Out of iso, ‘patient-zero’ still battling fatigue but moving on

Kim Treasure 30 August 2021 28
Cedric Nyamsi

Cedric Nyamsi laid up in bed during isolation. Photo: Supplied.

For Canberra’s self-professed “patient-zero”, getting out of isolation was literally a breath of fresh air.

Cedric Nyamsi publicly outed himself to Region Media two weeks ago in a bid to counter the wild, unsupported rumours floating around social media about how he contracted the deadly Delta variant of COVID-19 and inadvertently sparked the ACT’s latest lockdown.

Speaking exclusively to Region Media, Mr Nyamsi said at the time that he was as mystified as anyone about how he contracted the virus, and denied having left the ACT for three months.

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Now out of lockdown, the usually fit, healthy 27-year-old said he was still not fully recovered, suffering from lingering tiredness weeks after the initial infection.

Describing the past few weeks as “the worst situation in my life”, Cedric said he was looking forward to finally moving into his new home after spending weeks in isolation at the ANU.

Even with the benefit of hindsight, the current ACT heavyweight freestyle wrestling champion and former Commonwealth Games wrestler says he is at a loss to say who he caught the virus from.

An apprentice builder, he was working his second job as a bouncer at Fiction nightclub when the current outbreak was first detected.

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Cedric said he was devastated by rumours he caught COVID-19 by breaching health orders and driving into Sydney to get drugs.

“I was shocked when social media said I went to Sydney to buy drugs,” he said.

“I am a wrestler … I don’t take drugs at all.”

Around 11,000 Canberrans have either been released from quarantine over the past day or are preparing to leave quarantine once they can prove they have tested negative as more than a fortnight has elapsed since the ACT’s first case.

The ACT was plunged into lockdown on Thursday, 12 August, after the first case was identified.

The rapid increase in cases and exposure locations resulted in more than five per cent of the ACT’s population, or around 20,000 people, in isolation or quarantine at one stage. Over the weekend, less than 800 Canberrans were in quarantine.

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28 Responses to Out of iso, ‘patient-zero’ still battling fatigue but moving on
Kste Hallett Kste Hallett 6:52 am 03 Sep 21

Thank you for being brave and outing the falsehoods around your dreadful case of Covid, bullies are the worst! I sincerely hope the lingering symptoms are fully resolved soon. Take care

Janet Hutchison Janet Hutchison 12:50 pm 31 Aug 21

Thanks for getting tested when you did, Cedric. You alerted us all to the outbreak. Hope you get fully well soon. I really hope your family and friends are OK too.

Capital Retro Capital Retro 9:16 am 31 Aug 21

Talk about a lot of Facebook Fanfare!

Aleisha Fay Aleisha Fay 12:26 am 31 Aug 21

Huge hug; I hope your recovery is quick. You didn't deserve the BS that people were speaking; it's all hot gossip from bored people with no facts. Look after yourself, you don't owe anyone anything. 🤎🤎🤎

Robbie Hart Robbie Hart 9:57 pm 30 Aug 21

Covid can damage the body, lungs etc that's why its called long covid. It affects the body for a long time afterwards

Arika Errington Arika Errington 9:37 pm 30 Aug 21

So glad to see no negative comments here

Carole Ford Carole Ford 7:50 pm 30 Aug 21

That being said I wish him a speedy return to full health.🌻🙋

Carole Ford Carole Ford 7:49 pm 30 Aug 21

He's not patient Zero! We have no idea who brought the bug here, he/she has probably had already moved on.

Carol Ofori Carol Ofori 7:17 pm 30 Aug 21

He was doing all the QR check in. You can tell from that he was doing the right thing. I am sure he got it and was unlucky. From a person who wasn’t following the COVID rules.

Timothy McAulay Timothy McAulay 6:54 pm 30 Aug 21

Up the milk

Romano Gaspardis Romano Gaspardis 6:40 pm 30 Aug 21

Take care stay positive

Megan Munro Megan Munro 5:00 pm 30 Aug 21

I hope he feels better soon. People can be nasty, this could have been any number of people.

Janette Condon Janette Condon 4:30 pm 30 Aug 21

Good luck, good health.

Margot Ryan Margot Ryan 4:30 pm 30 Aug 21

Please get well soon, meanwhile ignore the haters.

Emma Street Emma Street 4:18 pm 30 Aug 21

We don't know he is patient zero. Just the first to test positive.

    Robyn Shaw Robyn Shaw 4:59 pm 30 Aug 21

    Emma Street yes. The real culprit could very easily have been some idiot from Sydney who decided he or she needed a night out in Canberra. They know it was a strain from western Sydney. With the impossibility of monitoring all the roads in and out of the ACT, the real patient zero could have come and gone after spreading the virus around here.

    Kytie Mclign Kytie Mclign 5:42 pm 30 Aug 21

    Emma Street And report it.

    Danny Corvini Danny Corvini 6:46 pm 30 Aug 21

    Dont forget that was the week that parliament returned

    Tania Milovanovic Tania Milovanovic 7:03 pm 30 Aug 21

    Robyn Shaw maybe an ignorant question but how do they know it’s a ‘strain from western Sydney’? Are there different strains in different suburbs or is it just one strain that came from they believe Sydney? I am confused

    Robyn Shaw Robyn Shaw 10:12 am 31 Aug 21

    Tania Milovanovic genetic testing showed that it was the same as a strain doing the rounds in Western Sydney. It was announced a few days after our first cases here at one of the press conferences.

    Genomic sequencing allows the epidemiologists to link strains and track their spread.

Michael Blythe Michael Blythe 4:13 pm 30 Aug 21

Classic case of wrong place, wrong time, and terrible bad luck. Glad he’s out of iso and feeling at least better physically. Chin up mate, could have been anyone…take no notice of these idiots blaming you for everything.

Jeff Vuohi Jeff Vuohi 3:45 pm 30 Aug 21

I really feel for this guy he got really unlucky and never did anything wrong but got so much unfair judgement.

Please feel better soon, I'm sorry people are so awful mate.

Nicole Evans Nicole Evans 3:02 pm 30 Aug 21

Glad you are out of iso

Judith Devitt Judith Devitt 2:29 pm 30 Aug 21

Take care and good news you are feeling better , it will take time 🤗💐

Brigid Butt Brigid Butt 2:09 pm 30 Aug 21

Take care! Hope you fully recover soon. A lot of nasty people out there but a lot of good people too.

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