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Pollies’ haunts

By johnboy - 28 September 2006 27

With Parliament returning soon where’s a good place to go spotting these rare birds?

Parliament House of course, the Griffith shops Vietnamese Retaurant, the Holy Grail, any other suggestions?

What’s Your opinion?

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27 Responses to
Pollies’ haunts
Mr_Shab 9:03 am 28 Sep 06

I don’t think the Atlantic ever got its mojo back after James Mussilon left and opened Aubergine.

The Ottoman is now in Barton, just back from King’s Ave.

Thumper 9:00 am 28 Sep 06

Bomber looks as if he’s eaten a sheep….

Danman 8:47 am 28 Sep 06

Additionally (I should not rush posting) Atlantic was not all that old a building.
I remember when I was a 1st year at the Village Chef in Manuka (Circa 1997) and watched them build the Atlantic building. Wonder why they buldozed it ? It always seemed busy – but then in my experience – a lot of restaraunteurs have poor money management.

Danman 8:44 am 28 Sep 06

Ottoman moved locations – the old place it was is called Verve – but ottoman still exists somewere inner south (anyone got a location?)

Ralph 8:43 am 28 Sep 06

Yes I understand Beazley is a regular customer of Charcoal Grill.

Pandy 8:41 am 28 Sep 06

And i thought that they sold out the Ottoman?

Mr_Shab 8:36 am 28 Sep 06

I gather The Charcoal Grill is pretty popular with the older frontbenchers. I saw Kimbo there one night.

Danman – the Atlantic is gone, gone, gone. Not only is the restaurant gone, but the building is as well!

Alice Russel-Wallace 8:34 am 28 Sep 06

Portia’s Place in Kingston. It’s always fun counting the number of bottles of vino any given pollie or staffer will put away during the course of an evening.

Danman 8:18 am 28 Sep 06

When I lived in Lyneham, I would always see Lauren (Jackson?) from the Capitals and Sonic made many an appearance there too.

We used to go there in summer just to sit in the beer coolroom to cool off for 10 or so minutes while buying beer – good stuff 🙂

captainwhorebags 7:51 am 28 Sep 06

I’ve seen Bob Brown having lunch at the rose garden cafe (adjacent to The Lobby restaurant, in the rose gardens of Old Parliament House). Speaking of, The Lobby is supposedly a popular haunt and also at the pricey end of town, The Ottoman is apparently popular for political deals and diplomatic wining & dining.

Oh, and back in about 2001/2, I was in line behind Brian Harradine at the Woden Coles. Thrilling stuff.

terubo 7:51 am 28 Sep 06

Any backstreet of Kingston/Manuka after 11.00pm. Don’t know about Fyshwick, it’s a possibility I guess.

Danman 7:48 am 28 Sep 06

Err being ex trade chef – I would say – The Lobby – The Boathouse – My Cafe – ottoman cuisine – Juniperberry err what else – maybe that cafe at the nat gallery and the one at tht nat meuseum (sp?)- I would have said Atlantic in Manuka – but I am thinking that has gone now. Any reports on that ?

Surely too there has been extensive new locations popped up since I was in the trade ( 3.5ish years ago ? )

Oh a big one would be the VIP kitchen and squadron 7 at the (old) RAAF base – used to be a shift worker chef there – it was not much fun.

Thumper 7:41 am 28 Sep 06

Ah yes, that it would be..


johnboy 7:37 am 28 Sep 06

That would be the Holy Grail thumper but thanks for the precise and useful intel.

Thumper 7:35 am 28 Sep 06

The joint just down from the Durham Arms (can’t remember the name)is a good pollie spotting place.

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