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Narrabundah College ATTACKED and Braddon under SIEGE

By asp - 25 September 2007 57

Sorry for the ridiculous headline, but I was reading the Daily Telegraph today (something I rarely do) and was inspired to create an over the top, tabloid style headline for the next item I posted.

Now to the real news. I was told today of an incident that occurred yesterday afternoon at Narrabundah College. Two youths (with no apparent relation to the school) went on to school grounds and assaulted a student, taking the victim’s mobile phone and wallet. One of the offenders was wearing a grey jumper, possibly hooded – a clear sign they were up to no good. Students from schools in the area should be vigilant and if walking around the suburbs, walk with friends.

AND In another case of crazies with cleavers (the previous being an attack in Garema Place), a Braddon supermarket was held up by a man with a cleaver. The owner “strongly challenged and rebuffed” the offender who fled. The offender was the stereotypical robber, with a black balaclava and black clothes, though one has to wonder about the white gloves. Well, white at least exudes confidence, at least it wasn’t purple.

What’s Your opinion?

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57 Responses to
Narrabundah College ATTACKED and Braddon under SIEGE
Danman 1:10 pm 26 Sep 07

Mr Evil – I mostly post to flickr these days – but i throw a few this way occasionally still – which means soon ! 🙂

asp 12:35 pm 26 Sep 07

thanks for the feedback. I’ll restrict such comical pictures to rare occassions (perhaps once a week) where it really adds to an artcle.
I will point out one thing. In the major news papers, a comic is often displayed in the leters to the editor or opinion section. These are humorous, often sily and sometimes childish and even disgusting (remember the one with howard and downer “playing” like dogs). So saying that funny images degrade the quality is a little to general. But I agree, they should be used in moderation.

Jazz 12:10 pm 26 Sep 07

thanks for the feedback guys, & we’ll take it on board.

hmm, for that matter I’ve just noticed that we dont have contact details on the site anymore. I wonder where they went to. must fix that.

caf 11:55 am 26 Sep 07

I’m with Danman. The occaisional silly story has always been fine, but too many does trivialise the place.

Mr Evil 11:55 am 26 Sep 07

Slightly of topic, but Danman, what happened to all the lovely pictures you used to post on here?

Got anymore interesting ones you’d like to share?

Danman 11:31 am 26 Sep 07

Gladbag – I am as lighetened up as it comes – I was merely expressing my opinion.

I need not lighten up or take any other operative from people unbeknownst to me.

ASP I am not adverse to these pictures – just had my does of them for the week.

Do as many as you please – ill just limit my visits here – hence keeping 2 people happy…

gladbag 11:26 am 26 Sep 07

“I find comedic pictures a distraction from the real issues.”
Lighten up Danman, not everybody is that easily distracted – can do both.
asp – your pictures are great – wish I could do that

asp 11:13 am 26 Sep 07

If comical images are so distressing, I’ll limit myself to one per week or less.
“detracts from the once professional image that RA had”
By all means have serious debate, but if they can be childish on the floor of the House of Reps, surely we don’t have to be as stern as a Senate Committee. And from people I know in person who read RiotACT, it never had a “professional” image, but a reputation for being a free forum for debate over local issues that was often not very high brow.

Danman 10:49 am 26 Sep 07

Eh I just think all the photochops are childish – articles about perfume and a general poor quality of articles sumbitted – and this detracts from the once professional image that RA had.

Sure we had many slow days – even when JB was adjudicator but filling in those slow days with dodgy photochops and rehasing old subjects is just not my cup of tea – I would rather read nothing…

I find comedic pictures a distraction from the real issues.

Once again this is my opinion – not saying that this is everyones opinion…

PS Full props out to the RA team – just expressing an opinion……and a chance for a move to remedy !

Maelinar 10:19 am 26 Sep 07

There were slow news days during JB’s tenure at the helm as well…

Grats to the RA team. Thumper for Admin and RESPEKT THE CHE.

Jazz 10:09 am 26 Sep 07

how so dan? I havent seen you submit much lately.

Danman 9:59 am 26 Sep 07

Personal opinion but I think RiotACT has gone to shit since JB left…

JB I hope you are reading this..

VYBerlinaV8 now_with 9:57 am 26 Sep 07

“strongly challenged and rebuffed” – sounds like someone got their ass kicked!

Gungahlin Al 9:37 am 26 Sep 07

Maybe we could have a competition for the most Telegraph-like headlines and story beat-ups?

BTW I wonder how the person is who got attacked by the moron with the cleavers? Hate to think of the sort of injuries that would cause. And to think I walked straight past it while the cops were talking the bloke down, without realising how serious it all was…

andy 9:37 am 26 Sep 07

i chuckled at your writeup.

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