NCA wants your feedback on parking in the zone, and drops a steamer on the internet.

johnboy 7 November 2010 14

[First filed: Nov 6, 2010 @ 10:24]


The National Capital Authority is calling for submissions on their terminally retarded discussion / chat / forum / vibe of the thing waste of good electrons.

(Obviously this process is not being taken seriously)

At issue is the ever so serious question of parking arrangements in the Parliamentary Zone.

Parking management options in the discussion paper include:

— Pay parking
— Parking permits
— Controlling access to car parks
— Construction of car parks for new developments
— Encouraging sustainable transport options

A parking audit, included in the discussion paper, found there is an undersupply of publicly available spaces in Russell, Barton and the Parliamentary Zone.

You have until 17 December to overcome the horror of the “discussion paper”/website and try to make a sensible contribution.

I mean FFS we’re talking about the living arrangements of tens of thousands of people, not to mention public access to national institutions, and they give us talking animals???

The highly paid genii who signed off on the Parliamentary Zone Parking discussion

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If you think I’m over-reacting then what is this thing at the bottom of the page?

pictogram talking slug thing

Some sort of owl trapped in undergrowth speaking in pictograms on behalf of the Australian and ACT Governments?

What sort of submissions are they hoping to get from the teletubbie audience?


The ACT Government will now forever in my mind be “little slug”

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14 Responses to NCA wants your feedback on parking in the zone, and drops a steamer on the internet.
JasonW1956 JasonW1956 10:01 pm 19 Nov 10

I think the advertising looks cool but are they asking where they should install play equipment for my kids?

Free parking!! This consultation process is only in place so when they make bad decisions they can blame us!!!

dtc dtc 9:46 am 08 Nov 10

Lets do a survey of public servants who get free parking:

free: those in the parliamentary triangle. And at Brindy park

not free: all the rest who work in departments that arent in the parliamentary triangle (Civic, Belco, Woden) (actually, does Centrelink have free parking?)

Anyway, a good proportion of public servants already pay for parking and get no compensation for it. And the rest of us subsidise it (even if only through the loss of revenue to ACTION)

loosebrown loosebrown 7:48 am 08 Nov 10

Can we have 3 for free please?

peterepete peterepete 8:56 pm 07 Nov 10

If it were just plain text would you interpret that as an indication that feedback would be taken seriously? Not sure I’d make that same logical connection.

PantsMan PantsMan 12:32 am 07 Nov 10

Perused, used and bemused.

Looks like the NCA (which should stop wasting taxpayers’ money though existing) did not get word that Rudd is gone and that there are not supposed to be any pointless feel good consultation/blog/poll happenings anymore.

I also like how anyone can post anything and it immediately goes straight online on a government website with no moderation at all. Not even The-Riotact is that dumb.

JimmyJimBob JimmyJimBob 8:03 pm 06 Nov 10

I don’t understand the sudden consultation here. Did every other paid parking area in Canberra go through a consultation process? Just make it paid parking already and create a system of reserved parking for our national institutions. Don’t really care if a few public service staff cry about it. I’ve probably missed something here or is it really that simple a problem?

JessicaNumber JessicaNumber 5:44 pm 06 Nov 10

I am frightened of Cyclops Star. 🙁

NickD NickD 5:23 pm 06 Nov 10

The poll asking ‘Would increased frequency of bus services to Barton, Russell and the Parliamentary Zone (Parkes) make you less likely to drive a car to these areas?’ is also worth doing – once you make your choice you’re shown the current results which are currently ‘yes’ – 32% and ‘no’ – 28%. The other 40% of results are from a survey with only two options seem to have gone missing… This is all yet another good reason to get rid of the NCA.

TVStar TVStar 3:13 pm 06 Nov 10

Why is it still “Beta”? Does this mean that it is going to get better, or that the work experience kid who put it together is back at school now?

Consultation, consultation, consultation…. You can’t convince me it’s anything more than a psychological operation designed to bamboozle anyone that actually wants to comment on anything the combined ineptitude of the ACT Government and National Capital Authority deems worthy of inflicting on the subservient drones of Canberra.

Jamie Wheeler Jamie Wheeler 1:58 pm 06 Nov 10

TVStar said :

How about consultation alone these lines:

You going to get hit for $2,000 per year to park your car. By the way, your SES officer manager (with their salary sacrificed car) probably won’t get hit.

How much do you like that?


I worked somewhere once with chronic parking shortages. The managers at EL2 and above met to discuss and their solution was to allocate reserved parking spaces for themselves. Ordinary staff had to park sprawled all over the place. The public complained then it was made no parking outside with the nearest parking lot about 1KM away.

Senior managers with the power to address parking problems simply don’t care because they have cushy reserved parking. No wonder the parking facilities are usually poor for ordinary workers in areas like the Parliamentary triangle and Barton.

TVStar TVStar 12:45 pm 06 Nov 10

How about consultation alone these lines:

You going to get hit for $2,000 per year to park your car. By the way, your SES officer manager (with their salary sacrificed car) probably won’t get hit.

How much do you like that?

JessicaNumber JessicaNumber 12:20 pm 06 Nov 10

This is clearly an epic win by a sarcastic designer who was horrified at being asked to create a mascot for a discussion paper at vast expense to the public.

“Your new mascot is GiGi the stoned reptoid. That will be $40,000 please.”

Primal Primal 11:25 am 06 Nov 10

I’m all for government websites with a little bit of personality, but I’m guessing that site fails a pile of accessibility requirements – I mean the entire first paragraph of the main Have Your Say page is text as a background graphic!

And their privacy notice doesn’t seem to mention handling of user account info… nor does it specify the privacy implications of using Google Analytics…and I’m going to stop looking now because I could be here forever.

terubo terubo 10:36 am 06 Nov 10

Merely a reflection of the bug-eyed creatures who inhabit the good offices of the NCA.

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