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MultiCultural Council squeals at funding threat

By johnboy 12 December 2005 32

ABC Online is reporting the outraged squeals of the MultiCultural council to suggestions they might have to deliver outcomes if they wish to keep suckling upon the public teat.

I can see how this would be upsetting to them.

What’s Your opinion?

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32 Responses to
MultiCultural Council squeals at funding threat
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RandomGit 8:27 am 16 Dec 05

I thought you meant regrading. It even fits in a way.

So, Jb cleared up your concern but you felt you needed to keep swinging. Good-O, noted.

vg 10:59 pm 15 Dec 05

And yes, for all you super sleuths, I meant ‘regarding’

vg 10:58 pm 15 Dec 05

“lack of rounded personal develeopment”

I assume your pontificating and amateur name calling regrding personal development somehow glossed over your spelling inadequacies. Guess it also extends to amateur attempts at sarcasm. Please….I hear better from drunken twits on a Saturday night

johnboy 7:21 pm 15 Dec 05

Kingmaker, if you think people have to “have laced” to take part in public debate then your already worthless opinion has descended further.

VG’s lack of rounded personal develeopment is already well known as is his lack of humour so I’m over this thread. Feel free to froth at the mouth to your heart’s content lads.

To clarify my position:

I think cops on the ground do a very tough job for far too little recognition.

I also think senior police are, on all the available evidence, un-accountable arse clowns.

vg 4:04 pm 15 Dec 05


I suggest you pan through JBs historical comments regarding the Police in general and AFP. His sleights against the Police have been consistent and people are well within their rights to take offence.

I think his criticism regularly descends to the level of ‘street’ policing. Read what he said re Clea Rose amongst other incidents.

The 86% comment is straight from this site’s banner headline that changes each time you visit.

I think JB should be a lot for definitive in his comments rather than simply tarring the Police as a generic organisation.

And as for ‘STOP!’. Well, quite frankly, no. If I feel the need to comment regarding an occupation I am fiercely loyal to then I shall.

Lets remember this comment by JB

“and the police are too complacent to disperse the damn crowd.”

was the one that kicked this aspect of the debate off. Not anything myself or Kingmaker said

Maelinar 3:03 pm 15 Dec 05


VG and Kingmaker, I don’t think JB’s criticism has descended to the level of street coppers, so stop trying to use it as your swinging stick, as JB will consistently turn around and say he’s not talking about that. (for proof just read some of the above text).

VG, I think 86% of that percentage you’re quoting was made up.

JB, I think we understand your concerns about these brand spanking shiny new laws and the reluctance to use them, and the fat-cats everybody else calls beauracracy that are so fucking hesitant to move out of threat of litigation that things seem glacial.

I think we are all aware that beat coppers are just the mules at the end of a long process, lets move aside from these petty differences which are unrelated and start talking about the same thing here…

kingmaker 2:26 pm 15 Dec 05

I really don’t care whether you care or not – just making the point that I found it offensive. Others may not have. I couldn’t care what you think of it. You never laced.

The point I was making was that your criticism of the police – those facing the angry men and protecting everyone, including wankers like you – was wrong. The guys on the ground just try to do a job, hamstrung by people like the senior cops, beancounters and the pollies.

Until you have laced or are prepared too, perhaps you should consider the sorts of statements you make about cops, many of whom have died over the years so that others dont.

Either way, I dont care whether you care or not – but perhaps consider the statements you make about cops and how complacent they might be.

vg 11:31 am 15 Dec 05

As much as I wish it was me that started the poll, alas it was not. There’s also this thing called ‘getting caught out once again’, that no doubt you are well familiar with. There’s no argument here to be had, rather a reader pointing out that, once again, you seem to have all the answers with respect to policing.

I regularly put out an alternative point of view. It should be quite obvious to you by now, hence the regularity of vigorous discussion.

The sad, schoolboy sulking antics do nothing for you, but then again 86% of the readership can’t be wrong….or can they?

RandomGit 10:36 am 15 Dec 05

So JB, are you still holding to the claim that the cops, on the ground, were being complacent?

Can’t quite tell, vg shittied up the argument.

johnboy 7:40 am 15 Dec 05

would be he who offered it as an option in the poll and then put it in the tagline.

there’s this thing called humour you would do well to familiarise yourself with.

also the exchange of ideas, whereby you contribute alternative hypotheses if you disagree with what people are saying, rather than bluff, bluster, and bullshit.

vg 11:44 pm 14 Dec 05

“Johnboy is a whinging bitch. 86% of the readership”

He who lives by the sword

johnboy 6:41 pm 14 Dec 05

Kingmaker, my point remains you seem to be under the misapprehension that I care if you’re offended.

I’m really not.

I’m also sure the cops on the ground would have done things differently on Sunday if not for orders from head office. Crikey’s had some interesting things this week to suggest the beancounters might have been calling the shots hoping to minimise expenditure without any thought of the potential for violence in this gathering.

The real shame is the new terror laws should be sicked onto Alan Jones, but won’t be.

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