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Beyond the expected

News flash: Giant camel eats Canberra

By Kerces - 30 December 2005 23


As I was returning from a picnic (in the shade) by the lake on this hot summer’s day I looked up at Black Mountain, as Canberrans do fairly regularly, and, to my horror, saw a giant camel devouring Telstra Tower.

I went and found a camera and dutifully took some shots to share with you all the reason why your mobiles may not work tomorrow, seeing as our main telecommunications infrastructure had just been taken out.

When I got home I called Urban Services, but they were all on holidays, so I guess the giant camel will probably be allowed to roam our fair city until they all get back.

Camel eating Telstra Tower

(Well you’re all on holidays right, so I can write whatever I want…)

What’s Your opinion?

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23 Responses to
News flash: Giant camel eats Canberra
Kerces 9:36 pm 03 Jan 06

Tadzik tv?

terubo 7:57 pm 03 Jan 06

Yeah, full coverage on Tadzik TV. Your career is made!
BTW, any mention on Camelvision??

Kerces 5:07 pm 03 Jan 06

So, I’ve been away for half a week since posting this and thus missing papers and other news. Anyone else pick up on our exclusive?

Mr Evil 3:42 pm 03 Jan 06

Damn you Bulldog; I was going to mention cameltoes! 😉

RandomGit 3:11 pm 03 Jan 06

You can solve it by releasing a giant crab into the area, as the giant crab is natures perfect killing machine.

Kandy A 2:30 pm 03 Jan 06

actually my pet giant camel has escaped from my yard in Watson (stupid town planners forbidding 1000m fences) but that one isnt it. has anyone seen it?

bulldog 10:26 am 03 Jan 06

Insert idiotic ‘camel-toe’ joke here. Saves some of the other clowns the time of thinking of something ‘clever’ to say.

Nice work K.

Thumper 9:25 am 03 Jan 06


at 3/80 odd I thought we had them, now we’re in trouble….

terubo 9:20 am 03 Jan 06

That’s coz he IS real, Thumper. I had to scrape up a camelturd the other day that was bigger than my dinner table.
Happy New Year, by the way. And here’s hoping for early wickets!

Thumper 7:38 am 03 Jan 06

It looks so real!

Wonder where he hiding out now.

ancientartifact 11:46 am 01 Jan 06

# It’s the Perl Camel 🙂 !
# What I want to know is why hasn’t the Australian
# Camel News website heard of this development !?
Use Perl or Die;

Jey 4:28 pm 31 Dec 05

You think the Camel could’ve waited til Parliament was in session then taken a few bites out of the big house on the hill.

Is my comment breaking sedition laws???

Geoffco 12:54 am 31 Dec 05

It’s just a means to an end. The Canberra Times predicted this in a front page article, April 1 at the height of the “Feel the Power of Canberra” campaign…
Does any one else remember that?

Samuel Gordon-Stewar 12:42 am 31 Dec 05

Well, that explains it…

johnboy 11:15 pm 30 Dec 05

Alexander Camel?

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