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On TV tonight!

By kieran AP - 3 July 2007 34

G’day all, the most highly anticipated media event of the year is happening tonight. That’s right folks, the much hyped ABC news sports article on the ‘Adventure Paintball’ Novice Tournament (as advertised on RA about 2 months ago!!) is finally going to air tonight. See some of Canberra’s keenest paintballers in action and possibly a cameo by RA’s own paintball junkie, the Blamemonkey!

If you are keen to have a go at tournament Paintball, our next tournament will be held on the 15th Jul. Details on the website

Cheers, Kieran

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34 Responses to
On TV tonight!
Absent Diane 1:19 pm 04 Jul 07

well given that it is physical activity as opposed to sitting in an armchair fiddling with knobs (hehe).. i would say is better than gaming (well I think it is funner anyway).

And on the point of being worried about people killing each other.. you should be more worried about the kind of people that do it than the game itself.. if someone is predisposed to violent behaviour playing a video game or playing paintball is not really going to make a difference. And if you are concerned about the training aspect it provides I think shooting a paintball gun is in a complete different ball park to shooting a gun. I haven’t shot a gun in years but I am sure that a paintball behaves a lot differently to a bullet when fired.

Maelinar 1:15 pm 04 Jul 07

Actually, you don’t pretend to kill each other.

The game is simply a modified version of the game ‘tag’ that every child plays without ever having been taught the game.

In the game ‘tag’, somebody catches you and ‘tags’ you, then you are out – to varying degrees of options for further play.

In the game paintball, somebody uses a paint marker to ‘tag’ you, then you are out – to varying degrees of options for further play.

At least the last time I played professionally, there is an industry ban on production of red colour paint, to avoid any misrepresentation with blood, and at least where I played, using the term ‘killed’ or ‘dead’ was pretty much laughed at and replaced with the word ‘tagged’ as a more appropriate word to use.

There is no laying down dead, dying or wounded in this game, no hollywood inspired slaughters, so in respect to pretending to kill each other, I say well it’s your loss you think that way. I’m just playing tag.

bourke 1:13 pm 04 Jul 07

Prefer double-shot of espresso full cream dairy cappucino myself…

Cast me as a double de-caf low fat soy latte drinking tree-hugger and I shall cast you as a violent murdering psychopath who plays out their fantasies through paint-ball… which I doubt you are, so kindly refrain.

To be clear, I do NOT think of paint-ball players in these terms (friends with some who are lovely people)… just asking a question to see what anyone else thought about this.

Danman 12:51 pm 04 Jul 07

How about a double half caf decaf with a twist of lemon (a’la LA Story)

piperdoon 12:40 pm 04 Jul 07

double de-caf low fat soy latte and tree hugging anyone?

Thumper 12:10 pm 04 Jul 07

It’s got to be better than gory video games played by kids….

bourke 12:07 pm 04 Jul 07

That’s the exact thing that worries me.

Thumper 12:01 pm 04 Jul 07

It’s just good bloody fun….

bourke 11:57 am 04 Jul 07

Errr, while I respect the right of all to pretend to kill each other… it worries me!! Should I be worried??

Blamemonkey 11:38 am 04 Jul 07

You Tube anyone? I missed it

Blamemonkey 8:34 am 04 Jul 07

You can Own a Paint ball Marker in Australia, there are just varying degrees, in NSW you can get a license and take it home, In the ACT it needs to stay at the field

ant 10:55 pm 03 Jul 07

Saw it (not by design). Sigh! Discount stores in the US have a fine range of paintball guns but I figured that they were probably banned here (since they don’t like my slingshot).

I thought the topic referred to Desperately Keeping Sheila.

RandomGit 8:17 pm 03 Jul 07

‘ken missed it. Fook!!

Ntp 8:11 pm 03 Jul 07

Saw it, t’was cool

piperdoon 3:41 pm 03 Jul 07

great – the actual link on riotact is

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