New Tuggeranong Resturants

lenny 8 August 2007 19

Has anyone dined at the new strip of resturants along anaktel street ( outside the hyperdome) I am curious if they are any good

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19 Responses to New Tuggeranong Resturants
emmy-lou emmy-lou 1:20 pm 16 Oct 08

Oh, and I agree that Savannah is pretty dodgy. I think it was better before the strip was redone. Apparently the Turkish place has the “best drink in the world” though.

emmy-lou emmy-lou 1:18 pm 16 Oct 08

It was closed down because other businesses were complaining.

Sands Sands 1:10 pm 16 Oct 08

What happened to Trinity? I’ve only been down to that strip for dinner a couple of times, but each time we wanted to kick on for a drink afterwards, Trinity was closed. We were left to cab it home with only one bottle of red under our belts.

deezagood deezagood 12:19 pm 16 Oct 08

Noodle house is very good for either dining in or take away. The Turkish restaurant is quite good too (really nice decor). Savannah – woeful (food, service and prices).

Scissors Scissors 12:01 pm 16 Oct 08

Mmm, Turkish. Has anyone been to the new bar that’s opened where Trinity was?

Woody Mann-Caruso Woody Mann-Caruso 11:56 am 16 Oct 08

Turkish Grill option 2 for 2 takeaway banquet

Shut up or everybody will want one and I’ll have to wait!

jmac jmac 11:27 am 16 Oct 08

Peach said :

I’ve never been to a cafe where the service was so abominably slow. Z Brazziere. If I had several hours to spare the food might be worth it. otherwise….

I am with you on this Peach. I had been to ZB’s a couple of times for lunch and breakfast and that was fine. I organised a breakfast for my baby shower there as i was stuck for somewhere to have it and i was given the impression that the whole thing would be great and easy etc. The morning was a shambles and they had no idea what they were doing. So after getting meals wrong, waiting nearly an hour for coffees, they had the hide to make me pay $25 for someone that didn’t turn up (when they specifically said to me on the phone the week before that they only needed rough numbers)…needless to say i wasn’t happy and neither was anyone in the group, none of us have been back since and we never intend to. I have since heard some other very interesting stories about this place which in hindsight are quite amusing…but not at the time!

On another note, have only been to Savannah once and the Turkish place once, both of these places offered great service and the meals were well priced and very good indeed. I will be going back to these places before ZB’s i can assure you.

asp asp 1:44 am 12 Aug 07

Sasha, you SIF

Peach Peach 9:43 pm 10 Aug 07

I’ve never been to a cafe where the service was so abominably slow. Z Brazziere. If I had several hours to spare the food might be worth it. otherwise….

Meanwhile, personally I like Brew Bar. I think they make excellent coffee, the food is fresh and has great variety.

The asian noodle house is HIGHLY overated… Won’t go there again.

For the bar/dance/dj scene head to Trinity.

atoz atoz 11:27 am 10 Aug 07

I thought people in Tuggeranong just ate out of a trough.

blingblingbears blingblingbears 5:17 pm 09 Aug 07

Savannah is the worst resturant I have EVER been to!

When they first opened I went there with my other half and we had slow, rude and crappy service. The food was over priced and tasteless and then to top all that off whilst we were eating outside one of the waitstaff on a break sat at the table next to us with a bunch of friends and put his filthy rotten smelly sneakered feet on the table! and kept them crossed there for a good half hour!

We of course complained and the owner/manager did nothing about it! I think it may have been his teenage son or some relative working for him and the brat didnt give a shit either.

Savannah is on top of our black list.

Sasha Sasha 5:07 pm 09 Aug 07

Where’s Tuggeranong?

witm witm 4:16 pm 09 Aug 07

I haven’t been since he was forced out by this lot of renovations but Savannah always offered damn good coffee and reasonable meals. Given the thread here though, I’ll have to try it again and perhaps reassess.

Nemo Nemo 3:42 pm 09 Aug 07

I went to the Savannah restaurant outside the Hyperdome recently, however I wont be returning.

I had a pasta dish which was very nice, however it was the smallest portion I have ever seen in a restaurant – an entree at most restaurants would be bigger. We discussed going to get something more to eat after we left.

green_frogs_go_pop green_frogs_go_pop 2:52 pm 09 Aug 07

Pandy, i wish! 😀

v_man_returns v_man_returns 2:32 pm 09 Aug 07

I don’t mind the Zbrasserie. I’ve had a couple of decent BLT’s there for lunch, along with a chili calamari salad. Also some form of chicken burger/sandwich too. Little Istanbul had a decent Turkish banquet, but I still won’t go past the Turkish Grill option 2 for 2 takeaway banquet. Decent quality plus there’s always leftovers for lunch. I saw the Savannah guy really trying to convince someone to go in, and I don’t like that and have never been there.

Pandy Pandy 7:51 am 09 Aug 07

Does the Brew bar have a decent dance floor with some sort of DJ playing music that spills on to the street?

If not, why would I want to desert going to Manuaka/Kingston/Civic/Belco on a Friday nite?

BTW: Cannot wait for those snazzy restaurants on Lake Ginny opening.

captainwhorebags captainwhorebags 9:09 pm 08 Aug 07

The Tuggeranong Noodle house is up to the excellent Noodle House standard for laksa. Not as good as Dickson, but well worth saving the drive into town.

green_frogs_go_pop green_frogs_go_pop 9:08 pm 08 Aug 07

I’ve been to the coffee/ice cream shops, and err..brew bar is over rated!

I keep meaning to go to one of them some time..still havent gotten around to it!

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