Personal Trainers Say Weight Loss Now a Cinch

Advertising Feature 5 October 2012


Canberra – Personal fitness trainers are the beacon of integrity in the fog of weight loss gimmicks, gadgets and fads. None worth their salt would ever tell someone weight loss is easy. But now many are saying it’s a cinch. That’s because hundreds of personal fitness trainers nationwide are recommending the Cinch™ Cm Loss Plan to their clients. “The science behind the plan is undisputable,” says Canberra personal trainer Tanya of Strive Holistic Personal Training.

Personal fitness trainers teach people to lose weight and keep it off by increasing lean muscle tissue to accelerate metabolism. Most, if not all, traditional diets and weight loss plans do just the opposite. By restricting calories, the body cannibalizes lean muscle and forces the metabolism into a life-preserving snail’s pace. On top of that, restrictive diets leave the dieter cranky, hungry, tired and craving food. “Only those with a will of steel can sustain the traditional diet. In a nutshell, that’s why about 90% of people fail,” Gendle says.

Unlike so many of the “quick and easy” weight loss plans, programs and products available, Cinch™ does not make outrageous claims. “The product’s integrity is congruent with my own,” Gendle explains. “The plan stresses the importance of listening to your body, eating whole foods and healthy meals combined with moderate cardiovascular exercise and lean muscle-building exercises. This is the same three-legged stool fitness synergy I teach my clients and explain at The difference is that Cinch™ includes healthy, low-glycemic, high-protein nutritional supplements like high quality shakes and bars to ensure the metabolism is burning calories throughout the day but not as a substitute to food but as a option,” says Gendle. “The breakdown most everyone experiences when attempting to lose weight is two-fold: an overemphasis on aerobic exercise, rather than muscle-building exercise, and bad eating habits – primarily due to the inconvenience of healthy meal preparation. Cinch™ overcomes those problems.”

“Cinch™ is quickly becoming the hottest product I’ve ever offered to my clients, and the results they’re achieving by following this plan under my guidance speak for themselves,” says Gendle.

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