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Police bash man

By redvl - 15 May 2009 102

Why is it that there is always something negative to say when the car club named “Rush Hour” meets, but there has been nothing reported about the Canberra Police who attended last nights meeting of the before mentioned car club bashing the absolute crap out of one of the people who attended this gathering?

So much for the police corruption of the old days not existing anymore. Any person caught bashing another person would be up on charges, and the matter would at least have a short mention in the news.

But obviously the police have a different way of dealing with the matter when they’re the ones doing the bashing.

Yes they had reason to place the suspect under arrest but where in their little rule book does it say “feel free to attack your suspect with all your’s and your fellow policeman’s might before actually placing your suspect under arrest”?

What’s Your opinion?

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102 Responses to
Police bash man
Deadmandrinking 8:57 am 16 May 09

+1 Ags.

If a friend of yours has been assaulted, you need to look at the legal and police complaint avenues. You’re not going to get any further here without proof.

Nosey, nobody deserves to be beaten, especially not by those who we rely on for protection. Assault by a police officer is on the worser side of the crimes scale.

Nosey 8:53 am 16 May 09

I would bet all I have and say he deserved what he got.

A little bit of man handling might turn the so called boy into a man.

Ags 8:43 am 16 May 09

I love cars, always have, but people who thinks its OK to speed on local streets and do burnouts piss me off. Please REDVL convince me that this ‘rush hour’ is anything but a hoons club.

Post #1 is also to be taken into considerstion. If this bashed person is telling the truth then they should persue legal action. After all, if you do nothing wrong you have nothing to worry about.

Pommy bastard 8:15 am 16 May 09

Ozhair said :

Isn’t Rush Hour the “car club” that gets together to do burnouts and drag race on public roads? I think we’ve had threads on them before.

If they are, then may I take this opportunity to thank the police for beating seven shades of *beep* out of them, and wish the police all the best for future beatings.

Is it possible to sponsor a police baton or pepper spray for these events?

Special G 7:35 am 16 May 09

Post the footage or shut up.

shiny flu 12:24 am 16 May 09

p1 said :

Are they all Jackie Chan fans or what?


They also rather multi-cultural and have a soft spot for Chris Tucker.

They drive around singing War & Peace’s War song.

Ozhair 12:13 am 16 May 09

Isn’t Rush Hour the “car club” that gets together to do burnouts and drag race on public roads? I think we’ve had threads on them before.

kos 11:10 pm 15 May 09

Would you care to translate what you have said into something meaningful? I’ve been to multiple car club meets in Canberra over the years and we have never once had a problem with police…

p1 11:09 pm 15 May 09

Are they all Jackie Chan fans or what?

farnarkler 10:58 pm 15 May 09

Forgive my ignorance (I’ve been away for a decade) but what is the rush hour car club and what sort of cars are in the club???

bigred 10:49 pm 15 May 09

Yeah sure thing this happened. Jerk.

barry ottor 10:49 pm 15 May 09

here we go…yawn

bd84 10:47 pm 15 May 09

accusations too..

bd84 10:45 pm 15 May 09

Firstly, I think you’re trying to imply the police “bashed” someone at some car club meeting? It’s hard to translate your post into something that makes sense in the english language.

Secondly do you have any evidence of this? or just come online to make wild acusations? If you do have evidence or want to make a complaint, do it through the official channels rather than posting crap on here.

Sounds like they were resisting arrest and have an additional charge to deal with now.

barry ottor 10:17 pm 15 May 09

Here is a novel idea for this site… Sometimes the police do a really good job and work hard protecting the community. On the other hand, sometimes they stuff up and let their tempers get the better of them and assault people. I have seen both sides many times. The ridiculous idea that police are either always good or always bad is just plain dumb. This nonsense is continually argued on this site by a collection of usual suspects, and it is just so stupid and boring. All things need to be taken on their merits. You don’t have to be ‘with us or agin us’. Life is much more complicated. It would be good if both sides would remember this.

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