Pizza in Spence or nearby?

Paul0075 12 March 2013 15

Hey Guys,

I am moving to Spence in a couple of weeks, and I am wondering of the brains trust could recommend a non-chain pizza shop in the area.

Am also interested to know if the Indian place in Charny is still there and any good.

Thanks in advance!

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15 Responses to Pizza in Spence or nearby?
ant66 ant66 6:07 pm 19 May 13

Whatever you do, don’t go to Cookery Nook at Hawker. The pizza is good but the service is unbelievably bad. I was there a few weeks back and had a shocker. We rang ahead then went to pick up. After an hour of sitting in the cold shop – during which I had asked three times about my order only to be dismissed with an “it’s coming” from the rude lady behind the counter – they eventually worked out they didn’t have the order. Then they looked at me as if it was my fault. I walked out, then turned around, stuck my head in the door and said “an apology might be nice”. Then I walked off, fuming. But believe it or not, one of the pizza cooks followed me out to the car park and started abusing me! I kid you not. So stay well away. I’ll be trying Mama Ria’s, another old favourite.

Paul0075 Paul0075 2:57 pm 23 Apr 13

Thanks for all the suggestions.

So far I have sampled Regal in Charnwood, Steve’s in Melba and Evatt Take Away.

By far the Evatt Take Away pizzas seem to offer the best value. Not overloaded, but well topped, not over cooked, and nowhere near as oily as the ones from Regal.

Deckard Deckard 7:33 pm 13 Mar 13

If you don’t mind going for a short drive the Hawker takeaway does fantastic pizzas.

Instant Mash Instant Mash 5:24 pm 13 Mar 13

For pizza, it’s hard to go past the take away in Evatt. A great feed for a great price.

Also, the chicken shop in Charny would have to come a close second.

astrojax astrojax 3:48 pm 13 Mar 13

Aquila said :

If you don’t mind a little bit of travel, then Mama Ria’s in Kippax also do a great pizza.

it’s been a few years, but do mam ria’s still do those enormous delicious burgers?

Paul0075 Paul0075 2:25 pm 13 Mar 13

Thanks so much for the suggestions and the appraisal (Kdowgg). I will have to give it a go. I went off chain brand pizzas long ago, and prefer the local family run places. More filling, better value, and sometimes you get to meet some nice folk who run the shop instead of the bratty kids you see working after school in Pizza Hut etc.

Shullerina Shullerina 10:13 am 13 Mar 13

Another plus one for Regal Charcoal Chicken pizzas. Love them.

Aquila Aquila 9:10 pm 12 Mar 13

If you don’t mind a little bit of travel, then Mama Ria’s in Kippax also do a great pizza.

Dacquiri Dacquiri 9:02 pm 12 Mar 13

This place looked really promising… if it’s still there: Gibraltar Organic Pizza Cafe at the Scullin shops.

cantdance cantdance 8:40 pm 12 Mar 13

I concur about the Evatt takeaway. Fish and chips always cooked to perfection and heaps of choice with the pizzas.

JessP JessP 3:20 pm 12 Mar 13

Evatt Fish and Chips Shop does great fish, chips chicken and their Pizza’s are great!
The Charny Turkish shop is very good and does a nice banquet (it is a takeaway only).
King Fook at Florey is the nicest Chinese in the area by far (imho).

familydude72 familydude72 3:12 pm 12 Mar 13

Steves in Melba do great pizzas and have been doing so for a long time. Charcoal Chicken – one of the takeaway shops at Charnwood also make nice pizzas.

I was really disappointed with the service that i received when i tried to order a couple of dishes at the Thai restaurant in Charnwood. Even though they had hardly any customers in there, they frowned when i tried to place my order (2 dishes) and said it was best to come another night. So please don’t go and make that place busy or i will never get served!
I didn’t really rate the previous Indian restaurant that was there – although their vegetarian dishes were fair. The Indian one at Melba is ok (but make sure you use your entertainment card) and the fortune cookie at Melba is excellent.

Kdowgg Kdowgg 2:12 pm 12 Mar 13

I lived in Evatt for over 7 years as a single man so am quite well acquainted with all of the takeaway places in the surrounding areas.
In specific regards to pizza, i think we have to take two different considerations. There’s the porper/authentic pizza styles (which will include the gourmet pizzas0, and the Australian Chip Shop takeway pizzas.
Evatt Shops, has hands down, the best Australian Chip Shop pizzas in Belconnen, if not a further radius.
They are massive, very filling, and good value. The toppings are all reasonably standard, nothing remarkable, but as cheesey as you want and plenty of whatever it is you have on top.
In a shared house of blokes, we couldn’t finish a large pizza and small chips.
We are not dimunitive men.
I have no association with the shop, but over many years, developed a very strong sense of loyalty to it and often lament my previous proximity to it.
May you enjoy their bulky good value goodness.

Loxmyf Loxmyf 1:43 pm 12 Mar 13

I highly recommend Steve’s Takeaway at Melba shops for pizza. They use real chilli rather than pickles jalapeños, but the fish and chips aren’t as good as other places.

I can’t assist you with the Indian place though.

Spectra Spectra 1:37 pm 12 Mar 13

Nearest pizza is Steve’s in Melba – they do reasonable, if fairly basic takeaway-style pizza. There may also be one over in Evatt, but I’m not sure.

Indian place in Charnwood closed down, replaced by quite a nice Thai place which appears to suffer from the same lack of customers that every other shop in that location has had and so I would guess is similarly doomed sooner or later. There is an Indian place in Melba which is a slightly different style and not really to my taste, but your mileage may vary. If you’re into Chinese, Fortune Cookie in Melba is excellent.

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