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Pommy Bastard asks – what bug is that?

By johnboy - 4 December 2008 17

Pommy Bastard has braved the wrath of a certain commenter with strong views on photography to ask a question of you all about the pictured insect:

    “Could you please post at the RiotAct the accompanying image of a weird assed bug, shot on my porch yesterday morning, and ask if we have any lepidopterist members who may kindly be able to identify it for me?

    It’s a poor quality shot, I rushed it, as I wanted to capture the image before it flew away. Which it subsequently did!”


What’s Your opinion?

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17 Responses to
Pommy Bastard asks – what bug is that?
Pommy bastard 7:13 am 05 Dec 08

Are they good to eat?

bloodnut 11:20 pm 04 Dec 08

Actually my good pommy friend, that is a drop bear.

fnaah 1:49 pm 04 Dec 08

Lepidopterist was close, they specialise in butterflies and moths.

You’d be looking for an entomologist, whose specialty is insects.

Bugologist is just way off. 😛

H1NG0 1:25 pm 04 Dec 08

Judging by its eyes, I think it found a wacky tobaccy plantation.

Pommy bastard 1:23 pm 04 Dec 08

Excellent, my curiosity is assuaged. Lacewing moth is close enough for me.

It was a rather beautiful creature, and one is blessed by close encounters with such beauty.

My thanks to all.

S4anta 12:36 pm 04 Dec 08

Lacewing. Someone has a fetsy pond and a few fruit trees nearby.

justbands 12:32 pm 04 Dec 08

> image of a weird assed bug

Is that a bug that’s next to a strange donkey???

Overheard 12:13 pm 04 Dec 08

Yeah, I’m no bugologist, but I’ve seen these things around Canberra for as long as I can remember, and have always heard them referred to as lacewings. I have an unreliable memory that referring to them as ‘lacewing moths’ is something akin to referring to ‘koala bears’.

Don’t quote me.

poptop 12:08 pm 04 Dec 08

Oopsie Lacewing

ant 12:07 pm 04 Dec 08

Bah, didn’t type fast enough.

poptop 12:07 pm 04 Dec 08

It looks like a href=””>Green Lacewing to me.

You should treat them well they eat aphid and mealybugs and things.

They are a gardener’s friend.

ant 12:06 pm 04 Dec 08

Oh boy. Dexi is going to LOVE this one. he might point out that one engages macro when shooting insects (waits expectantly).

That’s quite a good insect though, blowed if I know what it is, there’s been some odd things around lately that I’ve never seen before.

Maybe he’s here early for summernats.

I saw a Bogong moth last night! Has anyone claimed first sighting of the season in the Canberra Times yet?

dexi 12:05 pm 04 Dec 08

I can’nt help myself. You have blured the photo of the bug in my A##. Its called the poor taste bug.

Skidbladnir 12:02 pm 04 Dec 08

Looks suspiciously like a fishing lure or a kids toy.

H1NG0 11:54 am 04 Dec 08

Trick question? Is that a fishing lure?

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