New sexual assault laws tabled

notdingers 3 July 2008 3

This story from the ABC and again at The Canberra Times

“The ACT Government has moved to make it easier for sexual assault victims to give evidence before the courts.

It is good to see that this bill is getting bipartisan support and will introduce some sensitivity to the treatment of sexual assault victims.

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3 Responses to New sexual assault laws tabled
Groundhog Groundhog 11:13 pm 03 Jul 08

Sleaz274 – paragraphs one and three I’m waging a supporters flag for. Paragraph two…. red flag to a bull.

Are you just trying to bate people or what?! 😉

The very scientific evidence techniques you mention only bolster the moral position of innocent until proven guilty. Speculate sure, arrest with no bail until getting a direction hearing or whatever it is, sure, but if the evidence is so good, then they are ALREADY on the back foot having to prove their innocence – well enough for me anyway;)

Not to say there aren’t other areas where things could be improved… form both a conservative and a progressive perspective….

Sleaz274 Sleaz274 11:06 pm 03 Jul 08

Yeah is something in the water??? Are compassionate, normal, non minority pandering, unshackled, courageous and righteous people now leading us??? When was the revolution and why wasn’t I informed. Maybe the legal system will be restored to balance one day….hahaha well I was dreaming there for a second right.

I think it’s high time that we remove, the ancient and well worn mantra that someone is innocent until proven guilty. With DNA evidence, fingerprints, forensic examination etc etc the onus should be placed squarely back on the accused to prove their innocence…

Remember laws are not handed down by god like figures with best intentions in mind they are written by men in a particular time and a particular place… Maybe there is a change coming and this new legislation is a step in the right direction for a change.


Groundhog Groundhog 10:55 pm 03 Jul 08

This seems to me like really sensible, rational and therefore quite progressive legislation…. does anyone know if the ACT is leading the (western-world legal system) pack here, or if we’re fast followers?

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