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Pratt calls for the dead center to get deader

By johnboy 11 October 2006 40

The Canberra Times is carrying a debate between Steve Pratt and Simon Corbell on shutting Civic down in the early hours to reduce violence.

Steve Pratt wants people to be prevented from entering or re-entering bars after 3am and Simon Corbell doesn’t think this Government intervention is necessary.

Being a simple soul tuned for earlyish mornings I normally stumble home before 2am. Would a 3am lockout make much difference in the doof-bars?

What’s Your opinion?

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40 Responses to
Pratt calls for the dead center to get deader
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VYBerlinaV8 9:12 am 13 Oct 06

I’m never out in Civic that late any more anyway, but when I used to go out quite late, I never had any problems. I think people shooting off their mouths when pissed is the real issue here. Altering the times they do it probably won’t help much.

Stella 7:08 am 13 Oct 06

“1,000s of drunk punters pouring onto the street at one time would cause mayhem.” – Thumper

Have you ever seen the shenanigans that happen at the cab rank at 5am when the clubs close. I think that the hundreds of well-and-truly pissed people hitting the streets cause plenty of dramas.
Why let people stay out and get this pissed? These are the crowds that cause the dramas. Most of the serious assaults seem to occur well after midnight (from recent reports in the media).

Bus services and cab services to clear the “revellers” is another issue that I won’t even touch on.

Big Al 10:45 pm 12 Oct 06

So ‘exciting’ in terms of nightlife is drunks roaming the streets causing havoc!

boomacat 7:47 pm 12 Oct 06

Yeah. Let’s change the culture and MAKE everyone go out earlier and go home earlier, that would make canberra a much more exciting place than it clearly already is.

Danman 1:12 pm 12 Oct 06

In any case – I make a valid point VG that police are just puppets to their senior officers – who are probably under the thumb for budget constraints lack of workforce ect just as much.

I specifically put the asterisk in so no one would take offence – as the police can only do what they are engaged to do.

Danman 1:08 pm 12 Oct 06

Meh Ken Moroey – I meant Mick Keelty – on 3 days off from work – gimmie a break.

Thumper 12:31 pm 12 Oct 06

I have to agree with vg here.

1,000s of drunk punters pouring onto the street at one time would cause mayhem.

This is one of Pratt’s sillier ideas.

Absent Diane 12:12 pm 12 Oct 06

liquor licensing are as corrupt as buggery as well. They attack the smaller bars if these bars threaten to take business from certain establishments.

vg 12:07 pm 12 Oct 06

And there is zero responsible serving of alcohol in the ACT, absolutely none. If the area responsible (Liquor Licensing) actually did something it might help

vg 12:06 pm 12 Oct 06

“Not having a go at police , as certainly their hands are tied all the way up to Ken Moroney, Chris Ellison and further”

Sorry, but Ken Moroney is the Commissioner of the NSW Police, and Chris Ellison has no impact on the purchase agreement between the AFP and ACT Government.

Absent Diane 10:50 am 12 Oct 06

Yeah danman + 1 all accounts. solve the problem, don’t fuck with those who do the right thing.

and getting shunted from gypsy bar was always a painful experience. probably for me because I had had too many triple’s and was not capable of walking letting alone admitting there was life outside of the gypsy bar.

bonfire 10:48 am 12 Oct 06

its great to see people demanding the gummint ‘do something’ when its people who ignore all existing laws anyway who are the cause of the problem.

boomacat is right. gummints should stay out of citizens lives as much as possible.

more coppers would help, but the issue is idiot behaviour and irresponsible serving of grog to drunks.

existing laws should be enforced before enacting new ones.

Danman 10:41 am 12 Oct 06

I was a chef and quite regualrly got shunted out of teh Gypsy bar at closing – this was not a result of doof partys or drugs – It was because you get g’d up from working 200+ covers in 5 or so hours from 6pm. By the tme you get home and change/shower its midnight/1am and you’re still g’d up from work. I oppose this vehemently. Typically trying to treat the symptom – not the problem.
If police actually had a force that could be seen in civic* – I am sure a lot less meanies would cause a ruckus

* = Not having a go at police , as certainly their hands are tied all the way up to Ken Moroney, Chris Ellison and further.

Absent Diane 10:38 am 12 Oct 06

it is an abuse of civil liberties to impose a curfew.

Big Al 10:29 am 12 Oct 06

vg’s got a point – who the hell is drinking big at that hour? I have always wondered about how licencees stay within their legal obligations in terms of refusing to serve intoxicated persons and staying open until that hour.

vg 10:07 am 12 Oct 06

…and I neglected to add, I would love to see a spreadsheet of exactly how much alcohol bars sell after, say, 3 am. Does the amount sold actually cover wages etc? People would say that they would sell a ton of grog, but I imagine alcohol consumption decreases the drunker people get.

I would be all for the lockout idea. If you’re not in by 3 then you’re not in. As someone says, a cultural change is needed. Go out a bit earlier if you want to have a big night. We aren’t Sydney or Melbourne, where the night starts at 2

boomacat 10:05 am 12 Oct 06

I don’t see why, as a law abiding adult citizen, I shouldn’t be able to decide when I go out and when I come home.

Pratt and his paternalist supporters can piss off as far as I’m concerned.

Mr_Shab 10:01 am 12 Oct 06

The pubs in the UK close at 11, Stella, and gee – no violence there. No sir.

A curfew is not going to solve this problem. I do agree with your assessment that there needs to be a more stringent set of conditions on the responsible service of alcohol, though.

However, regardless of what we do, you’re not going to stop the odd dickhead getting a skinful and thumping someone.

vg 10:00 am 12 Oct 06

The other side of the curfew argument is if you impose a 4am curfew (i.e. bars close and people get turfed out at 4) you will have a mass of drunken people all hitting the cab rank about 5 past 4. Thats when the BIG problems start.

Stella 9:44 am 12 Oct 06

I don’t see why licenced premises are open until 5am anyway. If their licences ended at say 2am then it would force people to go out earlier or drink less. Not too many sober people are out after 2am anyway. People don’t head into town until 11pm (after they have left some other party/function). I think that a cultural change should occur which prompts people to go out earlier and finish drinking sooner. As it stands, people seem to go to parties, get pissed and then decide that they need more alcohol and head into town to get it. If liquor licencing were any sort of force, they would be constantly fining pubs and clubs for irresponsible service of alcohol.
Give liquor licencing to the police who have an interest in cleaning up the debacle that is at the moment. And yes I realise that more police would be needed to enforce this.
When I went out in WA as a youngster, virtually everything closed at midnight. If you couldn’t buy piss, you couldn’t drink it and bed was the obvious option.

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