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Petition to ban High Rise apartments in Reid

By Barcham 3 June 2013 26

We received the following email about a petition from a concerned resident of Reid.

For your information Rioters:

Some publicity on the following would be great!
If you have concerns about urban planning in Canberra, support this petition! Read the comments already made which demonstrate the need for redesign of this development which Minister Corbell appears to be determined to promote in spite of lack of support from 97% of those involved in the miminal consultations.

See Website below:
Say NO to High-Rise in Reid

What’s Your opinion?

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26 Responses to
Petition to ban High Rise apartments in Reid
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agent_clone 6:36 pm 04 Jun 13

Something that I think would be ideal is to have more terrace/townhouses around the place (preferably a number on separate title blocks that don’t belong to a body corporate). This would significantly increase density of housing while keeping the majority of high rises out, i.e. a 800m2 block could probably fit about 4 terrace houses on it (or potentially more depending on how you lay them out). Although you would want to make sure the builders don’t skimp and there is proper brick/insulation between the houses.

Some examples from Adelaide:
3 Story:
2 Story:

Personally I have a problem with the new high rise developments in that their body coporate is around $4k a year and that the apartments due to renovations required after 30/40 years will depreciate in value.

watto23 11:54 am 04 Jun 13

dtc said :

arescarti42 said :

If I lived in Reid, I’d be more interested in ensuring the outcome was a quality one, rather than just calling for a cap on height and no commercial development..

If I lived in Reid (which I don’t), I would be concerned about living in a heritage house which I could not re-develop and having to put up with an 8story (or whatever) apartment block looming over my property. Can you say ‘significant property value decline’.

I don’t see why people shouldnt be NIMBYs, Where is the advantage to me (were I a nearby householder) to having one of these places built near me? Perhaps a minor increase in land value, but a major decrease in the value of my home (the buildiing party).

And if I want to sell up and move, as kindly suggested, who pays for the $20k in stamp duty I have now incurred (not to mention removalist costs)? Why should I, as an individual, bear the cost of something that is beneficial to all of Canberra without any compensation at all.

Its one thing to buy into an area where this is going to occur; its another to be owning property before the changes are passed.

I have said it before – why not give residents a stamp duty exemption. If you buy before a change to zoning and sell after the change, then buy elsewhere within (say) 6 months, you get the new purchase stamp duty free.

firstly stamp duty is on the way out anyway, but i agree stamp duty concessions could be offered.
Secondly, There are plenty of inner city heritage listed properties in other cities and they don’t lose value, but become more desirable.

Although as many said 15 may be excessive, but development will happen so those against it should put all their effort into ensuring its a quality building/s and get it lowered to something like 8. That said, inner suburbs in Canberra will get more of this development and people will need to get used to it. We complain about high housing costs, yet apartments help add more property onto the market to reduce the pressure. naturally developers still try to maximise their profits on these!

patrick_keogh 9:32 am 04 Jun 13

M0les said :

Wanted to get this out last night but ran out of time. For your trolling pleasure, I give you… The counterpoint petition: “Say YES to high rise in Reid”

What a shame you didn’t bother to read the other responses and see that there was already a petition with the same intent and almost the same name, posted before 5pm yesterday.


M0les 8:42 am 04 Jun 13

Wanted to get this out last night but ran out of time. For your trolling pleasure, I give you… The counterpoint petition: “Say YES to high rise in Reid”

rosscoact 10:46 pm 03 Jun 13

ASB said :

No to High rise does Not mean No to High density which can be achieved with 5-6 storeys and good design as well as more sustainable buildings.
Reid residents do not oppose redevelopment of the area–what they want is world class, quality redevelopment–not just uninteresting tall blocks casting shadow over neighbouring buildings and spoiling the view to Mt Ainslie.
Small Retail in the City Centre is struggling already–why add more?

What does “world class, quality redevelopment” redevelopment mean?

HiddenDragon 10:28 pm 03 Jun 13

banco said :

HiddenDragon said :

In 1923, Le Corbusier pithily, and somewhat chillingly, observed that “a house is a machine for living in” – I hope that some of the “machines” which will be constructed in Reid, and other inner/town centre locations, in the name of progress will go beyond that, and be pleasant, welcoming, liveable homes – rather than just a blandly utilitarian place to be when you’re not at work and a mirage, of sorts, for those pursuing a cosmopolitan dream.

Not everyone can live in a charming Georgian terrace.

Quite so – that, or at least Canberra’s equivalent (assuming they actually live here) in one of the better streets in the inner south, tends to be the preserve of those who profit from such developments.

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