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Observed increase in birdkill

By Jey - 21 November 2006 26

Over the few weeks or so I’ve noticed an increasing number of dead birds on Canberra roads.
Normally, one doesn’t see so much birdkill as they usually seem to make it out of the way before been hit.

Has anyone else noticed this increase in carnage?
Any ideas as to why?
Perhaps the birds have gone a bit dumb in the head due to the lack of food caused by the drought.
Perhaps the bizarre weather has messed up their ‘radars’.

Theories involving in poisoning and Crazy_Chester aside, I’d be interested to hear your thoughts.

What’s Your opinion?

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26 Responses to
Observed increase in birdkill
Danman 2:03 pm 21 Nov 06

A few weeks ago 2 magpies that were fighting in mid air crashed into the roof of my car while I was driving to work in the morning.

It wasnt until I got home that Mrs Danman told me that they were actually doing quite the opposite of fighting.

How awkward would that be.

VYBerlinaV8 1:48 pm 21 Nov 06

Sounds like the new sights I fitted to the Berlina are doing their morbid best…

CouldExpire 1:30 pm 21 Nov 06

Apparently penguins are killing themselves off too!

Just ask the twits at fire control that thought one brigade was calling in about a penguin hitting the power line, bringing it down and killing itself in the process… funniest radio conversation I’ve heard in awhile!
They then asked the deputy in charge if the penguin needed medical assistance!

I want some of what they’re on!

blingblingbears 1:20 pm 21 Nov 06

hmm make that cells

blingblingbears 1:19 pm 21 Nov 06

oh yeah… thanks thumper

i think i killed off a few too many brain celss on the weekend…

Thumper 1:19 pm 21 Nov 06

Ah, not Mr Percival….

Ari 1:14 pm 21 Nov 06

The Film and Sound Archives were showing Stormboy and needed a prop.

Thumper 1:07 pm 21 Nov 06

Probably choked on one of those giant carp….

Mr_Shab 12:47 pm 21 Nov 06

I saw a dead pelican on the side of Parkes Way this AM. WTF?

Thumper 12:45 pm 21 Nov 06


They fly into the windows and break their necks.

Nothing unusual. Reflective glass helps stop this.

blingblingbears 12:41 pm 21 Nov 06

hmm i have noticed quite a few dead birds on pavements though, like in front of office buildings… how do we explain those?

xman 12:27 pm 21 Nov 06

I’m with Seepi. I’ve noticed this on my morning strolls – the dead almost always are young birds.

Thumper 11:52 am 21 Nov 06

Drought leading to roos coming into urban fringe and getting skittled. The birds feed off the carcasses and often get hammered by cars.

In the case of seed eating birds, the road side verges are always green due to run off whenever it rains, therefore the grass is alive and producing seed. The parrots, galahs and sulphurs feed on the seed and get hammered by cars.

seepi 11:43 am 21 Nov 06

More young birds around in spring?

S4anta 11:39 am 21 Nov 06

drought. Trees who cant take the prolonged dry keel over. Environmental effects cause the same in fauna.

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