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Pialligo whingers?

By Pandy - 6 November 2007 34

Lately in the news the residents of Pialligo have been complaining about the land grab that the airport will do placing the new entrance roads to the airport within 5 metres of a house boundary: Canberra Times article here.
The new road will be 11metres closer to the house boundary, or about the width of my house.

Am I missing something here folks? Look at the Google Map here

And this map of the duplicated road here.

To me it looks like that the nearest that a house will be from the new road is 50 metres. And FFS! They live next door to the runway almost!

What’s Your opinion?

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34 Responses to
Pialligo whingers?
Adza 9:50 pm 06 Nov 07

VFT = Very Fast Train??? I didn’t know one was back on the agenda… is that to do with the “we’re Sydney’s second major airport” claim?

ant 9:30 pm 06 Nov 07

I’m not sure the map with the VFT route is on the net, yet. I’ll find out.
The airport has been very busy, doing land surveys and drawing up all kinds of plans. All the government has to do is hit it with their rubber stamp and hand over lots of money, and the airport will look after all the details.

Growling Ferret 9:25 pm 06 Nov 07

terry is a bizillionaire cnut>] who owned brindabella the yacht and 100 things jo average wont. make the rich cnut pay.

ps – thanks brendan, the ferret is tanked!

sepi 8:30 pm 06 Nov 07

The govt should make some decisions of their own on this, and not just be told what to do by the airport owners.

Adza 8:23 pm 06 Nov 07

The road NEEDS upgrading, but come on, use the existing corridor.

Pandy 1:39 pm 06 Nov 07

Could you post a link to Snows VFT ant?

p1 1:17 pm 06 Nov 07

Seems to me that the government should put absolutly No money at all into increaseing the quality of the road. If terry wants people to be able to work at snow town he should build his own road.

I know that isn’t a realistic practical response, but damn it, this situation pisses me off!

ant 1:07 pm 06 Nov 07

Yep, Fairbairn’s ripping along at a good clip, using the existing road. I feel sorry for cars trying to turn towards Canberra from that in rush hour/s.

Next lot of buildings will go up on Majura (a few there already), imagine what THAT will do to traffic. The current roadworks drawn up by Snow don’t address Fairbairn or Majura.

Snow could have prevented a lot of the current trouble by putting some access roads IN the airport boundary itself. Naturally, he didn’t. (missed an opportunity there, he could have made them toll roads).

Snow’s map also shows his plan for the VFT. The terminal is at the airport terminal, and the track goes right through the middle of the Pialligo residences to link up with the main Canberra railway.

The plan appears to be to elbow Pialligo from the airport side with the road, then see it off completely by putting the rail line straight through it.

The VFT is very important to Snow, as it’s integral to his hopes of bringing in passenger jets and processing the international passengers at Canberra, and also for freight. It would enable him to make Canberra airport into a “helper” for Sydney airport, which is struggling with capacity for landings and takeoffs.

OpenYourMind2 11:41 am 06 Nov 07

You aint seen nothing yet. Snow has built four new office blocks at the old RAAF base. He’s building another three now, and he is rumoured to have a further 23 on the books for that site.

Presently all that traffic only has one way of exiting and that is at the T-intersection at the end of Glenora Dr. That traffic has to contend with all the traffic speeding down the hill from Qbn. It’s an accident simply waiting to happen.

Even though the Fairbairn buildings are in the middle of nowhere, put drivers at risk, and have no public transport or bicycle access, he still charges richly for parking.

Pickle 11:35 am 06 Nov 07

Bugger the fringe dwellers, there is no such thing as a safe fringe in a growing City, just ask Tharwa residents.

I hate those airport roundabouts.

The flyover addresses the airport entrance problem, but not the problem that the new office building staff using the Business park roundabout will create once it is fully populated.

Heh heh, the airport is taking revenge for Tralee on all of Qbn!

Pandy 11:18 am 06 Nov 07

What I find incredible is that the ACT Government is allowing the road that is to be built on their land to be get the go ahead without noise abatement walls.

For the airport to say that there is no enough room, may I suggest that they travel along the open bitsof Gungahlin Drive extension. also having made a couple of trips to Sydney via the M5, there is a section near the CBD that is being blocked-off while they are installing noise walls. I reckon they are building the wall on an existing road in a width less than 5m. To suggest that they cannot do it on a green field site, smacks of a tight arse attitude from Snow.

The question I ask is where are they going to place the Very Fast Train station at the airport?

OpenYourMind2 11:06 am 06 Nov 07

And then they have the hide to complain about lack of planning and lack of process with the development of the brand depot rival in Fyschwick. That takes the cake for sheer arse.

ant 10:46 am 06 Nov 07

If you have a look at the development at the airport while driving past (let’s face it, you’ll have LOTS of time to do it while you sit in traffic!) you’ll see that they have indeed built right up to their boundary, despite having an awful lot of land free to the east and north. And it’s not hard to work out why.

They knew the road would be upgraded (they have forced it on the gov’t and the taxpayer, despite it being adequate before they built a CBD out there), and made damn sure the road would have to go over the other way. Notice all their deveopment so far has been up against the fences of where any road development would have to happen to fix the traffic.

Also, the road that the people are complaining about is the flyovers! This road pushing into their yards isn’t just a ground road, it’s flyovers, elevated high enough to go over the main road. What they’re asking for, at the very least, is some kind of sound/light barriers.

What should be of concern also is that the airport is acting as project managers for this project. They run the whole thing, spend their money AND the government’s money, but are not hampered by things governments are obliged to observe. Things like accountability, truthfulness, lack of conflict of interest (!), acting for the benefit of the ordinary people. Whose interests do you reckon the airport cares about? This is a very worrying precedent, letting a land developer run a public project.

The article in the Canberra Times (forum) on Saturday was excellent. It highlighted all the issues, and made it clear how the airport has done what it’s done, as it is free of pretty-much ANY planning controls, from local or federal government. It has held the people and the government of the ACT to ransom while it has built a CBD and then “generously” offered to put in some money and run the road project.

The scale of the work propsed is too small to do much to fix the traffic problems there, by the way. What it amounts to is a grandifying of the airport entrance. Majura Road, fairbairn and Moreshead will still be affected by the extra traffic, and will still be locked up at rush hour. The federal Labor opposition has recognised this, and has a proposal to deal with Majura and Moreshead if they get in. NSW electorates in Eden Monaro and Hume are also interested and supportive, as many from those areas commute in to work in Canberra and get caught up in the traffic, so they’re supporting the spending of federal money on this.

sepi 10:24 am 06 Nov 07

It has become clear why the airport is kicking in the money towards this road. The airport money has gone towards the design of the road. Thus the road has been designed to give maximum benefit to the airport and resume maximum land from the government/pialligo residents.

This is a scandal. I hope the ACT govt tells them where to go and gets some independent plans drawn up. 11m of land from the paddocks at the airport is nothing, but 11 m from people’s boundary fences is quite a lot.

The federal hwy was widened to go through a friend’s front yard and it was a nightmare. They probably only lost 11 metres but suddenly the highway seemed like it was just outside the house.
Likewise there will be a large volume of traffic going down the pilligo roads.
The airport is getting our money from the govt to build an unplanned road the airport has created the need for, the least they could do is contribute a tiny bit of their massive land area towards a better road.

OpenYourMind2 9:07 am 06 Nov 07

Not sure if its true or not, but I’ve heard some people say that Terry Snow has intentionally built right up to his boundary on Fairbairn Ave so that any future roadwork can’t be on his land.

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