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Oxycontin prescribing doctors in Canberra?

By ElleCeleste 12 April 2010 46

Hi all,

I have a chronic, painful disease for which I’ve been prescribed Oxycontin. It all started when I had an operation related to my condition, and subsequently I got hooked on Endone and then the slow release version, Oxycontin.

My doc is giving me a hard time in relation to staying on the drug, and wants me to quit by reducing the current dosage slowly. I cannot do this as I am completely addicted (not in an illegal way) to this drug.

Besides, even if I wasn’t dependant on it, I need it for the pain I experience all day, every day.

My doctor just doesn’t take the time to listen to me and find out about my problems.

From all my research, I’m fairly sure that of all the painkillers available for my particular condition, Oxycontin is safest, physiologically speaking. And I also know for a fact that other doctors prescribe this drug to pain patients, so why not me also ?

I believe doctors are afraid of prescribing opiates, which I understand. They have to gain approval each time and are closely monitored when doing so.

So, does anyone know of any sympathetic doctors out there ? I’m at my wits end.

Thanks very much for your help.


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Oxycontin prescribing doctors in Canberra?
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Martlark 7:17 pm 06 Sep 11

After my cancer op, Endone was the only thing that could counter the pain, other drugs had very little effect. I had a great time on Endone, fantastic dreams, easy sleeps; happy days indeed with proper pain control. Some doctors were a pain to deal with and treated you like a drug addict. My drug addict friend was very afraid I could not get off it. But; when the pain went away I easily stopped taking Endone. Like every drug your response to it will be based upon your personal physiology and circumstances. If you are in pain take everything you can to get rid of it.

gentoopenguin 6:57 pm 06 Sep 11
ElleCeleste 6:53 pm 06 Sep 11

dusty said :

You are an addict. Take a reality check and take your doctors advice.
You are not going to need a ‘sympathetic doctor’ as you already have one you idiot.
No doctor is going to issue you a script for this medication, in the state you are in so start focusing on your detox.
Oxycontin has serious side effects and addiction is well documented.
I hope you are not driving a vehicle on this stuff.

Such a lovely person, Dusty is <3 … i hope to meet someone like you one day, get married, settle down and have half a dozen little nippers….. aaaahhh, pure bliss !… btw it sure is fun driving around town dosed to the eyeballs with a big fat dose of Oxycontin… hope to bump into you some time Dusty <3… can't wait to meet you…

ElleCeleste 2:45 am 29 Nov 10

Dear Riot Act Members, I must sincerely apologise to you all, because after posting my piece about the Oxycontin dilema I had back in April ’10, I promptly forgot all about it, and went on my merry way, not being familiar at the time with how Riot Act works in terms of informing members of replies to questions. So now, some 6 or 7 months having passed, I find that a short stint on the net (with the help of friend) has revealed my old question on Riot Act, giving me a good laugh and bringing back a few memories. As a result, I want to belatedly thank all of you who so kindly gave their valuable time to reply to my question, and provide insights of all kinds. Unfortunately I was not able to read the replies you gave, as I’ve had an eye injury and was not able to focus on my computer screen. I’d like to tell you all at this stage that my problems were dealt with, in that I found a very good doctor who recognised that my problems are Iatrogenic in nature (i.e. caused by doctor’s treatment), in that I had never previously used drugs of any kind(definitely not illicit either), until my operation happened. As a result of serious post operative pain, I was prescribed high doses of opiate drugs and became dependant on them for not only pain relief, but also because the withdrawal side effects were agonising to cope with on top of everything else I was going through. I have serious Auto-immune Rheumatoid Disease, and unfortunately after the operation to totally replace both my knee joints, I experienced a body-wide flare and spread of disease activity, causing all my joints to become extremely inflamed and painful, leaving me totally crippled to be nursed full time at home because I was bed bound. I have however improved to some extent due to agressive chemotherapy treatment for my inflammation with the RA. I was eventually placed on the Methadone program with ACT Drug and Alcohol detox program. The amounts of Oxycontin I was needing, became too high, due to the tolerance one develops for the drug. It is an awful and evil drug, and I woe the day I ever came into contact with it. It is a form of living hell. I really wanted to die. Now that I’m on Methadone, I’m just another drug addict as far as the program is concerned, and not really treated as someone with a unique set of circumstances, or allowed concessions in regards to my physical disabilities, or mental disabilities (I developed a panic/anxiety disorder along the way). I’m expected to drive a car which I shouldn’t be behind the wheel of for safety reasons, to pick up methadone daily from a chemist. And ironically, Methadone is a far more potent and dangerous drug than Oxycontin, which has it’s own problems. However, I’m thankful that I live in a country where such help is readily available and I have the opportunity to use Methadone for pain relief, and my life is relatively stress free. My only concern at this time, is that the government may want to conduct a program for those people who approach the detox program from the position of having Iatrogenic disease. Thanks to all of you again, and best wishes.

ausdatablog 9:43 am 01 Oct 10

Hi all,

Not sure if you saw the recent story on Four Corners about Oxycontin, but it was very interesting.

I did a little bit of data analysis over on my blog that you might be interested in having a look at:

– ausdatablog

Fenn 10:41 am 26 Apr 10

+1 for a Pain Management specialist. There are some great programs available now, I am not familiar with what is on offer in Canberra but I know there are things like residential or semi-residential programs, various kinds of therapies offered and great support from people who have actually trained in helping people just like you, in just your situation. They’re sympathetic, take the time to understand your particular situation, and will help you.

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