Parking Inspectors – Canberra Hospital, have no heart!

bundyjack27 1 August 2010 37

I have not been booked, but I had to attend the other day for chemotherapy with my wife only to be told that the inspectors are out in force, forcing my wife, who is heavily pregnant (8 weeks to go) to park a mile away and then walk to hospital so that she can then sit with and help me whilst I have to deal with treating cancer.

Seriously the government needs to stop them from doing this, especially seeing that they have closed the car park to the rear of the multi carpark and they have not supplied enough parking for the public.

It’s not like people go to hospital just to hang out, people are there for a reason (because they are sick, having a baby or visiting someone for the above). It is a joke!

They do not have to do it because as all traffic infringements, it is discretion and obviously they are heartless bastards, to put it politely!

I’d like to see were they are parking, and if they are abiding by the rules as well.

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37 Responses to Parking Inspectors – Canberra Hospital, have no heart!
ausbradr ausbradr 12:57 pm 17 Dec 13

Just write in a letter and fight it. I did when I got fined there (I got stuck on a matter with a client there, could _not_ leave), and I got out of it. Give it a go.

veg veg 10:52 am 17 Dec 13

haha we don’t have a Starbucks anymore either

Postalgeek Postalgeek 10:30 am 17 Dec 13

DUB said :

Postalgeek said :

Forgive my confusion, but why would your wife park a mile away instead of parking in the multi story?

This THREE years old thread was revived by some “necrophiliac”, they did not have multi-storey car park there back in 2010.

Duh me. Goddamn zombie threads. Saw ‘multi carpark’ in the OP which threw me.

DUB DUB 10:15 am 17 Dec 13

Postalgeek said :

Forgive my confusion, but why would your wife park a mile away instead of parking in the multi story?

This THREE years old thread was revived by some “necrophiliac”, they did not have multi-storey car park there back in 2010.

Postalgeek Postalgeek 10:03 am 17 Dec 13

Sorry to hear you’re going through chemo, especially with a baby on its way. That’s a very tough situation.

Forgive my confusion, but why would your wife park a mile away instead of parking in the multi story? That’s where we’ve been regularly parking for several hours, without hassle, for the last few months while dealing with personal and family issues. As far as I’m aware, it doesn’t require payment.

To be honest, it’s good to have inspectors out enforcing the drop-off areas.

I hope all goes as well as it can for you.

zorro29 zorro29 9:22 am 17 Dec 13

Parking rules are parking rules…no matter how pregnant everyone complaining in this thread seems to be. “I’m a million months pregnant…I shouldn’t have to pay for parking or obey parking rules!”.

If you can’t walk, apply for a disabled parking sticker….or pay the parking fees and obey the rules.

rigseismic67 rigseismic67 8:58 am 17 Dec 13

Apparently Canberra Hospital has no parking inspectors on weekends, found this out last weekend when trying to get a wheelchair from a car at the Drop Off only spots in front of Reception.
Reception informed me that cars sit all weekend in the Drop Off only spots. Nice one lazy people

dutchy dutchy 2:04 pm 04 Aug 10

I take my mum to chemotherapy at the hospital and agree that the parking is ridiculous, especially for the elderly and sick having to walk so far. If you give your car details and where you have parked to the nurses they will call and let the parking inspectors know you are doing chemo and will be longer, and you wont get booked. I hope that helps and good luck with your chemo.

gun street girl gun street girl 10:08 am 03 Aug 10

Difference is, Marcus Enfield (sic) lied. I don’t even have to bend the truth when I certify that a patient or family member has had to stay beyond the limit of their parking. When somebody comes into hospital, they are there for as long as they need to be there – they generally aren’t hanging about for fun. If they park in a one hour zone and they don’t leave for three hours, so be it. If treatment/a consult/a procedure has gone over an anticipated time, there should be no penalty – and largely, the Government concedes this point, as they accept such paperwork as proof enough to waiver parking infringement notices.

vg vg 10:30 pm 02 Aug 10

gun street girl said :

I routinely offer to send patients and family away with a certificate of attendance, just in case they get pinged by the parking inspector while they’re in seeing us. I’m also more than happy to write a letter on their behalf if they choose to fight an infringement notice they receive. I think you’ll find most of us are of the same mind when it comes to sticking it to the morons who made this mess in the first place.

The Marcus Einfield School of traffic law avoidance obviously didn’t close last year

bundyjack27 bundyjack27 8:54 pm 02 Aug 10

NeedHelp said :

Yes, it’s pretty poor at the moment.

Hey, I live less than 5 minutes drive from the hospital, and am willing to drive both you and your wife to the hospital doors when you next have an appointment, and then collect you both when you finished. You can leave your car at my place in the meantime – FREE of charge and no parking inspectors in sight!

I work close by so am very flexible.

This is a serious offer. I know what you are going through and am very sympathetic to your circumstances.

Please indicate here if you are interested, and I can make arrangements to get my contact details to you.


All I can say to you and the above people who had something nice to say and for your support is thank you! It just shows that no matter how bad things are, there are always genuinely some really nice people out there. So again THANK YOU!

Thank you needhelp for your offer. We have a lot of support and help around us, and we will be ok.

I only have two more sessions left before i start daily chemo and radiation, which will be first thing in the morning so there shouldn’t be any dramas (hopefully) in the early hours of the day and for the chemo, for that i will be taking pills, so i don’t have to spend the all day in hospital, however it is not covered by the PBS, but well it gives me a bit more freedom, so i’ll take it!

Thank you Jenna57 for picking up that Jasere obviously didn’t read the whole post or is completely ignorent to the fact of what chemo does to a person and how sick it makes a person to actually make them better.


haroldbeagle haroldbeagle 3:35 pm 02 Aug 10

gun street girl said :

A cynic, however, would suggest that the Government is wholly aware of the mess they’ve caused, and, instead of delaying construction (and building in a more stepwise approach), they’ve sent in inspectors to raise some revenue out of the people who are suffering the most as a result of their (predictable) ineptitude.

So, much like its land release policy (bugger up the release, create artificial shortage, flog off what is released at inflated prices. And as a bonus, rake it in with inflated valuations on rates and land tax).

outdoormagoo outdoormagoo 1:59 pm 02 Aug 10

Bundyjack, I hope you recover soon and kick the bastard cancer in the arse. I know first hand how you feel.

I recently (a few months ago) received a call advising me my brother, who was visiting us and is not a local, was in the resus unit and would need to be admitted to ICU. I was asked to come in to the hospital, by an administrator who was not real smart and advised me that my brother was unconscious and in a critical condition. She then told me to try and stay calm while driving to the hospital, we live in Queanbeyan, yeah…thanks.

I arrived at TCH and there were approx 9 empty spots marked doctor parking, the next nearest spots I could find were approx 1 – 1.5km away.

Since it was an emergency, I thought ‘stuff it, i will park here and then come back down once I know what is going on to move the car while I ring mum. There are plenty of empty spots and the ACT council is too useless to provide proper parking.’

I cam back approx 25 mins later and had a ticket, and to add insult to injury there were more empty doctors spots then when I arrived. I contested the fine with supporting letters from hospital staff advising that it was an emergency adn I needed to get to the hospital as soon as possible. The public servants knob head who reviewed basically said ‘If you are not a Doctor then too bad, pay the fine or we will suspend your right to drive in the ACT.’

They quickly backed down when they were contacted by my solicitor who advised them we would be filing to take the issue to court and we would be happy to let the local papers and news programs know. Got an apology and a letter advising that they are working to improve the hospital…..yeah right.

Jenna57 Jenna57 12:58 pm 02 Aug 10

Jasere, you obviously did not read the OP properly. He stated that he was having chemotherapy, which in itself can be extremely debilitating. Accusing him of not being a gentleman is totally inappropriate. He and his wife deserve our sympathy and support. Hats off to the lovely NeedsHelp for his very generous offer. Wish there were more of him/her in this often ynical, callous society.

jasere jasere 11:52 am 02 Aug 10

What a gentlemen, making your wife that is heavily pregnant walk a mile in the cold.

drop her off at the door and walk.

dtc dtc 11:08 am 02 Aug 10

If only we lived in a city that wasnt so covered in existing construction and had room for temporary parking to be established.

Will be interesting in east Civic when the ANU takes over the remaining carpark on Marcus Clarke St/Barry drive sometime in the next week or so. Happly, in 2012 there will be some more car parks available, so that will be useful, and its not like another 1500(?) people are about to start work right across the road in the new DEEWR building.

gun street girl gun street girl 9:17 am 02 Aug 10

Folks, there is no pay parking at Canberra Hospital. That initiative was abandoned years ago – and guess what – there was no discernible difference in so far as congestion goes whilst pay parking was in place, putting to rest the rumours of significant numbers of public servants from Woden routinely parking at TCH for free.

The essential problem we have is not enough parking on campus. Even with the new parks across Yamba Drive, not everyone can be accommodated. Walking over a kilometre to the main hospital, for many (particularly elderly family members of patients – remember, the majority of inpatients are not young), is a significant burden added to by the stress of finding a park in the first place. Leaving and returning to a parked car in a poorly lit, isolated area after dark is a problem for the great number of shift workers in the hospital. Many who visit the hospital certainly aren’t in a terrific frame of mind – they’re upset, grieving or scared out of their wits about themselves or someone they care about – it’s not like they’re off to the mall to do a bit of shopping. The inconvenience of finding a car park (which is often literally impossible on the TCH campus itself, thereby pushing them out onto suburban streets) may seem like a small, almost petty thing to many of us, but for people who aren’t having their best day, it causes genuine distress.

Since the hospital campus has been reduced to a construction site, the presence of parking inspectors have visibly increased. On the upside, you may argue they’re there to ensure rules don’t get broken. A cynic, however, would suggest that the Government is wholly aware of the mess they’ve caused, and, instead of delaying construction (and building in a more stepwise approach), they’ve sent in inspectors to raise some revenue out of the people who are suffering the most as a result of their (predictable) ineptitude.

Thumper Thumper 8:22 am 02 Aug 10

Don’t blame the inspectors, they’re just doing their job. Blame the numpties in charge, they’re the ones that instigated this mess.

Sgt.Bungers Sgt.Bungers 8:00 am 02 Aug 10

Parking laws are heartless. They are black and white. Parking/Stopping restriction signs mean the same outside of a hospital as they do outside of a night club. They are enforced as such. Not saying it’s right, but the parking inspector drones are just doing their job. If you want “the government to stop them from doing this” then you need to get the government to stop ordering them to do it.

That said, I had a friend who drove himself to hospital a few years back, parked in a 2 hour spot, then ended up being ordered to stay for 2 nights. Naturally he had a fine when he got back, but contested it by sending in his hospital paperwork, and was let off.

JC JC 6:23 am 02 Aug 10

cegee said :

nhand42 said :

Pay parking everywhere. Welcome to our “growing” city. This is the price we pay for having a Starbucks.

actually there aren’t any starbucks in canberra. there used to be, but they were closed around the time of the GFC.

A year before actually.

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