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People throwing things at motorcyclists

By dannybear - 30 October 2010 32

Yesterday at about 6:15pm at the Banks IGA I witnessed a group of teenagers at the bus stop there throw a bottle at a motorcyclist driving past

If it had of hit him it probably would have caused a crash.

Pretty disgusting behavior.


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32 Responses to
People throwing things at motorcyclists
p1 6:24 pm 30 Oct 10

vg said :

Yes, those Canberra bikies are just so terrifying

They’d probably get shot by a guy with bags taped to his hands.

MJay 6:23 pm 30 Oct 10

Bah reported it? Thats what citizens arrest is for! Take them down to the local police station.

That said I wouldn’t want a thuggers kid in my car. 😀

Then again 90% of motorcyclists drive like idiots and I wouldn’t be too concerned if they were involved in a crash that resulted in amputation and not allowing them back on the road.

The Frots 3:20 pm 30 Oct 10

If it was a fully patched member, of any ‘respectable’ club – we’d be answering to a different type of thread now. Buth whether patched or not, a solid bit of adjustment would be required.

Now, c’mon Captain RAAF…………where the hell are you…??

Chaz 3:01 pm 30 Oct 10

if it happened to me while i was on my bike, the kids would be in hospital right now

farnarkler 2:23 pm 30 Oct 10

It would be nice though if the pond life throwing bottles etc at cars could throw them at the scumbags who tailgait, speed and cause trouble in cars. It would cleanse the gene pool quite nicely.

I ventured South to the hyperdome today. Jeez you really do have the monopoly on pinheads, the obese and gimps. It looked like the freak show had gone shopping.

vg 1:57 pm 30 Oct 10

gospeedygo said :

Just lucky the motorcyclist wasn’t the patched kind. There would have been a big lesson learned that day.

Yes, those Canberra bikies are just so terrifying

creative_canberran 1:29 pm 30 Oct 10

Welcome to Thuggeranong, where car chases happen every Saturday now and the local youths complain there’s nothing to do except trash society.

gospeedygo 1:24 pm 30 Oct 10

Just lucky the motorcyclist wasn’t the patched kind. There would have been a big lesson learned that day.

Sonja 1:16 pm 30 Oct 10

Utterly unsurprising. I had a glass bottle hurled my way on my motorcycle a few years back. Blessedly, it neither broke nor damaged my bike or myself. It was no youth, but a 20-something male with a look of such twisted fury on his face that I will never forget.

That was after he’d been tailgating me, then chased me down through peak-hour traffic as I tried to get away from the maniac, which included a desperate move on my part – splitting at 80kph between two vehicles, one of which was a 4wd.

I still feel sick thinking about it.

On a lower scale, but still annoying – people who flick cigarette ash and butts out the windows of their cars. Sorry, folks, but the road is NOT your personal ash-tray. Most cars do have one, though, so please god, USE IT!

p1 1:13 pm 30 Oct 10

If they had thrown a bottle a me I would have had words to say to them.

Cletus 3 1:08 pm 30 Oct 10

el said :

What did the police say when you reported it?

I’ll guess: “We’re not going to do anything about it.”

boo boo 12:04 pm 30 Oct 10

I notice the idiot who threw the bottle didn’t have the courage to do it while he was on his own when there could have been some physical retribution.

el 11:36 am 30 Oct 10

What did the police say when you reported it?

basketcase 11:02 am 30 Oct 10

Ah well, they hurl stuff out of cars at motorcyclists, cyclists and any pedestrian in range. Maybe they are beginner ratbags learning the art of chucking trash while stationary before joining the real hoon set in their Vrooom Vrooom cars.

To them it is not disgusting, just a big joke.

Postalgeek 10:48 am 30 Oct 10

Not much different from throwing rocks from an overpass. Same potential for fatalities. Hope you reported it.

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