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kieran AP 3 July 2007 34

G’day all, the most highly anticipated media event of the year is happening tonight. That’s right folks, the much hyped ABC news sports article on the ‘Adventure Paintball’ Novice Tournament (as advertised on RA about 2 months ago!!) is finally going to air tonight. See some of Canberra’s keenest paintballers in action and possibly a cameo by RA’s own paintball junkie, the Blamemonkey!

If you are keen to have a go at tournament Paintball, our next tournament will be held on the 15th Jul. Details on the website www.adventureconsultants.com.au

Cheers, Kieran

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34 Responses to On TV tonight!
HenryG HenryG 1:01 pm 06 Jul 07

I think it’s already being looked at in an organised fashion

piperdoon piperdoon 11:31 am 06 Jul 07

meanwhile, how do we lobby the government for parity with NSW? Will local field operators/owners take a lead? What role can regular and itinerant players at all levels take?
Who do we lobby? I don’t know that unorganised correspondence works, rather some sort of structured approach.

Any takers?????

el el 10:12 am 06 Jul 07

Bah – ASCII art is SO last century!


jemmy jemmy 8:38 am 06 Jul 07

Try the “code” tag. A constant width font for text graphics might work better.

piperdoon piperdoon 1:15 pm 05 Jul 07

OK – I can’t draw using text, but it was supposed to be a cup!

Absent Diane Absent Diane 12:44 pm 05 Jul 07

I thought that was supposed to be two fingers peace style symbol (with a bit of added webbing for realism)

Danman Danman 12:32 pm 05 Jul 07

was not

piperdoon piperdoon 11:56 am 05 Jul 07

argh – limited graphics capacity with text! – that was a coffee cup!

piperdoon piperdoon 11:55 am 05 Jul 07

cheers bourke 🙂

I sympathise with Kieran who as an ‘entrepreneur’ provides the venue and service and has to wade thru the bureacracy (being nice!)and carry the costs etc.

\ /

HenryG HenryG 11:50 am 05 Jul 07

I have tried this game that is called paintball, I even tried to play a tournament once, It was really fun. There was not anyone at the tournamnet that even remotely wanted to play armies or pretend that they were taking on some foreign force. I have looked into the laws in NSW and there are stringent rules and regulations for owning one of these guns, They are not treated as a toy and penalties for incorrect use are quite severe. I am in full support for these changes,

As that guy said we have some of the top players in the country here, imagine how it could be if they were allowed to have their own gear and not have to travell so much

bourke bourke 11:17 am 05 Jul 07

Yes, let’s enjoy the coffee. Though to be honest, your stereotype was inaccurate – you forgot ‘organic’ and ‘fair trade’! 😉

I want to clarify that saying that something worries me does NOT mean that I think that there is something wrong with it, that others shouldn’t do it etc etc. I was curious as to whether my worry was justified or not, and the conversation above has convinced me that

1. Pro-paintballers seem to have their act together and don’t see paintball as a killing-fantasy game but as a sport

2. Sport is good cos it makes you less fat

3. The thought of crazed bucks night-type paintball games definitely does worry me, but most bucks night activities are a bit of a worry so that ain’t saying much!

The issue of differences between rules in different states is a very common, and very frustrating problem that seems to crop up all over the place (think of water….) and it seems paintball is not exempt from these silly problems. What a pain.

Enjoy your sport, and who knows, maybe I’ll come try it some time… maybe…

Danman Danman 7:08 am 05 Jul 07

I am sure that a paintball behaves a lot differently to a bullet when fired.

Last time I played – I was hiding behind a barricade – on my belly with the tip of my gun and head hanging out – I saw guy across the paddock try and do teh same thing without seeing me – popped off 2 rounds – they flew across the field – hit the ground – bounced up and nailed my opponent right between the eyes – thunk thunk in quick succession – so yeah training with paintball guns and real guns – cant even compare – its like practising archery for the olympics with a nerf bow and arrow. ouch!!

jemmy jemmy 11:01 pm 04 Jul 07

Kieran, I went to a corporate day out a few years ago, lots and lots of fun. Better than a video game.

Question though, why don’t they do something about how the balls hurt so much? We had civvies, a thick jumper and overalls on top, and I still had a set of dot bruises stretching across my back. I also copped one on the end of the finger that made me use the sort of language as though I was in the Navy and repelling Iranian boarders in the Gulf.

I’d give it a go again if they did something about the balls. [no masculinity jokes, thanks!]

kieran AP kieran AP 10:44 pm 04 Jul 07

Paintball can mean different things to different people.From my perspective as a field operator and professional team sponsor, Paintball is now a mainstream sport that is one of the fastest growing team sports world wide with professional leagues in the US, Europe and Asia Pacific. My intent in the interview was to highlight the disparity in ACT legislation compared to other states; ACT prohibits personal ownership of paintball markers, but in NSW it is legal. If you legally own one in NSW, you can’t bring it into the ACT. ACT also considers markers as ‘prohibited weapons’ yet a 12 yo can own a rifle, shotgun or compound bow and keep it at home!!! Go figure. As for the comments “while I respect the right of all to pretend to kill each other… it worries me!! Should I be worried??” I think you should come down and chat to some of the Pros that hang out at my fields. They train (sprints/laps) etc for 2 hours at least once a week, practice team drills at least once a week in Canberra as well as travelling interstate to train. They rehearse, they plan, they develop strategies, they practise team tactics and work on individual and team skills. Then, at a tournament they have around 1 minute in each game to implement that plan. There is probably 10 hrs training for each minute of shooting at someone!!! Paintball at the elite level is more like chess than cowboys and indians. Woodsball/bushball is a bit more informal but the guys that really get into that are very serious. They assign team roles (sniper etc), make ‘cant see me suits’ and also develop tactics etc to suit the field or scenario they are playing. Also, when you consider a high end marker and a full kit costs $5k it is more than a casual hobby for some. Apart from those, I have other customers that use paintball as corporate leadership and teamwork training. I have others that use it as staff appreciation. Then again, there are social groups such as bucks parties; if you asked a ‘buck’ after a paintball Bucks party his opinion, he may agree with you…


Absent Diane Absent Diane 4:40 pm 04 Jul 07

in my normal freakish way last time i played I managed to cop one up the mask.. hilarious.. bruised my chin and the bottom of my cheek.

VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt 3:57 pm 04 Jul 07

Only played paintball a couple of times, but it was mad fun. Hurts like hell a couple of times, but well worth it for being able to sting the mates. Nothing a few beers afterwards and a laugh didn’t fix though!

piperdoon piperdoon 3:16 pm 04 Jul 07

sorry bourke, double-shot of espresso full cream dairy cappucino it is.

Long post ——- just tired of the PC namby pamby thought police social do-gooder kill joys (woops, there’s that word) who see things wrong with everything. Kids have played cowboys and indians or shoot em up games since time immemorial – more violence in cartoons these days but lets not go there either.

By and large most people are responsible and the laws covering firearms that paintball markers fall under are pretty strict. In the controlled environment of paintball facilities generally it’s very tightly controlled and if you read the rules for competitive events, there’s pretty heavy down-time for those playing the game who use excessive force, behave in an inappropriate manner etc. You probably know that.

A major point being made in the broadcast was the need for some comparable controls across borders – most states allow home storage in approved containers and licence conditions for markers – but not the ACT and yet of you live in Queanbeyan you can. Parity is what is needed. No one wants the uncontrolled use you see on utube in the USA from the idiots for example, but common sense would be nice (not often common where cross border issues arise.

Re sniper – woodsball, scenario etc – refer comments above about playing games – doesn’t mean people go out and act it out in real life – I don’t want to own a real gun – I know what they can do, but I would like to be able to own and store my own marker without moving interstate.

It’s a game – and what is a game to some is pointless, violent, or meaningless use of time to others, examples are legion!

Let’s move on and enjoy the coffee. 🙂

Thumper Thumper 1:34 pm 04 Jul 07

I generally play the part of guy with big paint splodge on his forehead 🙂

bourke bourke 1:21 pm 04 Jul 07

Glad to hear you think of it in those terms Maelinar.

I get what you’re saying, and I think it’s good that the language has changed to reflect a less violent perception of the game.

Fact remains though that the markers bear a definite resemblance to guns. And a friend of mine in the US plays the position of ‘sniper’….

Absent Diane Absent Diane 1:19 pm 04 Jul 07

well given that it is physical activity as opposed to sitting in an armchair fiddling with knobs (hehe).. i would say is better than gaming (well I think it is funner anyway).

And on the point of being worried about people killing each other.. you should be more worried about the kind of people that do it than the game itself.. if someone is predisposed to violent behaviour playing a video game or playing paintball is not really going to make a difference. And if you are concerned about the training aspect it provides I think shooting a paintball gun is in a complete different ball park to shooting a gun. I haven’t shot a gun in years but I am sure that a paintball behaves a lot differently to a bullet when fired.

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