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New cryptic road safety signs

By Jonathon Reynolds - 7 February 2008 75

Yesterday, John Hargreaves, ACT Minister for Territorial and Municipal Services (an individual who is no stranger himself to road safety issues and the possible consequences of drink driving), proudly announced that a series of 30 new road safety signs are being installed around Canberra. 

Whilst I agree with raising general awareness on road safety, two of the new sign slogans are a bit strange verging on obscure, to the extent of almost being distracting in their own right. 

I wonder what focus group they used to come up with the wording: 

Speeding – “Speeding hurts” – could someone please explain what this actually means?
Distraction – “Drive n text UB Next” – looks like the ACT Government are rewriting the dictionary for TXT Speak

It would be interesting to know what the RiotACT readers think would be more effective messages for the sign topics:  Speeding, Distraction, Drink Driving, Seat Belts & Fatigue

What’s Your opinion?

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75 Responses to
New cryptic road safety signs
Deano 8:10 pm 07 Feb 08

Those driver fatigue signs in Victoria are the worst. Every five minutes you see a sign that mentions sleep. Even if you weren’t drowsy, the power of suggestion is enough to make you want to doze off.

eh_steve 8:02 pm 07 Feb 08

The best ones are the ones in Victoria,


Like……right, now? While I’m driving? Don’t want to disobey a road sign…..

pointe 7:37 pm 07 Feb 08

What a joke. Would be great if they could put up some signs that actually make some sense!

Ralph 6:38 pm 07 Feb 08

Lunatics running the asylum.

The ACT Government shouldn’t be encouraging this degenerate and semi-literate use of the English language – appalling!

Mind you, most of these young people are probably products of the Stanhope education system.

hingo 6:23 pm 07 Feb 08

They need signs at the Glenloch interchange where you are heading north onto Caswell Drive. A good sign would be: “Left Lane to Belco, Right Lane to City – Choose the correct lane and don’t be a wanker”

or how about a sign for the people who shortcut the southbound trip to Woden on the GDE by taking the City exit and cutting across four lanes. Something like: “The lines are unbroken for a reason – fuckwit!”

I saw one of the new signs on Gundaroo drive something along the lines of “Wear your Seatbelt”. Nice advice but last time I checked, this wasn’t the USA and everybody already does wear a seatbelt. I do not know a single person who doesn’t wear one. Pointless.

The cryptic one on the Parkway is the lamest attempt at txt speech I have ever seen. I thought they were trying to reference a UB40 song.

threeze 5:52 pm 07 Feb 08

what is the psychology behind these signs? have they shown that rhyming signs like this actually have an impact on the road toll?

barking toad 5:41 pm 07 Feb 08

ffs, the nanny state strikes again

can someone please publish the name of the dunderhead moonbat that thought up the txt speak sign – how many accidents will that cause as people are distracted scratching their heads “wtf is that!”

that’s even beyond the stupidity level of the guzzling lunchman

barney 5:40 pm 07 Feb 08

Yeah the system time is out of nack.

Anyway, what was this post about? Oh that. Okay. Wow.

VYBerlinaV8 5:32 pm 07 Feb 08

How about the sign that says “GET OUT OF THE RIGHT HAND LANE, DICKHEAD”

fnaah 5:30 pm 07 Feb 08

Oh, by the way – RiotACT’s server clock is out of synch – I’m hitting the “post” button on this entry at 5.12pm.

Danman 5:29 pm 07 Feb 08

Pull ur bong to crz along

A relaxing road users initiative of the greens perhaps ?

fnaah 5:28 pm 07 Feb 08

I think the government should let us concentrate on the goddamned road, instead of spending several seconds (as I did) trying to figure out what that TXT sign actually meant.

Of course, travelling at 100km/h down the parkway, those several seconds equated to about 200 meters of inattention.

On the plus side, at least I know to ignore it now.

niftydog 5:27 pm 07 Feb 08

Utterly ridiculous. They already ignore the speed limit signs, so how is this any different?

howdy 5:08 pm 07 Feb 08

Oh and for seat belts – a stick figure flying through a car window.

howdy 5:07 pm 07 Feb 08

Just put up signs of a hand wagging it’s little pinky finger at you…

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