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Note to Coles Jamo, India is in Asia

By johnboy 10 July 2013 33


Aisle 6 at the Jamison Coles gave me the gears this lunchtime for some reason.

Do Coles perpetuate racist ideas in their over simplified food presentation? Or do they merely reflect the unthinking prejudices of the lumpen proletariat?

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33 Responses to
Note to Coles Jamo, India is in Asia
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phototext 11:21 am 11 Jul 13

They should just call it the SBS aisle.

bundah 10:31 am 11 Jul 13

johnboy said :

well there’s *nothing* asian about can tong.

Ah but kantong is another matter altogether..

MrBigEars 8:51 am 11 Jul 13

How cosmopolitan society has become. I remember a time when all you could get was sweet and sour chicken simmer sauce.

miz 7:30 am 11 Jul 13

Kind of agree with IP – in Aus, ‘Asian’ cuisine is SE Asian – Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Korean, etc. ‘Indian’ cuisine s subcontinent cuisine (generally curry) – Indian, Pakistani, Sri Lankan, Bangla etc. Our dIfference from UK probably stems from the historic waves of migration to Aus and UK.

I think this signage is fine.

wildturkeycanoe 7:17 am 11 Jul 13

I can’t find any frybread, bison, beans or corn so it must be east-Indian food, not native American Indian. Can they please make it more specific and include some other categories please. I also think we should have the beers divided into foreign and local products so in my drunken stupor I don’t accidentally buy Carlsberg instead of VB?

BimboGeek 7:12 am 11 Jul 13

I beg to differ. The Indian tectonic plate is really doing its own thing but if you were forced to group plates whose movement is linked it usually goes Eurasian and Indo-Australian.

India is geographically isolated by the Himalayas, which it is causing by smashing into Asia. That’s why its food is different. Buddhism got past the mountains because of some committed teachers and receptive audiences, (later on Islam and Christianity also benefitted from ships and the same luck) but daal did not because of the obvious problems.

There have also been some nasty earthquakes where the Indian and Australian plates appear to be separating. 🙁

M0les 9:38 pm 10 Jul 13

So is Mexico, according just about every Colesworth I’ve been to in CBR/QBN.

JC 7:07 pm 10 Jul 13

The vast majority of what we call the middle east is in Asia too, but you don’t hear middle eastern food being called Asian. Now whilst of course India is in Asia, the use of the term Indian Foods is referring to the cuisine type not geography.

If anything Asian Foods is what is wrong, because Asian food, could be Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Thai, Malay, Indonesian, Vietnamese and the list goes on. All very different of course.

Mr Evil 6:52 pm 10 Jul 13

I’d be more concerned if they have Gnocchi in the Pasta section.

geoffappleby 6:45 pm 10 Jul 13

FioBla said :

One had Club Obi Wan. The other had Pankot Palace (chilled monkey brain).

The one in between had catacombs.

OMG. THIS!!! 🙂

CraigT 6:35 pm 10 Jul 13

I must be thick – where is the prejudice?

“Asian food” is a meaningful label for kinds of food including soy sauce, stir-fries and noodles.
“Indian food” is another meaningful label for pappadums and strong sauces designed to cover the taste of off meat.

I have the feeling virtually everybody can understand that Coles sign.

bundah 5:26 pm 10 Jul 13

Perhaps they should just have an aisle that says ‘Foreign Foods’,oh wait is there actually anything Australian made anymore??

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