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Places for good breakfast-brunch?

By Anna Key 2 June 2009 20

We are looking for places within a couple of hours of Canberra for a good cooked breakfast/brunch.  It does need to be little kid friendly.  For example, I’ve heard Grazings is excellent but not good for small children (this is not meant as a criticism and happy to be contradicted).  

It does seem there is some kind of law of omerta in Canberra where people are reluctant to tell of good places.    

I’m interested in suggestions outside of Canberra between, say, Jindy and the southern highlands or down the coast, and where the cost is fairly normal.

What’s Your opinion?

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Places for good breakfast-brunch?
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Granny 3:49 pm 11 Jun 09

I think ant is right that ‘How do you want your eggs?’ should be the standard question wherever you go.

I mean, ‘rare’ might be the politically correct way to cook steak, but I like mine medium-rare. I’d be ticked if they didn’t ask me, or if they ignored my request.

bush goddess 2:57 pm 11 Jun 09

I fully concur with Bel about Podfood……fabulous setting and, for to deal with the cooler temperatures, some of the veranda / decking has been enclosed with that heavy clear plastic so you can sit in the sun but sheltered from the wind.

Andrew Haskins is a creative and exacting chef and ‘how do you want your eggs?’ is the standard question at their delicious breakfasts.

He also has a couple of young children and appreciates their needs too – the food there is consistently excellent and he runs regular cooking classes so you, too, can learn some of the tricks of the trade. Bon appetit

AussieRodney 12:00 am 03 Jun 09

Closer to home, try the Pancake Parlour in Civic.

sepi 8:52 pm 02 Jun 09

Jugiong cafe is great – it has a box of toys for kids and a change table in the bathroom.
They also sell homemade jam and salad dressings and printed tea towels. And there’s a park across the road. And a Richie Benaud history. and a nice pool for outdoor swimming in Summer.

Niagara Cafe in Gundagai is child friendly and has booth seating. And cute original 60s decor. The food is fairly basic though.

Bel 8:47 pm 02 Jun 09

Not out of town but POD Food in Pialligo is awesome. I have taken my two year old during summer and we sat outside but if your kids are a bit rowdy it probably isn’t best during Winter.

gertel 8:43 pm 02 Jun 09

+ 1 The Paragon

Book a booth!

velocipede 8:39 pm 02 Jun 09

Cafe Woodworks at Bungendore. Great breakfasts, plus a selection of toys for the (little) kids.

bigred 4:42 pm 02 Jun 09

The pancake joint at Bredbo may be worth a look. Tis under new ownership so may now be open at more than random moments in time.

Skidbladnir 4:16 pm 02 Jun 09

Grazing got a RiotACT mention a while back, where everybody attacked the poster for being an idiot by not taking up their issues with Grazing Management. Then Grazing Management responded, and we showered love on them.

ant 4:04 pm 02 Jun 09

Certainly VERY child friendly!

A Noisy Noise Annoys An Oyster 3:04 pm 02 Jun 09

How about McDonalds?

misspris 2:38 pm 02 Jun 09

Danman said :

Good reason for that misspris 🙂

So true, they are excellent.

I can’t believe I forgot to mention this place before but Lynam’s in Crookwell is FABULOUS. It’s very family friendly and Maureen and her husband are lovely people. They do a really hearty, traditional type breakfast (if you’re not a fan of offal tell Maureen to hold the brains/lamb’s fry!) and their Sunday lunch is terrific as well. The drive out there is particularly nice if you go the “back” way – i.e. out through Gundaroo and Gunning (and provides several places to call in at on the way home e.g. the antique shop at Gunning/General Store in Gundaroo/Crowe Bar in Gundaroo). The Laggan Pub at Laggan (about 8km from Crookwell) is a really nice place for a beer. Alternately, Catherine’s in Crookwell is also nice for a meal and I suspect they’re also open for breakfast. There is also a bakery (which I’ve forgotten the name of) heading towards Goulburn on the left hand side which does quite nice coffee. If you decide to make a weekend of it there’s a fabulous place to stay called The Bank House (Google it) and which accommodates up to about 12 people. You get the whole thing to yourself irrespective of whether there are 2 of you or 12 of you. Should I get a job as a tourist operator or what? 🙂

Whatsup 1:47 pm 02 Jun 09

There is a bakery / cafe at Gold Creek that does a really yummy breakfast.

ant 1:00 pm 02 Jun 09

Best breakfast I’ve had in years was at Wilfred’s in Jindy, at the NPWS edifice made of stone just before you get to Nuggets (from Canberra end). You can sit inside or out on the deck made of thumping great sleeper-things (bollards?!). Awesome big breakfast, best ever. And they cooked my eggs.

I have also heard great things about the RUC in Barton. Their dinner is certainly good, but I’ve been told the breakkies are good too.

Danman 12:34 pm 02 Jun 09

Good reason for that misspris 🙂

misspris 12:24 pm 02 Jun 09

Danman said :

Poachers Pantry… Not a couple of hours away, but its excellent and child friendly.

But book waaaaaaaaaay ahead because they’re always busy.

Danman 12:20 pm 02 Jun 09

Poachers Pantry… Not a couple of hours away, but its excellent and child friendly.

Qbn Gal 11:24 am 02 Jun 09

Give Outsider Cafe in Captains Flat a try. Excellent food, good value for money, interesting artworks on view and an entertaining waiter to boot. Worth a trip.

misspris 11:06 am 02 Jun 09

It’s not the trendiest place around but The Paragon Cafe in Auburn Street in Goulburn does a great breakfast.

If you’re looking for something a bit more upmarket though I’d try Lynwood Cafe as suggested by rosiered.

rosiered 10:51 am 02 Jun 09

Lynwood cafe at Collector

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