Pictures of the hail

johnboy 11 January 2007 18

Che has sent in some pictures doing the rounds of Richardson shops after the monster hail dump of New Year’s Eve.

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18 Responses to Pictures of the hail
Al Al 5:19 pm 15 Jan 07

Simto: I think your claim that this is NOT part of an anti-RiotAct conspiracy is actually part of the conspiracy itself, which would make you one the THEM I’m sure. Consider yourself outed.

But then again, it’s more likely that George Gregan was to blame…

johnboy johnboy 4:54 pm 12 Jan 07

well we can hardly complain about attribution but the timing and history makes me wonder

simto simto 2:03 pm 12 Jan 07

As noted, Al, these photos had already been doing the rounds on e-mail (got them sent to me from a workmate today). So that’s probably where they got ’em.

Not everything is an Anti-Riot-Act conspiracy. Although thinking so probably saves time…

Thumper Thumper 1:32 pm 12 Jan 07


yep. it can happen mate. I remember being in floods in gippsland in the late 70s and cars were deposited in strange places.

ironic. Now Gippy land is being burnt to a crisp.

Al Al 1:09 pm 12 Jan 07

I note one of these pics in CT today. Now it COULD have come from another source, but I’m guessing it was just lifted from here, sans credit…

simto simto 9:36 am 12 Jan 07

From things I’ve been told- some of the stuff clogging up the stormwater drains was actually the concrete slabs making up the stormwater drains themselves. The lack of moisture had meant that the drains had lifted slightly from the ground, and the runoff went right under the concrete slabs and lifted them off to whoosh along the path.

This is random gossip from someone involved in the cleaning effort, so take it for what it’s worth…

Thumper Thumper 8:11 am 12 Jan 07


Cool… In a bad sort of way.

miz miz 10:20 pm 11 Jan 07

The spillway didn’t cope with the quantity of water in such a short time (it was a flash flood after all) – they have had graders and heavy machinery at the Tuggeranong Homestead vicinity sorting it.

And I would wager that a lot of the ‘rubbish’ blocking the drains was not all actual rubbish but about a ton of gravel and mulch off washed off all the nature strips.

Cameron Cameron 9:21 pm 11 Jan 07

I live in just about the deepest darkest Tuggeranong – Conder – and we didn’t cop it that bad. Thankfully…

bags bags 7:34 pm 11 Jan 07

WOW (I am in Chisholm but that is cool).

andy andy 5:19 pm 11 Jan 07

is this cause the spillways at Lake Tuggeranong are full of household refuse ?
Glad I’m a northsider. No valley living for me thanks

VYBerlinaV8_now with_added_grunt VYBerlinaV8_now with_added_grunt 5:07 pm 11 Jan 07

I wonder if it picked up the leaking sewage and took it for walkies?

Danman Danman 4:48 pm 11 Jan 07

is that just hail ?

looks like a south american mud slide scene – fhark

toriness toriness 3:50 pm 11 Jan 07

che – amen

Sammy Sammy 3:38 pm 11 Jan 07

The Richardson shops are in a low-lying area of the suburb. In fact, most of Richardson is low-lying. Hence all the water, and hail, and mud, settled around the shops.

I live on the hill in Chisholm, which overlooks the Richardson shops, and we had rivers running down both sides of the house.

che che 3:08 pm 11 Jan 07

makes you glad you don’t live in deepest darkest Tuggeranong don’t it

S4anta S4anta 3:07 pm 11 Jan 07

i think sweet Noah may be more on the money…

Cameron Cameron 3:03 pm 11 Jan 07

Sweet jesus 😐

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