Paid your rates online lately?

Hugo 15 January 2007 11

Paid your rates online lately?

The person who designed the arcane method of making a simple payment to the ACT gov requires either to be hanged alongside Saddam (with photos) or congratulated for cutting down on the use of the Internet.

I am actually half way through this process for the second time.

I used the Internet before these cretins were born and I know that theyeither need to learn how to do things properly or get spanked for being obstructive. (grhhh!)

[ED – In the interests of fairness we should note that Hugo also posted this story twice and hit the bonus point for trying to password protect the item, which would have meant you couldn’t read it.]

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11 Responses to Paid your rates online lately?
Habib Habib 4:04 pm 16 Jan 07

Hugo,I suspect your security settings on cookies might be the issue. Just a hunch

seepi seepi 10:20 am 16 Jan 07

I had to go to the shopfront to pay for the fence between me and next door (govt property), which I didn’t want, and which wasn’t in that bad a condition anyway. And then when I got their with their letter of demand, the shopfront were rude to me, and asked me for all sorts of job numbers etc which I didn’t have.

This is a couple of years ago though. In hindsight I should have just left after they started finding it hard to accept my money.

toriness toriness 9:17 am 16 Jan 07

Of course I am referring to paying them online as well 🙂

toriness toriness 9:17 am 16 Jan 07

I paid 2 lots of rates and one land tax bill last week in 5 minutes (if that) flat. Don’t see what the problem is?

Heavs Heavs 8:38 am 16 Jan 07

Hunt the Wumpus? Fuck, I remember that.

miz miz 9:59 pm 15 Jan 07

(I’m a bit tired – back to work today, dammit!)

miz miz 9:59 pm 15 Jan 07

Er, BPay

miz miz 9:58 pm 15 Jan 07

After I was no longer eligible for a concession on my car rego (as I was working longer hours), I STILL wasn’t allowed to pay by NPay or Aust Post, buthad to go into the shopfront in person to make the first ‘full’ payment. I thought that was stupid (and massively inconvenient).

Hugo Hugo 9:27 pm 15 Jan 07

I went to Canberra Connect Tried “Service Express” Nothing happened. I have just done it again “Service temporarily unavailable – try again later” I will try again tomorrow but I won’t have my wife’s credit card (sigh)

simbo simbo 9:16 pm 15 Jan 07

I seem to have been able to get away with paying my rates online recently quite easily. Plus my car registration.

So sorry, Hugo, you do appear to be a bit of an internet doofus.

Hugo Hugo 8:35 pm 15 Jan 07

OK! While we are talking about spanking , maybe you should make the way you make posts a little clearer! (sigh) (You must realise that I was trained in basic programming and only play games with a wumpus)

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