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Policing targeting ecstasy as community service

By Kerces - 27 October 2005 23

ACT Policing will target ecstasy users and suppliers this summer — but out of a sense of community spirit, not just because it’s illegal.

“ACT Policing is targeting ecstasy use and supply not only because it is against the law, but because its use can be harmful or even fatal,” Deputy Chief Police Officer Commander Shane Connelly said.

He warned of the dangers of the drug, saying, “ecstasy seizures in recent years have shown all sorts of drugs and chemicals to be present in the pills – heroin, LSD, anti-epileptics, ketamine and even rat poison.”

And as further discouragement, anyone caught using, possessing or supplying ecstasty faces fines of $5000 to $100,000 and jail terms of up to 25 years.

Cr Connelly encouraged anyone with information about people dealing or making ecstasy to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

[UPDATED: The Canberra Times now has coverage here. Of course if the drugs weren’t illegal they wouldn’t be half as dangerous.]

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23 Responses to
Policing targeting ecstasy as community service
Thumper 10:27 am 28 Oct 05

Yee Haa,

time fer a good ole lynchin….


Slapp_monkey 10:13 am 28 Oct 05

Damn you bulldog.

I just got out my good lynching hat and pitch fork.

Been a good long time since we had ourselves a proper mob lynching here.

bulldog 9:39 am 28 Oct 05

Working at heaven beat the shit out of the few shifts I did at the Ave and Mooseheads. Pill poppers are generally friendly people. I don’t disagree with that, but as Mael has pointed out, it is illegal. That’s the bottom line.

What gets up my nose is that the emphasis seems to be on the users, then the dealers, the the manufacturers. That is merely an observation rather than an opinion based on fact; maybe one of our esteemed coppers can clarify this for me? I just know that working inthe clubs I saw more beat cops targeting happy users than known dealers.

As for AD, like everyone else on the sight you ave to take his comments with a grain of salt. His comments over the last few months have generally been good naturedly inflammatory; rarely over-critical or malicious. He has made some bad generalisation RE bouncers and the fuzz over the last week or so and has apologised, but let’s not tar and feather him straight away.

We are all products of our own experiences, and that is what we communicate when we share our thoughts.

Now enough hand holding ladies, get over yourselves and carry on with the topic.

Slapp_monkey 9:25 am 28 Oct 05


Totally agreed. It’s illegal hence the police should be trying to stop it.

It’s nice of Connelly to suggest that there can be these huge fines and large amount of jail time but it is upto the judges to hand down those sentences.

I’m trying to work out where they get this idea that it is for the good of community spirit . What is it phone in a drugie? we are going to get more community spirit but sniching on our neighbours.

Thumper 9:12 am 28 Oct 05

VG was simply stating a fact. Like it or not it is illegal.

Sorry to point that out but its a fact.

As such the Police have an important job to do, that is uphold the law, and that is what they are doing.

Now, if we want to have a discussion about the ethics of drugs then lets have one elsewhere.


Slapp_monkey 9:07 am 28 Oct 05


Are you serious? any drug can be harmful if mixed incorrectly. E’s are so dangerous because there is no way of monitoring the production factors and quality control. Now if the drug market was regulated and production monitored for safety then yes we could have society that embraced the use of mind altering drugs. The problems arise from the differences in consistance of each hit, one can get you happy and bouncing the next one makes you a drooling idiot. I don’t disagree with you regards to the better crowd pissed biffos or spaced out hippies.

The problems comes from needing to regulate the products.

Maelinar 8:59 am 28 Oct 05

Good point there Justbands, there certainly are some big legal drugs/addictive items out there such as alcohol and smoking and even caffeine in the right doses.

The fact that these drugs are legal has imposed the very regulations that the media release quotes; “ecstasy seizures in recent years have shown all sorts of drugs and chemicals to be present in the pills – heroin, LSD, anti-epileptics, ketamine and even rat poison”. Now if Carlton Draught, Coca Cola or Michels Pastisserie were to start producing Ecstasy would we find these nasty products contained within ?

But the simple fact is that it is illegal. It’s probably only illegal because chemists didn’t learn how to make it in the 1400’s while they were too busy trying to turn lead into gold, and it didn’t become a mainstream product until recently. (This is my argument pro alcohol/tobacco being legal btw).

I have read dialogue that although Ecstasy on it’s own in it’s pure form may not be paticularly deadly, it remains a catalyst into more serious drug dependencies as well as being harmful to people who aren’t gay or teenage lollypop sucking cockteasers. (pun – but you get my drift)

Until it becomes legalised, either by the Government giving up or by it becoming so mainstream that the Government is forced to give it up, it will remain illegal.

I don’t however think for one instance that the words community spirit have anything at all to do with the police targetting Ecstasy. They’re doing it to catch criminals, which is what they do, and as stated earlier, doing E is against the law. Community spirit is something their media tarts have added, and unfortunately for them, they suck at media releases.

I personally like a more direct approach to give you a feeling of sureity (which is what the police are trying to do by virtue of them being the… police) eg;

ACT Policing will target ecstasy users and suppliers this summer, as a part of ACT Policing’s (complete and encompassing and so don’t try anything naughty) anti-crime program, focus will turn towards ecstasy users and suppliers to halt the flow of ecstasy onto the streets.

Deputy Dog Commander Shane Connelly reminded users that taking ecstasy was against the law, and that it remained a problem, in addition to the risks with taking ecstasy, there have also been ecstasy seizures in recent years which have shown all sorts of drugs and chemicals to be present in the pills – heroin, LSD, anti-epileptics, ketamine and even rat poison.

And as further discouragement, anyone caught using, possessing or supplying ecstasty faces fines of $5000 to $100,000 and jail terms of up to 25 years.
Cr Connelly encouraged anyone with information about people dealing or making ecstasy to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

That’s more them doing their job, and not farting around with ‘community service’.

bloodnut1 8:37 am 28 Oct 05

I think AD’s comments are driven from a generalist perspective shared by many, that the Police are under resourced and hampered by poor policy (see above article – I’m trying to keep this post relevant). As a result, these factors drive public opinion through actual experience of Police ineptitude.

VG – no one’s attacking you personally, although it’s nice to know you identify so strongly with your job. Were there more like you. But honestly, I’m sure you’ve got more than enough stories about problems extant within the Police force to put us all to shame. You’re no idiot – great – but unfortunately AD’s given you a first hand account of how Policing is often experienced at a grassroots level.

Anyhoo – it’s releases like the one above that make me think
I’m not thinking of you personally VG, just about one thing the Police are doing this summer that pisses me off.

NB – IQ doesn’t represent dick these days, I did find that comment a bit malignant. Social norms may dictate your need to use academics as support for your arguments of ‘intelligence’, yet intelligence has always been a poorly defined and subjective concept. I’m mates with enough doctors to know that I’ve worked with smarter removalists.

justbands 8:12 am 28 Oct 05

Hmmm…good typing skills I have this morning.

justbands 8:11 am 28 Oct 05

Community spirit? Ummmm…yes, read the comments re: alcohol v’s Ecstasy & consider them my opinion. Show me the studies that show that E is any more dangerous than say aspirin. Can’t show me? Funny that. Yes, it CAN be dangerous…NO, it is no much dangerous that legally available DRUGS such as alcohol. Shit…at least E takers are happy & friendly.

Absent Diane 11:14 pm 27 Oct 05

OkI have apoligised for the IQ comments…but I want to quantify my statements about imcompetence…. in a post on the previous topic discussion I mentioned my cousin getting drugged and the cops basically saying get out of dodge before welock you up. The retort was well why not do something meaninful get drug tested and take some action…. why couldn’t the cops suggest that to her… hell with even a tinge of compassion…. as opposed to basically being told to fuck off…answer me that!! To me that reeks of incompetence…

But VG I do applaud you for actually putting down a good arguement… well done… see how easy it is when logic is used….

Absent Diane 10:49 pm 27 Oct 05

Actually that last comment wasn’t a go at cops a) it was more an attempt to take the piss out of myself b) it was a genuine statement I think most bouncers and cops would say take for eg new years prefer to work at a rave than at some dodgey pub full of jocks beating the crap out of each other….

Congratulations on having an a good IQ…better than mine… I personally havent been able to crack 140… my best is about 136… but then again Im just a fucking college dropout with no degrees… so theoretically I cant comment on anything…haha but goddamit I will!!

Im really wondering whether people have read what I said – in that my opinions have come from my own experiences… thats what I can’t seem to get through anyones head…. so no-one is giving me any options…other than to keep digging…. if I had had more positive experiences then maybe I would think differently… I will admit that the IQ jibe was a cheap shot.. and undeniably I have offended a few people…. for that I am deeply sorry even including bouncers of this world… AS for the useless comment….well in my world that sticks until proven otherwise…

Ok to be honest in the real world this not an issue that I actually really give a fuck about… I hope that doesn’t hurt too much…. so no I don’t go around telling people how the cops should do their job and infact for example when my mates get things like speeding fines and complain about it I tell them to get off their high horse they broke the law so deal with consequences!! So VG you are completely and utterly wrong… no suprises there…

I have lost any sense of direction with this rant but while I am still typing….

Yes some people would call me a twit… most people would call a very good/nice person with a shit stirring personality…. deal with it…

Still not sure whats the go with all the personal attacks though… I made some generalised attacks and deliberately patronised because I was copping personal attacks… yeah whatevercI can hack them… I put my opinion out there I should expect to cop some flak… I think it is piss weak though…and funny that people think they can make a judgement from a website!!!

But anyway Im not going to respect people because of their job description… if I have formed a bad general opinion and you are so concerned about it…. do something to fix it…

Man Im all over the shop!!

vg 5:36 pm 27 Oct 05


Quite clearly you are a person who has little or no idea of how law enforcement works. Your last one equivocating cops as glorified bouncers is childish at its very least. I can’t remember the last bouncer I saw seizing 125kg of drugs.

Lack of intelligence amongst Police? My IQ when last tested was 142, I have a distinction average in an MBA and a Law degree. Previously working under me I have had a PhD, a psychologist, an ex-solicitor and and published scientist. Accompanying them were people who had backgrounds in trades and other occupations. Its fair to say that the educational backgrounds are diverse but represent well above the society norm.

You, on the other hand, belittle Police as ‘morons’ whilst talking about yourself as a ‘musician’.

I have a distinct mental picture of you as the type who loves to tell all and sundry how the Police should be doing their job, but lacks both the intestinal fortitude and common sense to do so yourself.

Calling yourself a stirrer really is over-rating yourself. A dead-set twit is far more apt

Absent Diane 5:11 pm 27 Oct 05

– touche bloodnut1 – AND I reckon you ask any cop or bouncer where they prefer working an alcohol establishment or an establishment where everyone is smacking down pills…. the answer is written in the wind radies and gentleman!! They will take the drug establishment everytime!!!

bloodnut1 4:07 pm 27 Oct 05

“Hello, Hello. My names Terry and I’m a law abider… ”

It’s good to see they’re targetting the users. Nothing worse than a bloke who wants to have a 100-mile-an-hour conversation with you, hug you and then clean your loungeroom.

Let’s celebrate alcohol fuelled biffo, serious injuries, drunken crash fatalities, cirrohsis and brain damage.

But lock up those happy little pill eaters.

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