Narrabundah College ATTACKED and Braddon under SIEGE

asp 28 September 2007 57

Sorry for the ridiculous headline, but I was reading the Daily Telegraph today (something I rarely do) and was inspired to create an over the top, tabloid style headline for the next item I posted.

Now to the real news. I was told today of an incident that occurred yesterday afternoon at Narrabundah College. Two youths (with no apparent relation to the school) went on to school grounds and assaulted a student, taking the victim’s mobile phone and wallet. One of the offenders was wearing a grey jumper, possibly hooded – a clear sign they were up to no good. Students from schools in the area should be vigilant and if walking around the suburbs, walk with friends.

AND In another case of crazies with cleavers (the previous being an attack in Garema Place), a Braddon supermarket was held up by a man with a cleaver. The owner “strongly challenged and rebuffed” the offender who fled. The offender was the stereotypical robber, with a black balaclava and black clothes, though one has to wonder about the white gloves. Well, white at least exudes confidence, at least it wasn’t purple.

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Jazz Jazz 7:20 pm 28 Sep 07

Ok, as I’ve only just noticed how spectacularly this thread has gotten off track. (I have a real day job too you know) I’m going to close the thread down.

Dan & Asp, always happy to post your photography work (by which my own humble efforts pale in comparison) and let the community at large make up their own minds on the relative merits of the shot in question.

As with all art, it’s value subjective to the audience.

Danman Danman 6:24 pm 28 Sep 07

@asp – maybe cop it on the chin next time – I merely stated that I did not agree with the many and varied comical photoshops that were becoming more prevalent. People agreed with me and you went psycho….

If you lack thick skin – maybe RA is not for you anymore ?

additionally @ Danman
If I offended you, I apologise. We have different opinions of what makes a shot spectacular.

I think this rule goes for every individual.
Why should what you think is spectacular float my boat and vice versa – I can not believe its taken you so long to realize that this was the point i made quite a few posts ago… If you – or anyone else has more to say perhaps email me… chefboy at tpgi dot com dot au.

chester chester 6:18 pm 28 Sep 07

“When I think spectacular, i think of Ken Duncan, Peter Dombrovskis and Ansel Adams.”

I know I shouldn’t buy into this but…….I can’t help but note that it would seem Danman’s crime is for not realizing that to use the words ‘spectacular’ and ‘photos’ together, his photography must be as good as Ansel Adams.

Nobody could accuse you of not setting the bar high, asp.

But what I’d really like to know is when exactly you acquired intellectual property rights on the English language?

Meanwhile… this thread was so rudely sidetracked… its starter……I had to make my own enquiries about the Braddon siege because I figured it had to be the supermarket down in Henty Street and therefore “on my turf”” so to speak.

Apparently, the owner was very nonchalant. It seems Mr or Ms Hapless Robber chose the busiest time of day to stage their daring raid. Sounded like the balaclava was of more value hiding the robber’s embarrassment than as a cunning disguise.

Deadmandrinking Deadmandrinking 6:16 pm 28 Sep 07

Your pictures are crap, asp. You suck.

(sorry mate, I had to. They’re not bad, really. Nothing worth ruffling feathers over.)

asp asp 6:07 pm 28 Sep 07

“Bugger! Alpaca-in-a-car. God, I’ve probably managed to offend both the alpaca and llama farming communities with that gaff.”

And I thought I was off topic?

I’ve said all I am going to say on the topic of Danman’s photography. This is a difference of artistic opinion and I think it’s time to move on. Let’s just agree to disagree and get back to what RiotACT is meant to be for – debating serious issues affecting our local region.

@ Danman
If I offended you, I apologise. We have different opinions of what makes a shot spectacular.

Maelinar Maelinar 5:45 pm 28 Sep 07

asp, sorry, but did this vaunted membership that you are holding up as a shield of some kind – did it come out of a weetbix packet, or did you fork over a hideous amount of money to get it ?

chester chester 5:24 pm 28 Sep 07

Bugger! Alpaca-in-a-car. God, I’ve probably managed to offend both the alpaca and llama farming communities with that gaff.

Snahons_scv6_berlina Snahons_scv6_berlina 4:20 pm 28 Sep 07

meow, pfft pfft, hiss hiss. this is too funny…

asp asp 4:07 pm 28 Sep 07

Okay, for the last time. YOU DON’T NEED TO WORK HARD TO GET A SPECTACULAR SHOT!!! My point is in your shots, it doesn’t even look like your trying. Poor control of depth of field, lighting, contrast and composition.

When I think spectacular, i think of Ken Duncan, Peter Dombrovskis and Ansel Adams. YOURS ARE SNAPSHOTS NOT WORTHY TO BE PRINTED ON KLEENEX IN COMPARISON TO SUCH GREATS. But I can think of many more who don’t have great equipment or awards who take spectacular shots. You know why? Because they can have mastered the art of composition, light, contrast to create photography that is catching, often unique and often innovative.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 3:59 pm 28 Sep 07

I thought what Chester said makes a lot of sense re: some moderation in cases like this one.

bonfire bonfire 3:49 pm 28 Sep 07

crazy as a coconut.

chester chester 2:35 pm 28 Sep 07

I think of it more as the less value-laden ‘quirky’, Maelinar. I doubt very much I’d even qualify as ‘eccentric’. But sure, you can call me what you like provided it’s done with panache.

(Talking about eccentric, the llama-in-a-car man was on Stateline. Surprised it didn’t seem to get a mention on here. He does it just for kicks and to make people smile. And he takes it around to nursing homes and stuff. Very cool. I have my heart set on spotting the car-llama some day.)

Maelinar Maelinar 2:05 pm 28 Sep 07

You are still nuttier than peanut butter CC.

** Disclaimer **
I practice in name calling over the internet, but as you can see I prefer to use style.

chester chester 1:59 pm 28 Sep 07

You must have missed my last “How to communicate effectively on the internet” lecture, Maelinar. 😉 I said then, one of the reasons I only pass through here is because I prefer the benevolent despotism practised in other corners of cyberspace.

Indeed, for those with a long enough memory, you may recall it was ad hominem attacks I took particular exception to when I first started passing through here, pointing out at the time there’s a reason why well-run boards nip them in the bud.

I’ve changed my thinking on some topics purely on the basis of reading fiery, informed, internet debates that I haven’t even posted in. As we see here, the only ones who see attacks on the person – name calling – as other than schoolyard behavior (and often quite cowardly), are the participants.

Danman Danman 1:44 pm 28 Sep 07

My only wish is that I took the picture in this thread

Danman Danman 1:43 pm 28 Sep 07

LOL all – thank you everyone who appreciates my talents.

Thumper Thumper 1:42 pm 28 Sep 07

Welcome back Craze….


Maelinar Maelinar 1:22 pm 28 Sep 07

CrazyChester asking for moderation.

Straight to the Pool room !!!

Mr Evil Mr Evil 1:22 pm 28 Sep 07

Well, we know we’re in trouble when Chester makes more sense on here than the average Joe Blo! 🙂

(By the way, no offence intended, Chester.)

This isn’t some kind of pissing contest. I like Danman’s photos because he takes some great shots of the Canberra region, and also has taken the time to post them here. I don’t care if the “depth of field” or whatever isn’t perfect!

chester chester 1:10 pm 28 Sep 07


Hey Jazz et al,

Seeing as we’re not discussing the topic anyway…….

Re: your suggestions thread. Here is the case for fairly strong albeit strictly limited, moderation played out before us, and why it should not be equated with censorship. When done right it’s about board quality. This discussion is almost entirely OT. It has no business being here. Stopping it in its tracks isn’t censorship. It’s good board management. Some flame wars should be allowed to run their course but this isn’t one of them.

It’s not like they’re being prevented from comparing photos and penis sizes altogether just because they can’t do it in this thread. There’s any number of places they can do so, if not here then elsewhere. The ideal here, would be a private messaging system or even just telling them to continue their debate via email.

What’s more, it saves people from themselves when they’re being more ass than asp. LOL After all, in the meatspace, we self-censor all the time. But the anonymity factor reduces inhibitions and people say things they wouldn’t dream of saying if they were first-to-face.

Having said that, it can be fun to watch it happen! Love it when the dictionary definitions are trotted out. Dictionaries are a dime a dozen. It’s hardly a challenge to find a definition of spectacular that appears to support your point. See:

So using the Thesaurus suggestions…..I commend you on your spectacular dummy spit, asp. Spectacular as in histrionic and melodramatic, that is.

Nice pics Danman.

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