and having a beer after work….

caf 10:20 am 25 Aug 06

He’s obviously never been to Brisbane then, the Queen Street Mall “works” excellently.

Thumper 8:37 am 25 Aug 06

Yeah Miz,

first time I remember that I saw a cockroach was in Sutherland in about late 80s. The place was full of them.

None in Canberra then however….

Vic Bitterman 11:52 pm 24 Aug 06

mulcahy sounds like a right twat.

Pandy 11:18 pm 24 Aug 06

Soon after the opened the toll gate on the border with Queanbeyan.

But seriously, is Mulchay quaffing too much wine? Does he really think all those eateries in Garema Place are not working? C’mon that IS the real heart of Civic. Love it.

I must say when the Canberra Centre was first developed over the road in the mid ’80s I thought it a bit wiered. But selling the land to the developers (thus lining the Liberal Party pockets with kick-backs, cough donations) was the right thing to do.

miz 9:07 pm 24 Aug 06

Weird but true – I never saw a cockroach in Canberra till I moved back in 1999. Not one during my youth (moved here 1968, left 1983). When did they arrive??

KaneO 5:21 pm 24 Aug 06

There are shops in the canberra centre?
I recently took a day wandering about the multi-story carpark examining the “Post modernistic Architecture” inspired by the “Cheapest bidder” ethos.
It was quite exciting, and the various colours on the different levels interacted quite dramatically with the varying light levels throught the day.
It was a truly majestic experience, or i could have just been high on exhaust fumes.

Anyhoo, how do you define ‘worked’ in relation to ped malls? Garema place was certainly better when it had reasonable parking access, tho now most of the duck-in-quickly carparks have disappeared.
The over abundance of cockroaches about the place probably has more to do with visitor numbers than vehicle access…

bonfire 4:16 pm 24 Aug 06

i wonder how vibrant canberras centre would be if ainslie avenue had not been privatised to the gods of avarice.

the canberra centre grows like a weed.

who needs all these shops ?

Big Al 4:09 pm 24 Aug 06

I don’t envy Big Bills job – even on a quite day, his colleagues appear to be going out of their way to reveal to the electorate yet another reason for not voting for the Canberra Liberals.

simto 3:57 pm 24 Aug 06

And the reason, ladies and gentlemen, that we’ll be getting another Labour government is…

Mr Evil 3:56 pm 24 Aug 06

He looks like a Nazi, and now he’s acting like one.

Ve haff vays of forcing you back on to ze footpath!

johnboy 3:43 pm 24 Aug 06

It would run down the pedestrians he despises for their weakness?

Big Al 3:39 pm 24 Aug 06

And redirecting traffic through Garema Place would work because….

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