20 January 2010

Oz Day at Adventure Paintball

| kieran AP
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If you have nothing better to do on Australia Day, Adventure Paintball is having a come and try day.

No minimum group size. Just rock on down between 8:30 and 10am on the 26th and we will kit you up and send you on your way. Play for as long or as little as you like. Of course if you have your own group and want to play as you a group, you can.

Just $20 will get you all the basic hire gear (marker, goggles and camouflage overalls), and paintballs are $10/100 for the entire day. An extra $5pp will get you some of Domino’s finest cuisine.

We will have expert staff on hand who can demonstrate the latest in paintball equipment.

There are also bbq’s on site you can use for your Oz Day feasting.

Minimum age of 16 applies. Give Kieran a ring on 6262 4242 if interested or want to know more details.

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Friska said :

Hell NO! I still have a bruise from 2 months ago. NEVER AGAIN. If you bruise easy, dont do it!! Their masks are crap too!! Get some new masks that you can breath in and I am sure more people will come back!

Hello Friska, not sure I understand your comment above. The masks we use have a significant number of breathing holes around the nose/mouth area, and are completely open at the top, back, sides and bottom (neck). I do know that some people are not accustomed to the massive adrenalin hit that paintball induces. This adrenalin hit may, in certain circumstances, impact on breathing, but I can’t understand how the mask would limit breathing???

As for the actual masks themselves, we use industry standard rental masks that are provided by and used by the biggest paintball operator in Australia. (pretty well what grump said). The masks are largely one size fits all (alternatively, one mask fits none!). If for some reason the mask didn’t fit well, we have a range of masks for sale (priced from $45 and up).

Feel free to come down and try some of the masks to see if one fits you better. Smaller players, and women in particular, may need a mask adjusted more than the average player to get the best fit.

Friska said :

Their masks are crap too!! Get some new masks that you can breath in and I am sure more people will come back!

wouldn’t say they’re crap at all – on par with masks at most fields, even the biggest in Sydney. Many people find breathing in a paintball mask difficult for the first few times, certainly restricts air intake but you get used to it.

Hell NO! I still have a bruise from 2 months ago. NEVER AGAIN. If you bruise easy, dont do it!! Their masks are crap too!! Get some new masks that you can breath in and I am sure more people will come back!

The biggest advice I can give to any bloke is to wear a box. The guy I shot last time can attest to this. The paintballs hurt somewhat and I guess it depends on your pain tolerance. If you get hit by a couple dozen shots in about 30 seconds (as I have) then it will hurt a lot but outside of that it might be as bad as stubbing your toe. I have been over the Adventure Paintball place quite a few times and it is a good operation.

Definitely make sure you have lots of liquid as running around in full coverings can make a person quite thirsty. I wore old clothes when I went paintballing but the paint washes off super easy anyway.

When in doubt shot at someone’s hands or face. One hurts an awful lot and the other stops them from seeing you easily.

If shot inside the 5m safety distance, it will hurt some and potentially bruise. I’ve seen a point blank shot to the leg draw blood.

Outside the 5m, any pain would be brief, depending of course on your pain threshold.

It’s great fun, especially with a bunch of mates. Highly recommend it.

G’day. A range of questions there :).

Clothing: I wash and reuse the same overalls and the paint always washes out. But I would not suggest wearing your best clothes just in case!

Water: We are not on town water. We have water and other drinks for sale on site but you are welcome to bring your own.

Course: The Course area is approx 10 acres divided into 7 different Fields.

Location: The fields are at the corner of the Monaro Hwy and Old Tuggeranong Rd, Opp Chisholm.

Pain factor: This a personal response question. Paintballs CAN hurt, however, we operate in what I believe is the most appropriate way to minimise excessive pain. For example, we do not run the guns above the recommended 300fps, we run a mandatory safety distance of at least 5m at all times, and do not run or offer games/activites that are solely designed to inflict pain eg firing squads etc. Paintball is a tactical game of skill, not a pain tolerance exercise. Given 50% of our clientele are either female or under 18, I would suggest we manage the pain factor quite well.

Bruising: some people bruise if you look at them sideways. Some don’t so that is pretty subjective.

Feedback: A quick poll on RA might get you some unbiased responses on individuals’ perception of the pain factor…


For someone who has, and I quote stood in front of Chernobyal’s Nuclear reactor for a holiday? Or explorted abandoned missile silos in Denver? Or for that matter spent 11 hours wandering around on your own in the Paris catacombs, drove a London Underground train or survived a plane crash, I would have thought you could handle running around in overalls getting shot with a paint marker. If in doubt, bring your own 2l bottle of water.

And its clothes, cloths is plural for cloth, which I hope to god you wear more than that.

You make yourself sound like an international man of adventure, if so, I would have thought you’d have been all over the exploit that is paintball. A quick google earth would show you the size of the field to clear up any other questions.

UrbanAdventure.org12:06 pm 20 Jan 10

You know, this is something that I have always wanted to try. The only thing stopping me was the cost, and that I have been told there is a fair bit of pain involved. I’ll take this oppertunity to ask a few newbie questions.

Okay, so we obviously wear coveralls or something like that. What are the odds of a paintball getting through to our cloths underneath? Should we wear our cheap ass cloths in case they get paint on them? If that can happen, can the paint be washed out easily?

Running around might be a bit hot in coveralls. Is there drink taps around or do we have to byo / pay for water?

How big is the course?
Where is the course?

And the biggie, do the paintballs hurt or leave bruises? I’ve been told they do. This is not a big deal if you have a realistic expectation of what to expect. I mean if I wanted a pain free experience I’d go watch a movie.

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