New northside centre to provide relief for chronic pain sufferers

Ian Bushnell 5 September 2018 24

ACT Minister for Health and Wellbeing, Meegan Fitzharris talks with ACT Pain Centre founder, Dr Romil Jain. Photos: Supplied.

A pioneering private medical centre dedicated to helping people with chronic pain has opened on Canberra’s north side.

The ACT Pain Centre located at the Calvary Clinic in Bruce is the first of its kind in Australia, and aims to deliver affordable pain management and decrease the waiting period for treatment for both public and private patients.

ACT Minister for Health and Wellbeing, Meegan Fitzharris officially opened the centre on Monday (3 September), and founder Dr Romil Jain said it would be a ‘one-stop-shop’ for pain management offering access to pain specialists, a psychiatrist, addiction psychiatrist, and allied therapists such as physiotherapists, psychologists and occupational therapists all under the one roof, with a range of services that took a holistic approach to chronic pain management.

Dr Jain said that one in five Australians suffered from chronic pain, while at the same time the use of opioids and other painkillers was rising and accidental deaths associated with prescription medications outnumbered road deaths.

“We aim to decrease the burden of disease in our community, and help contain the opioid epidemic. We aim not only to treat chronic pain but also work on the preventative aspect which is frequently forgotten,” he said.

“Early intervention in a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary supportive environment is the key to prevent a vicious cycle of pain and its effect on a person’s life.”

Calling chronic pain a hidden disease, he said it was the third most costly health condition costing the Australian economy and the most common cause for people leaving the work force.

“Sadly, it’s still under-recognised and treated. It’s a very complex interaction of chronic pain, mental health and drug dependency that makes it challenging to treat,” he said.

The Minister and Dr Jain with Pain Centre staff.

Dr Jain, who is a Specialist Pain Medicine Physician and Interventional Pain Specialist, and the Director of the Pain Management Unit at the Canberra Hospital, said it was difficult for chronic pain sufferers, who usually have to get public transport because they can’t drive, to travel from the north side to Woden.

He said that if the ACT Pain Centre could get patients who can afford it off the public waiting list, that made the public system more efficient and more accessible for patients who need treatment.

“It’s time that we think out of the box and stop relying on public hospitals for everything; we have to break this distinction of private versus public and work in collaboration to help and serve our fellow beings because pain doesn’t discriminate between rich and poor, man or woman,” he said.

“Pain is such a hush-hush issue, but we want to bring it out into the open and say to sufferers: you don’t have to live like this and help is available to empower you to manage your pain in a better way.”

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24 Responses to New northside centre to provide relief for chronic pain sufferers
Tim Cole Tim Cole 10:26 pm 10 Sep 18

Something else for the Minister to mismanage and blow out the costs of

    Dave Horvath Dave Horvath 2:11 am 11 Sep 18

    Hopefully not, because this is much needed! 😢

Lauren Samantha Lauren Samantha 9:06 pm 10 Sep 18

Liney Carr seems like a good place for you to try

Vanisha Nand Vanisha Nand 9:04 pm 10 Sep 18

Lauren Samantha id like to seem them try target something like what you have. Long shot but...

Marg Marsh Marg Marsh 6:30 pm 09 Sep 18

Will pass it on

Amanda Adams Amanda Adams 5:51 pm 08 Sep 18

I truly hope this is a positive,for many of us , hope all are lucky enough to receive this opportunity , it’s maybe a positive for many 💕😘👏🏻👏🏻and might I add affordable to all who needs ! one can only I’ve on hope 😗

Fiona Panagiotou Fiona Panagiotou 4:44 pm 08 Sep 18

Kaitlin Mesics

Iris Smith Iris Smith 3:26 pm 08 Sep 18

Good news

Harry Bellamy Harry Bellamy 11:31 pm 07 Sep 18

Darcy Bee-Hickman. Help is here

Sarah Stewart Sarah Stewart 6:48 pm 07 Sep 18

Bronnie Lennox Thompson...look what's coming my way. I might go along and find out what they say about my chronic back pain

    Bronnie Lennox Thompson Bronnie Lennox Thompson 6:52 pm 07 Sep 18

    Sarah Stewart this looks really good! ACT is my favourite framework...

    Sarah Stewart Sarah Stewart 6:55 pm 07 Sep 18

    Bronnie Lennox Thompson have a laugh... In this instance, the ACT refers to the where I live.. The Australian Capital Authority 😁

    Bronnie Lennox Thompson Bronnie Lennox Thompson 6:56 pm 07 Sep 18

    Sarah Stewart ha! True - ACT is said 'act' rather than A C T. But still good!

    Emily Peel Emily Peel 1:15 pm 22 May 19

    And they have 2 OT's Bronnie and Sarah

    Emily Peel Emily Peel 1:16 pm 22 May 19

    And they use the ACT framework too

Jon Ratcliffe Jon Ratcliffe 12:58 pm 07 Sep 18

Will they utilise LLLT?

David Murn David Murn 10:12 am 07 Sep 18

Is this different to the Pain Management clinic at TCH?

    Jenny Bolin Jenny Bolin 10:30 am 07 Sep 18

    From reading the article, I don’t think so. I have some contacts on a professional level with staff at TCH, and they are changing and streamlining the program. It sounds like this is to reduce waiting times by having another option for those who can afford it. Can’t comment further as this article is the only info I have seen

    Emily Peel Emily Peel 1:18 pm 22 May 19

    They are different. One is a private practice and one is run by Canberra health services. Both offer education and treatment but different models.

Trish Roberts Trish Roberts 9:21 am 07 Sep 18

As a pensioner, I’m wondering what “ affordable” pain management looks like.

gooterz gooterz 7:30 pm 06 Sep 18

If they want to break the distinction between public and private then they might want to address the bullying and waiting times.

The gap between public and private is huge

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