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Population jumps 5000 overnight

By Gungahlin Al - 8 June 2007 19

666 had a guy from the ABS on (yesterday, while RA took the ACT-traditional early start to their long weekend) talking about how they’ve revised the ACT population stats, and that this resulted in an upward revision of the number by 5,000 to 336,000.

Apparently lots of people don’t actually change their addresses when they move here, and they are concerned that there are actually a lot more they can’t account for.

The ACT government apparently also set aside a couple hundred Ks in their budget to encourage people to at least change their Medicare address, because ABS adds that onto their number to get closer to the real figure (because Medicare asks for your address EVERY SINGLE time you make a claim…)

Why are the real numbers so important? Because it goes into calculating the ACT’s share of the GST kitty.

They don’t appear to have twigged that – for Queenslanders anyway – not changing your address means keeping WAY cheaper car rego, and that just being more reasonable with the rego costs here might make as big a difference. Been wondering why there are so many Qld plated cars around Canberra. Pity I didn’t twig to that until after I transferred my cars…

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19 Responses to
Population jumps 5000 overnight
JC 3:36 am 09 Jun 07

To all those with their cars registered you may as well not have your can insured. See it is law you must change within 3 months of moving interstate (or within the state). If you don’t tell them then if you have an accident you are technicaly not insured as you lied to your insurer. Don’t belive me? Well ask one of my neighbours who was in an accident having kept his old states rego. He is now paying off $10,000 worth of repairs for the car he hit as well as the repairs on his own car, because he didn’t discolse his change of state and address. Luckly the other person wasn’t injured, as the CTP wouldn’t have been valid either for the same reason.

cranky 8:01 pm 08 Jun 07

A quick Google indicates that I would be paying about $200 less if I bought my TPI from a NSW insurer than the NRMA in ACT, using a postcode that crosses the border.

That is a hell of a diference!

Sonic – Justify it!

What kickback does your party get from this ripoff?

ant 7:53 pm 08 Jun 07

Roughly, how much cheaper is NSW than ACT for rego? I’ve kept my car regoed in the ACT because the convenience of just doing a BPay and your rego sticker turns up in the mail (for years I’ve renewed it from the US, and had it waiting for me to stick on the car when I arrive from the airport!). Doesn’t NSW make you go and have the car looked-at? That, plus getting a TPI must be a major pain in the bum, surely?

Kramer 7:27 pm 08 Jun 07

i refuse to fillout ABS nosey parker forms.

So Bonfire, you didn’t complete your Census form last year? and the ABS didn’t catch you??

Just so you know, the ABS can ask (demand) you to complete a form under the Census & Statistics Act – Yes, its the law!

Deano 5:06 pm 08 Jun 07

Another point is that the ACT’s population only needs to increase by about 11,000 (relative to the rest of the country) to qualify for a third Federal MP.

And we want to encourage that??

VYBerlinaV8 now_with 4:55 pm 08 Jun 07

NSW rego is cheaper for the simple reason that the rego charge does not include the compulsory third party personal insurance. The problem in ACT is that everyone gets charged the same rate for the insurance component – the highest rate (ie 17 year old male driving a V8 type level). Over in NSW, we (yes, it includes me) get to choose our own ‘green slip’ provider – meaning competition lowers the cost for many people. Once you have a decent driving record, the cost of the green slip is much lower.

Maelinar 2:07 pm 08 Jun 07

I am a Jedi.

bonfire 2:03 pm 08 Jun 07

i refuse to fillout ABS nosey parker forms.

never have – never will.

VicePope 1:54 pm 08 Jun 07

No other blog to make the smart-alec comment I heard at lunch, so ttally off the point – Paris Hilton, the American Mandela.

p1 12:54 pm 08 Jun 07

Several people I have talked to suggest that even with having to get a rego check each year, and seperate insurance, NSW rego is cheaper. If I could be bothered I’m sure some quick googleing could give an answer.

GuruJ 11:51 am 08 Jun 07

Another point is that the ACT’s population only needs to increase by about 11,000 (relative to the rest of the country) to qualify for a third Federal MP.

If all of these 5,000 updated their electoral enrollment, we would be about half way there.

toriness 11:42 am 08 Jun 07

it took me about 4 years to change from my tassie plates. tassie rego is way cheaper than here, but it was more laziness than anything else as the reason for me having interstate plates. but surely NSW rego (with having to get the 3 slips) would be more $$ than ACT rego?

miz 11:22 am 08 Jun 07

I have worked with several grads in two fed govt departments, who have all kept their interstate addresses. Partly because they are in ‘wait and see’ mode re job prospects in Canberra, and let’s face it, it’s a hassle changing everything when you might move back (to Adelaide or wherever). Their Mum just forwards their mail. It’s part of the ‘keeping options open’ Gen Y thing.

Maelinar 11:07 am 08 Jun 07

And the NSW plates…

And here’s me thinking they were all over from Queanbeyan…

Meconium 10:38 am 08 Jun 07

Interesting, I was wondering why all the Qld cars too!

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