Otakufest 2013 in photos

Barcham 6 November 2013 4


Local super cool and good looking people Owen Spargo and Kellianne Lysaght have just given us a massive amount of photos from Otakufest fast week.

Otakufest is impact Comic’s annual explosion of geeky love and as a part of it they gold a cosplay contest.

What follows is 184 pictures of people having a good time.

Have a peek at some of the brilliant work people put into their costumes. You might even spot me in there with my super lazy Doctor costume.

You can check out more of Owen Spargo’s work at Sampled Light, or have a look at Kellianne’s photos on her Flickr account.

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4 Responses to Otakufest 2013 in photos
Holditz Holditz 10:26 pm 07 Nov 13

Otaku is a derogatory term in Japanese to refer to people who follow hobbies with obsessive fevour, often to the detriment of school, relationships or work. But English, being the beast that it is, swallows foreign terms and rebrands it as its own, often twisting the meaning or context of the original text. In this case it’s now taken to refer to anime and manga fans, and often worn as a badge of pride, much as ‘geek’ or ‘nerd’ is now taken these days. Cosplay is another term that has been taken over by English usage. It used to be that it solely described costuming from Japanese pop culture source (ironically coined when Japanese witnessed Western SF costuming), but now it encompasses costuming from all parts of fandom, from general SF to super heroes to Western cartoons. (Yup, even Barcham’s Doctor Who costume 🙂

I have photos from last Friday, but I am busy preparing to go to Britain next week.

Barcham Barcham 11:06 am 07 Nov 13

Yeah I was led to believe that was the meaning of the term as well.

The day had a manga sale and the night was spent watching anime on a big screen so it seems apt to me. However I don’t speak Japanese and I’m getting my definition via pop culture, so I could well be wrong.

steveu steveu 9:05 am 07 Nov 13

Otaku (???/????) is a Japanese term that refers to people with obsessive interests, commonly the anime and manga fandom. (from wikipedia).

great picture, looks like alot of people having a great time.

I believe on Aus day weekend Cancon is holding a cosplay thingy as well.

Comic_and_Gamer_Nerd Comic_and_Gamer_Nerd 6:44 am 07 Nov 13

Not sure they know the meaning of otaku, but whatevs, good on them. Great to see it go well.

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