Parton falls fowl of Code of Conduct with KFC TikTok video

Dominic Giannini 6 August 2021 48
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Mark Parton has apologised for a TikTok video featuring him eating KFC. Photo: TikTok.

Canberra Liberals MLA Mark Parton has apologised after being found to have breached the member’s Code of Conduct with a social media video.

Labor backbencher Suzanne Orr referred Mr Parton to the Standards Commissioner after he posted a TikTok video of himself adjourning the Legislative Assembly as the Deputy Speaker in the Chair and then cutting to him eating KFC.

Ms Orr alleged that the video promoted a commercial product and therefore contravened the broadcasting guidelines and compromised the credibility of the Deputy Speaker role.

The Code of Conduct states broadcasts from the Assembly cannot be used for advertising or commercial sponsorships and Assembly recordings can only be used for “fair and accurate reports of proceedings”.

The Commissioner found that Mr Parton breached the broadcast guidelines and the Code of Conduct but said this resulted from a clear misunderstanding of the guidelines.

The Commissioner was also satisfied that Mr Parton does not hold have any commercial relationships with KFC but noted the video could create a perception that he had a relationship with KFC and that a conflict of interest may exist.

The Standing Committee on Administration and Procedure acknowledged that the Speaker had written to several members requesting social media posts that breached the guidelines be removed.

The Committee, chaired by Speaker Joy Burch, determined that Mr Parton should apologise to the Assembly after receiving the Commissioner’s report.

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Mr Parton noted that non-Liberal members who had received a letter from the Speaker to remove posts from social media did not need to apologise in the Assembly.

The party would not refer other MLAs who received letters to take down content from the Speaker to the Standards Commissioner but reserved the right to do so in the future, he said.

Mr Parton delivered his unconditional apology in the Legislative Assembly on Thursday (5 August).

“I genuinely welcome this report because it marks a turning point. We have a review coming on this report about broadcasting guidelines,” he said.

“Although it is not for me to preempt any of the findings of that review, I live in the hope that at the end of it, we as MLAs will be able to share with more Canberrans actual footage of what we do. I believe that would be beneficial.

“A review of those broadcast guidelines is well overdue, noting the foundations of the guidelines were constructed at a much earlier point in our fast-moving social media journey. If the MLA who worked 33 years in mainstream media and ran a social media business is ruled to have misunderstood the guidelines, then I wish the best of luck to everyone else.”

It is not the first time the MLA’s TikTok account has gotten him into trouble. He was kicked out of the Assembly in early July for refusing to remove a TikTok video of him eating chicken satay and drinking Coke in his Assembly office. He was also fined for live-streaming himself answering questions on the app while driving.

Mr Parton is an avid consumer of KFC and frequently mentions the fast-food chain.

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48 Responses to Parton falls fowl of Code of Conduct with KFC TikTok video
Verity Owens Verity Owens 10:19 am 10 Aug 21

Why?? Is he not allowed to eat. Good on him.

Ron Shepherd Ron Shepherd 6:11 pm 08 Aug 21

Mark. Remember you’re a politician now, not a media personality. You can’t do or eat what you want, and please don’t look like you’re enjoying yourself lest you be forced to apologise for being human.

Capital Retro Capital Retro 8:09 am 08 Aug 21

I used to love Kingsley’s and it was a local product. Unfortunately, they now refuse to sell salt-free chips.

    TimboinOz TimboinOz 8:05 pm 08 Aug 21

    Just don’t buy the chips. they aren’t very good for you! There is enough salt on the chicken pieces.

    OR put some on when you get home

    OR buy a box of small paper salt sachets. Paper is recyclable.

    In any case they taste way better then KFC does!

    Capital Retro Capital Retro 5:42 pm 09 Aug 21

    I used to only buy the (awesome) chips without salt because the chicken was totally over weighted with salt as you pointed out. There is no product information available.

Alicia Conley Alicia Conley 8:01 pm 07 Aug 21

'this man is causing us political issues get him on ANYTHING you possibly can'

    Mark Oz Mark Oz 3:32 pm 08 Aug 21

    Is that so, Alicia? Other than this stunt and his going to bat for some guy who managed to pickup 7 camera fines I’d forgotten he was even in the Assembly. Now if you had said ‘This man is being a noddy to Elizabeth Lee, who is causing us political issues …’ then I’d agree 100%

    Alicia Conley Alicia Conley 2:11 pm 09 Aug 21

    Mark Oz don't like Parto, I see XD

    Mark Oz Mark Oz 3:01 pm 09 Aug 21

    Alicia Conley Not really, Alicia, but liking/not liking him is irrelevant. I just see that Elizabeth Lee is the first conservative ACT leader in a long time, who actually looks like they may resonate with swinging ACT voters. The best thing 'The Colonel' Parton can do is stay in the background and leave Elizabeth to have a realistic tilt at leading her team to an election win, against an (arguably) unpopular government which has retained power through a lack of a credible, and therefore electable, alternative.

Nathan Joseph Nathan Joseph 6:29 pm 07 Aug 21

Joshua talk about a killjoy. Makes Orr look like a Scrooge.

    Joshua Whicker Joshua Whicker 7:20 pm 07 Aug 21

    Haha how could you not love it. Nicely done Mark Parton MLA... Maybe with Kingsley's next time?

Don Dawkins Don Dawkins 5:31 pm 07 Aug 21

Ruffling a few feathers Mark? 😜

Capital Retro Capital Retro 8:10 am 07 Aug 21

One fast food burger chain has a clown called Ronald – the fried chicken chain has Mark.

Peter Penglis Peter Penglis 11:27 pm 06 Aug 21

Need to bring enough to share!

Meegan Ward Meegan Ward 10:14 pm 06 Aug 21

He was lighting the mood,in such stressful times, he was having a laugh. I don't even vote liberals, so supporting the man not the group 🤣😂😅🤣.

Charlie Karmenu Flask Charlie Karmenu Flask 8:08 pm 06 Aug 21

KFC's lives matter

Owen Harris Owen Harris 8:02 pm 06 Aug 21

People need to lighten up

Deborah Gale Deborah Gale 7:45 pm 06 Aug 21

Wow haven’t they got something else go worry about other than a bit of harmless fun?

Travissi Gilbert Travissi Gilbert 7:43 pm 06 Aug 21

This is a bit pathetic. A video by a Member of a Member eating lunch seems pretty benign as political promotional material goes.

    Mark Parton MLA Mark Parton MLA 8:16 pm 06 Aug 21

    Travissi Gilbert and you’re more a popcorn chicken guy ?

    Travissi Gilbert Travissi Gilbert 8:17 pm 06 Aug 21

    Mark Parton MLA Zinger burgers are pretty good

HiddenDragon HiddenDragon 7:02 pm 06 Aug 21
Frank Booth Frank Booth 6:16 pm 06 Aug 21

Opportunistic, empty fool!

Sean Bishop Sean Bishop 5:59 pm 06 Aug 21

Mark Parton MLA good choice on lunch mate!

Sean Bishop Sean Bishop 5:58 pm 06 Aug 21

Have you tried dealing with irrational politicians on an empty stomach The RiotACT...?

Kristy Hancock Kristy Hancock 5:47 pm 06 Aug 21

I think politicians using social media in this way makes them more accessible and relatable. These political complaints are just a move to undermine opponents and only serve to waste government time and resources that could be better invested elsewhere other than discussing social media posts featuring KFC, maybe video was controversial or if the chamber scene showed confidential information it may be worth investigating, don't think public care if he eats or has an association with KFC.

Glenn McLeod Glenn McLeod 5:34 pm 06 Aug 21

Kingsley’s would have been a better choice!

Amanda Devaus Amanda Devaus 4:32 pm 06 Aug 21

Yep still a knob

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