Okonomiyaki in Canberra?

koalathebear 23 December 2009 14

Does anyone know where I can get Okonomiyaki in Canberra? I know it’s not the most common fare in Japanese restaurants – they tend to go for the more popular dishes, but I’d be ever so happy if I could find it. Thanks very much in advance.

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14 Responses to Okonomiyaki in Canberra?
astrojax astrojax 8:51 am 30 Dec 09

thanks mistertim, didn’t know iori were that pretentious… always liked the more honest tasuke anyway.

now we’re here, where is the best sushi and sashimi in town, then?

trix trix 7:15 pm 26 Dec 09

Tasuke just do mini ones. I think the new place that Iori have opened up on the other side of Phoenix does them, but I haven’t tried theirs. To be honest, I just make my own when I have a craving. Between The Hub and the Japanese shop opposite King O’Malley’s, you can get the special okonomiyaki flour, sauce, bonito flakes, mayo and aonori. Cabbage, eggs and fillings shouldn’t be too hard to track down. 🙂

I like the places where you can cook it yourself on the teppan. None of those in Canberra!

Woody Mann-Caruso Woody Mann-Caruso 3:11 pm 24 Dec 09

One of the first things I do when I visit Melbourne is get me some okonomiyaki. Sweet sauce, creamy Japanese mayonnaise, a sprinkle of shaved bonito flakes, maybe some sesame seeds…drool… Had no idea there was anybody selling it in Canberra – thanks for the post!

mistertim mistertim 10:06 pm 23 Dec 09

Despite what astrojax said, Iori wouldn’t do okonomiyaki even if you asked. They consider it university-student food (the kind of thing you cook at home for a party) and not the kind of thing one serves in a real restaurant.

stereo henry stereo henry 9:43 pm 23 Dec 09

sushi place in Canberra Centre has them on special every now and then

NickD NickD 5:07 pm 23 Dec 09

I make Okonomiyaki on my BBQ with reasonable success – though of course it’s not a patch on what you can buy in Japan (or for sale).

grunge_hippy grunge_hippy 3:17 pm 23 Dec 09

The one at DFO makes very nice food, best take away japanese i have had in canberra.

lula lula 12:07 pm 23 Dec 09

I’ve only ever found mini ones, and mostly deep-fried, which although tasty probably aren’t exactly what you’re after. We just resort to making our own at home! The closest I’ve seen in Oz was in Melbourne.

deezagood deezagood 11:16 am 23 Dec 09

The Japanese take away in the Tuggers Hyperdome has minis; they taste like the deal deal.

willo willo 9:35 am 23 Dec 09

not sur but i tink your best bet would be wasabi in dickson
if ya feeling adventurous here’s a recipe to make your own


astrojax astrojax 9:24 am 23 Dec 09

tasuke, in the bus interchange in civic, do one – i’m pretty sure… (if they don’t have it on the menu, am pretty sure they’d whip one up for you [as would iori, round the corner] if you gave them a little notice)

and report back here when you’ve had it and let us know how you found it… okonomiyaki – yumi!

WillowJim WillowJim 8:45 am 23 Dec 09

There’s a Korean (I think) food counter in DFO that does the usual range of sushi, hand-rolls, ramen, etc. It also serves Okonomiyaki with the traditional sauces. From memory it’s only $2 or $3.

jennybel75 jennybel75 8:35 am 23 Dec 09

The sushi place as DFO does them.

shanefos shanefos 8:19 am 23 Dec 09

You can get the mini ones in a few places in some of the shopping centre food courts around town. I know the Japanese place in the food courst at DFO sells them.
Don’t know about any restaurants though.

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