Pialligo whingers?

Pandy 6 November 2007 34

Lately in the news the residents of Pialligo have been complaining about the land grab that the airport will do placing the new entrance roads to the airport within 5 metres of a house boundary: Canberra Times article here.
The new road will be 11metres closer to the house boundary, or about the width of my house.

Am I missing something here folks? Look at the Google Map here

And this map of the duplicated road here.

To me it looks like that the nearest that a house will be from the new road is 50 metres. And FFS! They live next door to the runway almost!

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34 Responses to Pialligo whingers?
ant ant 9:31 am 10 Nov 07

From memory, the airport owners shut it down pretty quick, not long after taking over the airport. I imagine they have plans for the land it’s on, and I guess wanted to avoid problems later on by taking swift action. It’s their land now, privately owned, and as we are seeing, they can do pretty-well what they want on it.

Those government organisations mentioned have limited/no control over Snow’s land now.

kylearaus kylearaus 9:52 pm 09 Nov 07

While we are in the area, you can’t help but notice the remains of the eighth mile dragstrip on the unused land near the airport. I am not a drag racing person at all, but I would have liked to see the facility developed and become a success, just because I like success.
My question to the assembled is: What really happened with the lease, the local govt, Dept of Transport, and the NCA? Was it a conspiracy? Was it just incompetence, or were the right palms not greased successfully?
Anyone shed some light for me (and others, maybe)?

Gungahlin Al Gungahlin Al 12:54 pm 09 Nov 07

Be advised that Caf’s link above is an 8MB download.

Mælinar Mælinar 9:20 am 09 Nov 07

Is lite rail cheaper than light rail ?

caf caf 12:12 am 09 Nov 07

Well if there’s one thing that we know about airport it’s that it’s usually found to be totally at odds with ACT Planning.

However, it does seem to make sense having the VFT terminal nearby to the airport at least. Doing so would obviously increase the value of the airport though so I would hope that CAG would be expected to kick in a few beans towards the cost.

Pandy Pandy 11:55 pm 08 Nov 07

That VFT should be lite rail to Gungahlin

ant ant 10:42 pm 08 Nov 07

That map is interesting, as it’s at total odds with the “ACT Planning” one. But both plainly want a VFT/train of some sort.

caf caf 10:32 am 08 Nov 07

ant: The airport also have their own map – see this document, figure 6.1 on page 35 – showing the train terminating at the airport terminal.

KevinPepper KevinPepper 9:05 am 08 Nov 07

Snow is acting like a dangerous megalomaniac and won’t stop until his airport is filled with buildings towering above the surroundings. I used to work at BBP and resented having to pay Snow’s extortionate parking rates being so far away from civilisation. He would even promote it to as being “CHEAPER THAN CIVIC!!”. Yeah, like by about $1 and in the middle of nowhere without all the features of Civic. There’s nothing stopping the guy jacking up the rates as he pleases because there’s NO COMPETITION out there.

The whole problem is we have an individual allowed to build and run effectively his own mini city. There’s no competition allowed and no business operating at the airport can go ahead without his approval. I even heard that the building I worked in was not permitted any vending machines as this wasn’t allowed in the lease agreement. I can only presume it would compete against his rival businesses.

Snow is anti competition as evidenced by his lawsuit and bleatings over that Fyswick development to compete against Brand Depot. He wants to operate as a monopoly in his own little town. To escape Snow’s high prices, the isolation and the chaotic traffic (caused by Snow) the BBP worker can only get a job elsewhere.

ant ant 8:49 pm 07 Nov 07

Re the planned VFT route, I was wrong (I think) to attribute that to the Airport. The paper it appears on has “ACT Planning” on it. It was included in the planning stuff for the roadworks for the Airport. And it doesn’t seem to have a terminal for the airport. It just comes down Majura valley, and then slices right through peoples’ homes, properties and businesses, despite there being heaps of open land where Dairy Flat Road goes, and heaps on the other side (that empty expanse at the end of the runway.

apparently they want to develop the area (Causeway) where the current Canberra train station is, and move the Canberra train station further into the Fyshwick area (makes sense).

Word is that Snow plans to build a hotel close to the terminal. There’s been some linking of a train terminal in conjunction with that, but I have no firm details.

Lord Mælinar Lord Mælinar 4:53 pm 07 Nov 07

The security risk to pick up and okay to set-down is directly proportional to the calibre of the avaliable workforce on 12 September 2001.

I think you will agree that the bottom of the barrel was cored through, and the lichen from the bottom of the bottom of the barrel was recruited into the workforce.

Some of these guys would, as S4anta puts it, be more profitably employed cleaning windows with their tongues.

Hence the solution to your issue…

lemaChet lemaChet 3:08 pm 07 Nov 07

51modelbloke – man, just park up in the carpark at brindabella. It’s a 5 minute walk. Chances are, you won’t get booked for parkin there that long, unless u are really unlucky.

51modelBloke 51modelBloke 1:06 pm 07 Nov 07

Whilst on the subject of SnowTown, I recently returned home from the Indy Champ car/V8 supercars races, now there is a city who can host a street circuit race. Pity the wowsers got their way and had the local event axed, but that is another topic, could have been moved to a more suitable date though.

Anyhoo, back to my rant, when we were waiting to be picked up at C.I.A. we were witness to a disgusting display by a gestapo indoctrinated parking inspector. This fat public servant was given an older gentleman a ‘god almighty serve’ and booking him for daring to pick someone up in the set-down area.

Appreciating the signs clearly state you cannot pickup because of security reasons (what the???) I quickly rang my lift and suggested picking me up in the car park. No problems there, except to stop, load cases in the boot and depart, cost a princely $1.50. And that is my bitch… Yet another blatent Snow job!

Please, someone explain why it is a security risk to pick up and okay to set-down?

caf caf 12:43 pm 07 Nov 07

ant: the airport “Master Plan” talks about the VFT approach through Majura Valley (ie from the north).

piperdoon piperdoon 10:28 am 07 Nov 07

that’s “Wodney” isn’t it? Of “pitcherwesk pee-a-wag-o”.

barney barney 9:51 am 07 Nov 07

I say we build it over Rodney’s. That guy sh1ts me.

Adza Adza 11:35 pm 06 Nov 07

Found some information from March this year on ABC.. .http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2007/03/23/1879385.htm

ant ant 10:37 pm 06 Nov 07

Snow needs it. If we are an hour from Sydney by VFT, then we can become a Sydney airport.

Pandy Pandy 10:06 pm 06 Nov 07

I heard Dale Budd from the VFT consortium of 10 years ago talking-up the VFT again on the radio on Monday. So maybe it is back on.

Adza Adza 9:50 pm 06 Nov 07

VFT = Very Fast Train??? I didn’t know one was back on the agenda… is that to do with the “we’re Sydney’s second major airport” claim?

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