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Narrabundah caravan park residents getting the boot?

By johnboy - 10 May 2006 34

The ABC, via Yahoo, have a story about hard times for the residents of the Narrabundah long-stay caravan park in the ACT.

The park was sold by the charity, Koomari, to a private company earlier this year.

Resident Judy Mcdowell says despite the land being leased by residents, they are being forced out without explanation and with no alternative for relocation

Anyone know more?

FURTHER UPDATE: The ABC has a snapshot of dismayed reaction from our elected leaders.

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34 Responses to
Narrabundah caravan park residents getting the boot?
Mr Evil 11:18 am 11 May 06

To be fair, how would a charity like Koomari have ever run a caravan park? If I was given a caravan park as a gift, I’d flog it off too: bugger the hassle of having to look after a bunch of tenants who probably complain all the time, kill each other in fights over crappy beer steins and generally trash the place.

AndrewM 10:19 am 11 May 06

I now regret giving to the appeal when the Koomari building was burnt down.

Another so-called charitable organisation that is now off my list of organisations I will support in the future.

dusty 10:13 am 11 May 06

Getting off the track here, but my suspicion is that olive farms are a huge tax dodge as growers are eligible for primary producer tax benefits, while the olive trees just grow themselves. So little maintenance needs. No irrigation necessary. Harvesting is a hassle but expensive machinery is also claimable. It also takes away small grazing areas, and bespoils our views with rows of stumpy and parched olive trees. YUK

Thumper 8:18 am 11 May 06


Geez, Yass is becoming the olive capital of the world. There are groves and groves of them out there near my old amn’s property.

dusty 8:13 am 11 May 06

I heard the guy who bought it is the Olive grove guy at the bottom of Hindmarsh, as he backs on to the Longstay.
But I also heard that unless he gets a lease change, he’s gotta have a caravan park there for another 50 years or so.
Last thing we need is more goddam ugly olive trees. Look out for a worldwide glut of olive oil.

Thumper 7:56 am 11 May 06

And I believe the land was a gift to Koomari, who are now repaying this gift by selling it for a reported $2.4 million.

Good to know which side charities are on sometime.

How about giving it back, ‘as a gift’ you bastards.

As for the housing crisis, watch the government duck for cover. This will go in the too hard basket.

aussielyn 8:46 pm 10 May 06

The new owner, a commercial & property lawyer, has dealt the residents of Narrabundah Longstay Caravan Park a cruel blow. The land usage is for a caravan park and if he wants to build flats on the over 9-hectare site he must apply to ACTPA for a change of land use. Simon could not possibly let this go ahead! Where is the Housing Affordability Taskforce? This must be their baby and the residents’ stability of tenure. Other caravan park residents in Canberra must be feeling nervous. Is the ALP going to stand up for the battlers or leave it to Deb Foskey who has supported them since the sale was first mooted?
The sale was a great windfall for Koomarri (given to them by the Libs for $1) and their role in this affair raises questions about their management of fiduciary duty. They could have sold the site to the Sundowner for less and at least they knew it would be well managed.
Why are we lacking residents rights?

Heavs 4:52 pm 10 May 06

Definately not a tenancy agreement and unable to be challenged under the relevant tenancy legislation.

Indi 3:45 pm 10 May 06

I’d say the Housing Minister needed this like a hole in the head! Looks like the ‘state’ will be picking up the pieces…pity though, they don’t have enough properties to cope with an influx such as this one will recreate.

VYBerlinaV8 3:00 pm 10 May 06

Send em to Queanbeyan!

Thumper 1:56 pm 10 May 06

That’s a bloody good idea. Someone should tell the residents.

Or they could move into the carpark outside the ACT Assembly building and live there.

barking toad 1:37 pm 10 May 06

just pull up stumps and move to that grassy area in front of old parliament house – or is that only reserved for some of the community?

che 1:26 pm 10 May 06

I’m not even sure it comes under tenancy
they can own their caravan, but they only lease the use of the land

Sssanta 1:10 pm 10 May 06

Welcome to the dark side of tenancy agreements.

Thumper 12:44 pm 10 May 06

This was mooted about six months ago and I recall Koomari saying categorically that they would not sell the caravan park.

I guess money comes before people is this case.

I’d be pissed off if I were a resident.

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