Police strategic plan for 2008-11

johnboy 13 August 2008 50

The Australian Federal Police have released a strategic plan for the next three years.

At three pages of content it is perhaps, a little lighter than some might expect. But it lists the following as objectives:

    — Closer integration of police with the community to promote mutual trust, assurance and the active cooperation of the community. (Still waiting for a media release on your website since Friday fellas)

    — Delivering effective policing strategies to prevent, detect, investigate and prosecute crime and address the perceptions of crime and safety in the community.

    — Maintaining a capability to focus and coordinate energy and resources at key points in key moments in time to achieve specific law enforcement objectives.

    — Embedding a customer service culture that ensures the delivery of compassionate and respectful police services to the public.

    — Creating a workforce that delivers a professional policing service, that contributes to afP capabilities and embraces professional development opportunities.



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50 Responses to Police strategic plan for 2008-11
penplum penplum 11:52 pm 21 Jun 10

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starry starry 8:25 am 15 Aug 08

Thankfully i have only had to call the police once in my lifetime, and te time i did it was for a very minor incident and can say how impressed i was with the police responding, on the phone and appearing in person.

And am i the only person who does see the police on the road in marked and unmarked cars.

Maybe im just haveing lucky days when i do see them and have had to call them.

Special G Special G 8:21 am 15 Aug 08

Maintaining a capability to focus and coordinate energy and resources at key points in key moments in time to achieve specific law enforcement objectives.

This basically says being in the right place at the right time to catch bad guys. This is what most cops would rather be doing – targetting areas where crooks hang out and commit crimes and then catch them in the act.

If you don’t see a Police car in your suburb that is a good thing.

vandam vandam 7:32 am 15 Aug 08


Yes we can’t get new stations until the GOVT funds one, yes we can’t appropriately deal with mental health problems until the GOVT does something about it. Do you see a theme here???????

The GOVT doesn’t give a rats arse about their cops or crime levels here. They don’t allow the cops to do their job properly.

So before bagging the cops, give the GOVT some first. They make the decisions, they tell the cops what to do.

bigred bigred 7:09 am 15 Aug 08

VG, actually I am very pro police. Also very pro law and order. Just very disappointed with what is passed of as one in this town. Yes, have seen some good stuff by them. Also seen some appalling stuff. Instead of being an apologist, why don’t you take the feedback onboard in rour daily pursuits. Now log off and get back out ino the cold and protect us from ourselves!

vg vg 6:15 am 15 Aug 08


You have shown yourself to be anti-Police and dismissive yourself in the past. Don’t get all antsy when someone is as passionate with the opposite view. They gave no indication but I bet they did something, you probably just didn’t know about it. When you answer 1000 calls a day see how chipper you are each time you answer.

Aside from that your attitude is borne out in your posts.

….and I take none of this personally. FFS I have heard a lot worse to my face and its water off a ducks back

bigred bigred 10:50 pm 14 Aug 08

… and yes VG, I gave them all that info about the guy. And they gave absolutely no indication they would follow it up. Creating an expectation can reduce community disquiet.

bigred bigred 10:48 pm 14 Aug 08

Well it worked for me. I now know I am on my own if, in a very rare circumstance, I get in trouble and so act accordingly. And it seems VG thinks AFP are just like a pay TV company call centre and should treat people accordingly. Lemme think a bit here. Me: “Hello AFP, just got robbed by a masked knife wielding bandit” AFP operator: “Sorry but you couldn’t identify them so take this number and f#$% off”.

sepi sepi 10:40 pm 14 Aug 08

nah – twas a while ago now. Like I said – I don’t bother ringing now.

Don’t take criticism of the phone answerers so personally. noone has said you don’t work hard. I was trying to explain why people might be a bit miffed.

It is all very well to go on about all this great work that is being done that we never see. And to endlessly talk of prioritising. But I was trying to illustrate for you why people get annoyed with the lack of service, and perceived lack of police doing anything.

To me cold-shoulder = dismissive.

I have definitely had rude responses when I used to ring.

vg vg 10:24 pm 14 Aug 08

Sorry but all I read was cold shoulder. No one said dismissive and definitely no mention of ‘rude’, but don’t let that ruin the story.

Its funny though that for all this work that the Police apparently aren’t doing they are still a very busy lot. Someone must be ringing with something important, getting through and receiving the service they want and are having Police attend.

Give me a yell next time you start work at 6pm and go from job to job to job for 12hrs. Mind you it must have been in my imagination because apparently everyone gets fobbed off. You obviously haven’t rung the ATO Help Line, Foxtel, or any mobile phone co. to report a fault.

If you don’t like the service you got report it to the Ombudsmans Office

sepi sepi 10:06 pm 14 Aug 08

yeah – but from the ‘concerned citizen’ point of view, you ring the police to report something.

Person on the other end of the phone is rude and or dismissive.

You don’t get the impression anything is done, and you decide not to bother ringing in future.

vg vg 10:01 pm 14 Aug 08

bigred said :

Hey Headbonus when I rang the plod about some dude who could hardly walk in the IGA buying a slab then jumping in his work van (supplied by a major motor parts distributor) one Sunday night I was given the cold shoulder.

So what exactly did you tell the Police? That you saw a guy who could hardly walk get in a car at IGA X and then drive off? Did you tell them the rego and what direction the car headed or just report that you saw a drunk guy get in a car at X location? Do you know exactly what the Police were doing elsewhere at the time to not despatch a car? Have you heard of the priority system Police use. Man A rings at 0810 and says he saw a drunk guy get into a car, woman B also rings at 0810 and says she is being assaulted by her husband. Where should all the Police go? How many cars in any given area do you think there are to respond to an incident?

On the other hand how do you know no Police car attended? Did you follow the guy home? Did an unmarked traffic car attend the area to look for the guy? It would be an incident where there would be no need to attend and actually speak with the person who rang up

So many questions

bigred bigred 9:07 pm 14 Aug 08

Yes, the cold shoulder. In my experience they didn’t dispatch a car.

sepi sepi 9:01 pm 14 Aug 08

No way I would do it now,but as a young broke teenager needing to get home I admit to pushing the drink driving boundaries a bit.

And i think even four drinks could put you over.

Tooks Tooks 8:52 pm 14 Aug 08

bigred said :

Hey Headbonus when I rang the plod about some dude who could hardly walk in the IGA buying a slab then jumping in his work van (supplied by a major motor parts distributor) one Sunday night I was given the cold shoulder.

The cold shoulder? In my experience, they’ll dispatch a car in that situation if one is available.

Proud Local Proud Local 8:37 pm 14 Aug 08

Police numbers are reasonably good at the moment. If you **REALLY** want to get a good idea of how many marked cars are driving around each day, then I suggest you stand at a busy intersection on Northbourne Avenue or any other main arterial road for a full day. I suspect you would be surprised how often you did see a car go past. Same goes for any of our local suburban shopping centres.

Just because you didn’t see them on your route home every day, doesn’t mean they aren’t nearby. Probability alone would rule out seeing them on a regular basis.

Remember, it’s our community too. 🙂

thecman thecman 8:35 pm 14 Aug 08

Hi Fabforty – as I have said many times before, there is nothing so ex as an ex-copper. But to humour you and to educate readers of this forum, perhaps you could enlighten us by answering some questions? Exactly what equipment should our Police have that is not currently available to them? How can Police management build a new Belconnen Police Station unless the ACT Govt appropriates the funds? BTW you do know a new station will be built over the next 18 months? How can management change the burden placed on Police re dealing with the mentally ill unless the Govt provides adequate funding for crisis care, support, facilities etc?

By your tone I would be willing to bet you were one of the rusted on, work place whingers the AFP and ACT Policing are well rid of. Fortunately the vast majority of our Police are not like you – hence the reason the job still gets done.

bigred bigred 8:34 pm 14 Aug 08

Hey Headbonus when I rang the plod about some dude who could hardly walk in the IGA buying a slab then jumping in his work van (supplied by a major motor parts distributor) one Sunday night I was given the cold shoulder.

fabforty fabforty 8:30 pm 14 Aug 08

sepi said :

it isn’t picking on the police to say there aren’t enough of them.

I totally agree Sepi. The community should be outraged at our level of police presence. As long as the outrage is channeled in the right direction.

Headbonius Headbonius 8:00 pm 14 Aug 08

Angry henry wrote: “I know someone that has been drink-driving in Canberra since the 70’s, the first time he was caught was in 2001.”

When did you become aware of this Henry ( or should I call you Richard Cranium?) A phone call to Police may have saved some innocent person’s life. No you keep quiet about for 30 years. Good citizen mate. Real good bloke. Glad the Police can rely on people like you for help…….Oh that’s right, according to you and your ilk you don’t have any responsibility at all to report crime or assist Police, just bag them. Please leave Canberra soon and take your mates with you.

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