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Note to Coles Jamo, India is in Asia

By johnboy - 10 July 2013 33


Aisle 6 at the Jamison Coles gave me the gears this lunchtime for some reason.

Do Coles perpetuate racist ideas in their over simplified food presentation? Or do they merely reflect the unthinking prejudices of the lumpen proletariat?

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33 Responses to
Note to Coles Jamo, India is in Asia
JimCharles 4:38 pm 10 Jul 13

IrishPete said :

whereas in the UK people from the subcontinent are referred to as Asian and I can’t remember what people from East Asia are referred to as.

When it comes to food:
Bangladeshi, Pakistani, Balti and Indian are Indian.
Thai is Thai.
Japanese is confusing.
Everything else is a Chinky.

tim_c 4:36 pm 10 Jul 13

Oh, it’s your fault is it! I can’t find any of the Asian foods in Woolies now since they changed the sign and removed the words “Asian foods”.

I don’t even see how it can be racist, unless food has recently become a race?

Perhaps you’ll also want to have a go at those little stores run by, er, people from Asia, who call their stores “Asian Grocer” or “Asian Provisions” or similar?

Roundhead89 4:23 pm 10 Jul 13

How come Pasta isn’t described as Italian Food?

geoffappleby 4:15 pm 10 Jul 13

How the heck did you find out about my lumpen proletariat? I thought it was between me and my doctor only.

Solidarity 4:10 pm 10 Jul 13

If you are a normal person, and you’re looking for food originating from India, you will go looking for the sign that says “Indian Food”.

Coles is just making things easier for the vast majority of people who shop there.

IrishPete 4:05 pm 10 Jul 13

Christmas Isle?
Manus Isle? (Are there two Ns?)

mossrocket 3:11 pm 10 Jul 13

an isle for each country might not be feasible – unless it’s like The World in Dubai…

Primal 3:03 pm 10 Jul 13

Describing things both ways helps ensure that shoppers can quickly spot the keywords they have on their mind. That’s really not a complex idea.

chewy14 3:03 pm 10 Jul 13

I agree, the sign’s horrible.

Why have they gone with ‘Pasta’ when it clearly should be ‘Italian Food’.

beardedclam 2:46 pm 10 Jul 13

“Un-Australian” would that make you happy?
I think it is honestly done because that is how the general public think. No biggie.

FioBla 2:41 pm 10 Jul 13

Unaustralian Aisle.

Antagonist 2:41 pm 10 Jul 13

Australians invented both ‘asian’ and ‘indian’ foods moron. And we invented ‘chinese’, ‘tacos and s***’ and ‘pizza’ too. Get it together, Coles.

nsn 2:40 pm 10 Jul 13

Storm, meet teacup.

IrishPete 2:26 pm 10 Jul 13

Depends where you are – Australians call people from East Asia “Asian” and people from the Indian subcontinent “South Asian”, whereas in the UK people from the subcontinent are referred to as Asian and I can’t remember what people from East Asia are referred to as. Different terms again are used in the USA.

Perhaps East Asian and South Asian wouldn’t fit on the signs.


mossrocket 2:19 pm 10 Jul 13

No need to be an asshole about it…

it isn’t racist to classify things as different.
maybe it is insensitive to lump everything apart from Indian as Asian – that would be the only issue I can see here…

Maybe an isle for every country is the thing that Coles should do?
Or is that racist too??

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