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possum killer

By cfi 3 October 2005 17

Just had to dig a hole in the back yard for this possum which died just under the power pole. Its the second time that we’ve found a possum in that exact spot.. heres a picture of the possum-killing power pole:

possum killer

Anyone else seen this happen with possums?

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17 Responses to
possum killer
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bulldog 5:03 pm 04 Oct 05

Yeah, the neighbours are fresh out of possums and he is installing a new one….

cfi 4:47 pm 04 Oct 05

an ACTEW guy is out there right now doing something with the pole, not sure if this relates to the possums.. I told him about it and he said he is here because of a fault at a neighbours house.

Thumper 2:48 pm 04 Oct 05

Odd sense of humour I think…..

el 2:41 pm 04 Oct 05

You’re a strange, strange man. I like it.

Thumper 2:22 pm 04 Oct 05

Actually, if a wombat bit a power line undeground and his tunnel collapsed, would it be considered a New Zealand hungi if you dug him up and ate him?

Thumper 2:21 pm 04 Oct 05

In Charnwood, where I live on the safer side, we have underground power.

Great idea and I don’t know why it hasn’t been used all over Canberra, well, except for the cost of doing it and maintaining it.

Nevertheless, it stops possums get toasted although there may be hithero unknown numbers of toasted wombats under my house.

Thumper 2:19 pm 04 Oct 05

Mmmmmm… Crispy bat….

As a concept, I like possums. As a roof rat, I hate them.

Wonder what happens when a possum family has a bust up. Does one of the possums pack up and say they are moving next door?

bulldog 1:30 pm 04 Oct 05

Not unusual, whilst not a huge fans of things that go ‘thump thump thump rattle thump bang thump’ in the night I might add that if you discover a toasted possum try and check the pouch to ensure there are no little ones starving to death.

If found keep them in an old beanie or warm pouch like contraption and contact the RSPCA. I have a mate who looks after these little orphan, and whilst I am not renowned for my soft and sensitive side, the little bugers are just too damn cute.

As for power poles in my backyard, yeah they can be a hassle, but complaining about them won’t change. If you can pony up the many millions of dollars to reroute power underground then I’ll be first to sing your praises.

As for toasty bats you can see it in Sydney as well; through the City, Randwick, Bronte, Clovelly, Bondi and Coodgee they are thick in the air at night.

MrX(orY) 9:05 am 04 Oct 05

Haven’t seen it with possums, but can we trial it on cats?

Thumper 9:00 am 04 Oct 05

Actually, I should have added that when I lived in Townsville there were this huge fruit bats or flying foxes who used to regularly fry themselves on power lines.

In fact hardly a day went without see a crispy critter dangling from a power line.

Thumper 8:10 am 04 Oct 05

They get killed when they touch two wires as they earth themselves out. One wire won’t hurt them.

That’s really sad. Maybe they should put some sort of barrier on the poles? Then again, they are pssums and nothing ever seems to stop them doing anything.

cfi 9:51 pm 03 Oct 05

must be something like that seepi- touching 2 at once, because they often climb along one line without getting hurt

seepi 8:47 pm 03 Oct 05

neighbours of ours once had their car shade/marquee thing blow up ona wind and touch the powerlines, causing a fire. Lots of elderly neighbours (home all the time) so no lasting effects.

Do the possums die from touching the wires ANthe pole at the same time?

cfi 8:24 pm 03 Oct 05

oh sad that it happens that often then, i was wondering if there was something that needed fixing for the one out the back or its just something that happens and theres nothing you can do about it.. yeah samuel we’ve always had trouble keeping trees from getting close to the powerlines

Samuel Gordon-Stewart 7:11 pm 03 Oct 05

I’ve never liked the idea of having power lines running through backyards. I think it is a cheap and unsafe way of doing things.

My main problems with backyard powerlines are:
1. You have to rely on homeowners to keep track of the plants near the powerlines
2. If there is a problem with them then the power company have to trample over your backyard to fix it.
3. When they have issues (I’ve seen some age and catch fire) they are a risk to not only the fences and backyards under them, but also the houses nearby, especially if it happens at a time of day when everybody is asleep or at work/school/shopping/whatever.

I can recall one incident in particular where a powerline went bang in the night and smoldered overnight, the next day the power went out (as a result of the powerline fire) and it is fortunate that somebody was at home to notice the power go out, because when the looked out the window the powerline was on fire (visibly, not like the overnight smolder). Melted bits of plastic and wire fell onto the neighbours compost and managed to set that on fire.

Luckily the fire brigade was called and they put out the multiple small fires, but if nobody had been around to notice it then it could have all been much worse.

b2 6:25 pm 03 Oct 05

There is a pole in Anislie which regularly kills magpies and cockatoos. I only seen a possum at the bottom of it one though.

Bogan 5:49 pm 03 Oct 05

Yep…we have a pole in a similar spot where I discovered a very de-composed possum just recently.
Poor thang.

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