NBN delayed again: The Canberra suburbs that won’t be connected this year

Ian Bushnell 6 February 2018 84

NBN: coming to a suburb near you… eventually.

Residents in Canberra’s south hoping to connect to the National Broadband Network this year will have to wait at least another year after the latest update to NBN Co’s rollout map.

Member for Canberra Gai Brodtmann told Parliament yesterday (5 February) that Canberrans faced yet another delay in connecting to the ‘technology patchwork that is the NBN’.

She is calling on the Communications Minister and NBN Co to provide answers as to why there is another delay given these are suburbs that have some of the worst broadband speeds in Australia.

The suburbs to miss out this year are:

  • Greenway;
  • Monash;
  • Bonython;
  • Isabella Plains;
  • Gordon;
  • Calwell;
  • Conder;
  • Banks;
  • Theodore;
  • Richardson;
  • Chisolm;
  • Gilmore;
  • Gowrie;
  • MacArthur;
  • Fadden;
  • Parkes.

Ms Brodtmann said that in parts of Narrabundah, Forrest, Kingston, Red Hill, Barton and Griffith, small pockets of the rollout had taken place, and would continue later this year. But most of these suburbs would also be waiting until the January-June 2019 time frame.

“It is a slap in the face for the suburbs hoping to be connected this year and only further entrenches the digital divide this Government has created in my community, with its patchwork of technology, with its second-rate copper, with its lack of transparency in the rollout decisions,” she said.

“So Canberrans, if you live in one of these suburbs you can thank the Turnbull Government that you now have to wait until January and June 2019 at least for the NBN to roll out.

“Canberrans deserve to know what is happening on the NBN and why the constant delay.”

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84 Responses to NBN delayed again: The Canberra suburbs that won’t be connected this year
Jeff Rentoule Jeff Rentoule 9:58 pm 09 Feb 18

Chris Rentoule looks like you’ll have to put up with your awesome internet speeds for a bit longer

Cathy Louise Cathy Louise 1:24 pm 09 Feb 18

I can’t wait for the NBN - I was on the phone to Telstra about our ADSL2+ that was dropping out every two minutes and they ran a speed test - 0.9mbps download speed 😕.

    Cathy Louise Cathy Louise 3:09 pm 09 Feb 18

    Tom McDonald not available in our area 😕

    Cathy Louise Cathy Louise 3:10 pm 09 Feb 18

    Tom McDonald yep - we had it at our last house. It was great!

Amanda Caldwell Amanda Caldwell 11:56 am 09 Feb 18

You must be joking!

Carole Gorman Carole Gorman 8:42 am 09 Feb 18

Yes very frustrating have been hanging out for June of this year I am thinking I will be still doing my research on my death bed at this rate they don’t care about Southside

Jacky McCann Jacky McCann 7:10 am 09 Feb 18

Wow Carole Emma!! What a joke

Una Nimittee Una Nimittee 2:56 am 09 Feb 18

We can put vehicles on Mars, do micro- robotic surgery, take photographs of other galaxies, but we cannot get working Internet in the capital of Australia.

    Ross Picot Ross Picot 11:45 am 09 Feb 18

    But Malcolm said that the NBN roll,out would be completed by 2017!

Karyn Thompson Karyn Thompson 5:37 pm 08 Feb 18

oh i wish - we don't get NBN until at least 2020!

Steven Harris Steven Harris 11:07 pm 07 Feb 18

Aaaarghhhh¡!!!!! 👺👺👺👺👺👎👎👎👎👎

I am an IT person and am on line for work 5 days per week and overnight on call. The bloody connection is slow and drops out several times a day causing me to have to sign in to multiple applications over and over. WHY Can't I purchase a commercial grade service.? I'd be happy to!

Paul-Marie Beau Paul-Marie Beau 9:09 pm 07 Feb 18

Tom Tomato Lawson at least the tram will

Phillip Colebrook Phillip Colebrook 8:33 pm 07 Feb 18

come to batemans bay se how you like say no to nbn.

Jodie Moore Jodie Moore 3:39 pm 07 Feb 18

Trust me, they don't want it!

It is slow, lagging and extremely poor service.

I wish I had a choice - I would go back to my ADSL 2 in a heart beat.

    Shawn Eriksen Shawn Eriksen 4:01 pm 07 Feb 18

    Just hooked it up at work. It’s fast💨

    Jodie Moore Jodie Moore 4:19 pm 07 Feb 18

    Mine was fast when it was first hooked up. It’s not anymore.. it’s slower than ADSL2.

    Michael Frizell Michael Frizell 7:11 pm 07 Feb 18

    I’m getting 42mb in peak evening times. Have to be happy with that.

    Jodie Moore Jodie Moore 7:22 pm 07 Feb 18

    This is mine, most mornings and most evenings.

    Jodie Moore Jodie Moore 8:26 pm 07 Feb 18

    This is right now!

Keith Anderson Keith Anderson 3:06 pm 07 Feb 18

Brendan Keogh, are you connected yet?

    Brendan Keogh Brendan Keogh 6:34 pm 07 Feb 18

    tomorrow apparently. I called my ISP yesterday and they confirmed my appointment.

    Brendan Keogh Brendan Keogh 1:55 pm 08 Feb 18

    live. 27.5 down, 16.5 up, copper distance 1127M so apparently I'm getting a good speed considering.

Nunkeri Bungledool Nunkeri Bungledool 2:21 pm 07 Feb 18

Who cares? My current ADSL is faster anyway.

David Brown David Brown 8:58 am 07 Feb 18

I wonder when the latest completion date will be put back? It looks like the difficulties with the crazy technology mix just keep on growing.

Caroline Deeble Caroline Deeble 8:09 am 07 Feb 18

And we get billed by grapevine for a shoddy service that drops out all the time!

Paul Thomas Paul Thomas 7:59 am 07 Feb 18

go wireless , save the ACT tax ?

John Moulis John Moulis 7:06 am 07 Feb 18

Here in Pearce we got it last September. It is apparently coming from the Kambah exchange. If they can run a cable under Mt Taylor to get to us, why can’t they run it out to more nearby suburbs as well?

    JC JC 8:03 am 08 Feb 18

    It doesn’t really come form the exchange. What they are rolling out now is in the street as the line lengths to the home need to be as short as possible.

    Now whilst easier to install than fibre to the premises it still requires fibre to be run to the node locations and for new copper to be installed from the node to the existing Telstra copper network.

    If you look around you will see new pillars popping up over the places. The old Telstra ones were round, the NBN ones are bigger, oval shaped and have lifting handles on the side. Near that there should be a small cabinet which is where the VDSL2 hardware is located. This is where your ‘line’ ends.

    From there it makes its way back to a local exchange then onto either Civic or Queanbeyan exchanges where NBN handsoff your service to your service provider.

Elizabeth Whitton Elizabeth Whitton 6:40 am 07 Feb 18

What do you expect from such a wonderful government (Turnbull is his name)

Hans Dimpel Hans Dimpel 6:23 am 07 Feb 18

safe Labor seats. will be the last to get NBN

Garry Peadon Garry Peadon 6:19 am 07 Feb 18

Just remember- you all voted for this 😂😂😂

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