5 June 2024

Pocock and public servants calling (separately) for an end to military ties with Israel

| Chris Johnson
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David Pocock

Senator David Pocock has called on the government to cut military ties with Israel. Photo: Supplied.

David Pocock has called on the Federal Government to take a stronger stance against the Israeli government and sanction its officials over the human tragedy in Gaza.

The ACT independent senator has also called on Australia to cut military ties with Israel over atrocities committed against Palestinian women and children.

Appearing in the halls of Parliament House Monday night (3 June) alongside humanitarian workers who had recently returned from the frontline in Gaza, Senator Pocock said it was time to “put this unfolding human catastrophe ahead of our allies”.

He described what Israel is doing as unacceptable and something that must come to an end.

Insisting there are more actions the government can take without further delay, he noted the violence was not restricted to military attacks.

He said the United Nations estimates that more than 50,000 children need treatment for acute malnutrition across the Gaza Strip.

“Over 36,000 people have been killed by the Israeli Defence Force in Gaza since October last year – half of whom are women and children,” Senator Pocock said.

“Over 81,000 have been injured – many horrifically. Severe burns, explosive injuries, lost limbs. These are injuries that will change the course of people’s lives.”

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There are trucks loaded with food stuck at the borders, with children starving to death on the other side.

Critical humanitarian facilities, including hospitals and clinics, are being forced to close.

Senator Pocock said strikes have continued despite the International Court of Justice ordering them to stop.

“Like so many people, I have condemned Hamas’s deplorable actions in the strongest possible terms and continue to advocate for the release of hostages,” he said.

“I also deplore the rise in antisemitism and other forms of hate speech we’ve seen.

“It is disappointing how this issue has been so weaponised and used for political gain.

“In the wake of the news that the International Criminal Court prosecutor is seeking arrest warrants for key Hamas leaders, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Israeli Minister for Defence for war crimes and crimes against humanity, I welcome the Australian Government affirming their support for the ICC.

“We cannot pick and choose which potential crimes are politically convenient for the ICC to investigate. Nations around the world must support its work without fear or favour.

“But there is more our government can and should do.

“The scale of ongoing killings and human suffering in Gaza, especially of women and children, necessitates a stronger response.

“Countries around the world must step up and use every lever at our disposal to stop this horror.

“We should be looking at targeted sanctions against members of the Israeli government and the Israeli Defence Force – they simply cannot be allowed to continue operating with impunity and disregarding the ICJ and international community.

“We must also cut all military ties with Israel.

“Just this year, an Australian army contract worth $917 million was awarded to Elbit Systems to work on new Infantry Fighting Vehicles being constructed in Victoria.

“Australia continues to export ‘dual use’ items to Israel that can be used for military purposes – and we still don’t know what these dual-use items are… Our government has been speaking out against the actions of Israel, but they are still holding back.

“They need to stop holding back and start pulling out all the stops. If they don’t, history will judge us.”

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It comes as an open letter from public servants to Prime Minister Anthony Albanese calling for an end of military support for Israel has received more than 2000 signatures.

Employees from the Australian Public Service, as well as from the ACT and all state and territory public services, have described Israel’s actions as genocide.

“We … write to you from stolen land, land that was never ceded by First Nations peoples who are still engaged in the struggle for liberation,” the letter states.

“We acknowledge the harm done to First Nations peoples by government agencies and policies, both in the past and ongoingly.

“As public servants whose work is to serve our communities, it is our obligation to voice our deep concern that you are leading Australia to be complicit in an additional genocide, an additional colonial project, staining this nation with more war crimes – even more than it lays claim to already – and, in negligence of the public we serve, these war crimes are again in the service of foreign powers.

“We call on the Australian Government to take swift and decisive action to end its support of the genocide, ethnic cleansing and illegal occupation of Palestine by immediately ceasing all military exports to Israel.”

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“Over 36,000 people have been killed… half of whom are women and children,” Pocock said”

Current numbers it’s 15000 children.
That means it’s about 3000 women to get to half. So why bring gender into this… What does the Australian gender debate have to do with the war in Gaza? Are women more valuable to Mr Pocock.

Classy argument.

Queenie-Lou Hilario9:42 am 06 Jun 24

You think it might be because women and children are self-evidently civilians? Or is it because of woke?

“Current numbers it’s 15000 children… That means it’s about 3000 women to get to half.”
Oh so it’s OK that 15,000 Palestinian children and 3,000 Palestinian women have been killed in the Gaza conflict? So what number is the cut off point when the killing of innocent non-combatants becomes an issue for you? And most, if not all, politicians use ‘women and children’ statistics because they are very rarely combatants and people actually take notice.

Tony Mansfield2:03 pm 05 Jun 24

Thanks to those who can speak the truth – all of the war crimes on both sides should be condemned – we are all human and there is no difference between a hostage being killed and women and children being killed in Gaza by Israel as retaliation for Oct 7. The ICC has interpreted the law as it should. It is not political. Peter Dutton advocates chaos and the breakdown of law, in advocating disrespect and disregard for the ICC. More integrity and leadership should be expected of him as a leading public figure. Whatever happened to two wrongs don’t make a right.

And as usual, each way Albo is fence sitting by not revealing a position on it. Cowardly.

Duttons position is moronic brown nosing, but at least you know where he stands.

Max Scheckenbac1:29 pm 05 Jun 24

As a Public servant are we not meant to be apolitical.

I have not seen any of my fellow worker verbally, clothing wise or in actions suggest they support Hamas / Gaza in anyway shape or form.

Perhaps our federal, state & territory government can call the British government to do something about the Hamas leaders living in London.

You deserve a gold star.

Max_Rockatansky12:46 pm 05 Jun 24

He should call on Hamas to unconditionally surrender and for sanctions against Hamas enablers.

Why? Try keeping up with the facts:
“Australia has listed Hamas as a terrorist organisation and it is also a designated entity subject to counter-terrorism financing sanctions under the Australian sanctions law. It is a criminal offence to fund terrorist organisations, either directly or indirectly.” (https://www.dfat.gov.au/crisis-hub/hamas-israel-conflict#:~:text=Australia%20has%20listed%20Hamas%20as,organisations%2C%20either%20directly%20or%20indirectly.)

Well, I certainly don’t need the ‘early life’ section here.

Yeah, I don’t think they care what he has to say. And why would they? We back Israel, and the Israelis use the resources we give them to kill kids and women fleeing the violence. Which is what Pocock is saying we should stop supporting.

Queenie-Lou Hilario1:50 pm 06 Jun 24

Israel is bombing UN schools while bad faith actors ask everyone to condemn Hamas and label criticism or war crimes ‘anti-semitism’. What a time to be alive.

SOP for the eternal victim tribe, Queenie. There is a reason 110 countries in modern history alone have expelled them.

@Queenie-Lou Hilario
“… bad faith actors ask everyone to condemn Hamas”
Bad faith? Hamas has been declared a terrorist organisation by many countries, including Australia.

Don’t forget, the ICC has sought to bring war crimes charges against both Hamas and Israeli leaders. The truth is that neither of the protagonists in this conflict are innocent – the only innocents are those non-combatant victims on both sides.

@Ken M
“There is a reason 110 countries in modern history alone have expelled them.”
Actually, it seems, according to the Anti-Defamation League (https://www.adl.org/resources/hate-symbol/109110), it’s 109:
“Various antisemites have compiled lists of alleged Jewish “expulsions” ranging from 100 to more than 1,000 in number, but the figure of 109 is the most commonly cited and probably originates with a list of “109 locations” appearing on a longstanding Australian antisemitic website.”

Nevertheless, I’m interested in hearing your ‘justification’ for citing the number (whatever it is) – especially as two of those countries were Nazi Germany (approx. 6,000,000 Jews murdered) and Stalin’s USSR (approx. 2,000,000 Jews murdered).

Capital Retro12:14 pm 05 Jun 24

Where are all the people now who denied Pocock was a Green?

@Capital Retro
Oh we are very much here, CR.

And surprise independent Senator David Pocock (https://www.aph.gov.au/Senators_and_Members/Parliamentarian?MPID=256136) is still not a member of the Australian Greens party.

Don’t you ever tire of being so easily caught out on your attempt to fabricate facts?

1933 all over again

Oy vey! Lets hope so.

I confronted him before he was elected about his green and Labor leanings, he denied both.

Last I checked he was still an Independant. Ideologically he may lean left, sure. But his stance on this issue is in opposition to Labor, as far as I can tell.

Well that’s Pococks run over.

@Ken M
Yeah, right … given you were never going to vote for him anyway, your assertion is very much irrelevant

You misunderstand, as usual JS.

He has criticised those who may not be criticised. He will now be labelled an antisemite, literally Hitler, and a very organised smear campaign and dirt digging will happen.

Every. Single. Time.

@Ken M
No misunderstanding whatsoever. Given the cr*p that was circulated about Pocock during the campaign that saw him elected – and Capital Retro has already visited it, I doubt that anyone who did, and potentially will, vote for Pocock will fall for any of the cr*p you say will be used.

Oh, you haven’t seen how ‘they’ operate then. This should be fun.

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