PC recycling at ANU this Saturday.

S4anta 25 May 2007 5

Dell Computers, via APC Mag are crowing about the oppourtunity for people to head to the ANU and recycle thier old, pR0n laiden, old computers.

head to the carpark adjacent to Old Canberra house and drop em off.

details can be found here

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5 Responses to PC recycling at ANU this Saturday.
Kramer Kramer 11:29 am 26 May 07

A degaussing wand (which uses a very strong fluctuating magnetic field to straighten the guns at the back of CRT monitors) will easily wipe a hard drive, or ruin the watch on your wrist, or the credit cards in your pocket.

ant ant 10:56 pm 25 May 07

Would a big magnet do the job? Law firms still use dictaphones a lot, with those little tapes. they have gadgets which look like sticky tape dispensers, to stick the tapes in to wipe the old stuff off so you can tape more lawyer stuff on them.

RandomGit RandomGit 12:51 pm 25 May 07

Working where I do, I can sell those old machines for about 80 bucks a pop to the impoverished geek masses at the bottom of the scrap heap. When you shift about 10 of them in 2 days it’s kind of worth while. Everyone has that little linux project they always wanted to fiddle with but for the want of a cheap machine.

You lads need to be a little more enterprising.

Speaking of which, who wants to offload their old shit? randomgit @t gmail d0t com

S4anta S4anta 12:25 pm 25 May 07

ahhh, the old poo in the paperbag and light it trick.

Maelinar Maelinar 12:20 pm 25 May 07

If you are considering doing this, rip out your hard drive, and hit it with a sledgehammer several times. Throw the remains back into the cpu shell, it’ll still be accepted.

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