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Pratt calls for the dead center to get deader

By johnboy - 11 October 2006 40

The Canberra Times is carrying a debate between Steve Pratt and Simon Corbell on shutting Civic down in the early hours to reduce violence.

Steve Pratt wants people to be prevented from entering or re-entering bars after 3am and Simon Corbell doesn’t think this Government intervention is necessary.

Being a simple soul tuned for earlyish mornings I normally stumble home before 2am. Would a 3am lockout make much difference in the doof-bars?

What’s Your opinion?

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40 Responses to
Pratt calls for the dead center to get deader
Thumper 3:34 pm 11 Oct 06

I’m surprised Pratt didn’t just reel out the mantra of ‘more police’ because this is exactly the situation where more police would help.

Guess Pratt is becoming a bit like the boy who cried wolf.

Cityboy 3:32 pm 11 Oct 06

Curfew is a joke. If you closed all the shops and stopped people going into civic all the time there would be no crime too. This is just a knee jerk reaction. When you hang around other drunks on the streets there is a risk of violence learn to avoid it rather than expect the government to keep you safe.

bighead 3:25 pm 11 Oct 06

yeah johnboy, im in hospitality work now, Im used to leaving at 2am, if not 4am of the friday, saturday nights.

edlang 2:21 pm 11 Oct 06

What about closing the roads between the hours of 8am and 6pm? That’s when most accidents seem to occur, and the lazy sons of bitches should still be at work instead of driving during those hours. No one has an excuse; they should be contributing to our GDP.

(I, for one, would not be impressed with closing Civic off at any hour, if only in the interests of business. So much for Pratt for being a liberal.)

sheer 1:33 pm 11 Oct 06

Based on my experience with Brissie’s 3am lockout, all the curfew really achieves is a largely extended queue for the cabs at 3:05. In Brisbane this actually resulted in increased violence at and around cab-ranks, as those locked out got increasing agitated by the wait.

There were also a few suggestions that a lockout increases the risk of inebriated and defenseless girls becoming separated from friends, and hence being more at risk from things that go bump in the night – although I dont know that this was ever substantiated.

Mr_Shab 1:07 pm 11 Oct 06

Maybe he was trying to wrong-foot Corbell by saying something other than “More Police”, but lacks the imagination to think of something appreciably different.

Mr Evil 12:13 pm 11 Oct 06

But AD, imagine the cool/crazy memories you could have had if you’d been in a war zone, instead of hanging around Civic until 5 in the morning???

Young people have it too easy nowadays!

Actually, I’m surprised the Pratt hasn’t been banging on about needing more Police instead of just bringing in a curfew.

Absent Diane 11:50 am 11 Oct 06

Something needs to be done. Two of My mates were randomly bashed and robbed last thursday on city walk (garema end) by six blokes unprovoked at about 2 or 3am. Apparently there were a few attacks on the same night similar kind of story

All a curfew will do though is enhance canberra’s rep as a boring town and will lead to young people leaving as soon as they can.

I am personally not capable of going out past 2 or 3 anyway these days (and no matter what seem to wake up at 7!!) but when I was younger I loved staying out til 6 or 7 am with or without the aid of drugs. Made lots of great friends and have got heaps of cool/crazy memories.

Maybe if CCTV was better used, or there were more cops out it would be safer. Or maybe safer if we can get rid of the kind of people who do this kind of thing. But a curfew is just idiotic really.

Mr Evil 11:37 am 11 Oct 06

“younger folk who don’t get out of bed before midday?”

They should be sent to Iraq to fight in the War Against Terror (TM) so the lazy little shits can’t sleep in all the time!

caf 11:28 am 11 Oct 06

johnboy: yeah, that’s exactly what I was thinking. Those out looking to beat people up for their wallets would probably be a lot happier with less people wandering around Civic.

Thumper 11:19 am 11 Oct 06

I’m usually blotto by then so I’ve got no idea…

johnboy 11:11 am 11 Oct 06

Just a thought, isn’t the place safer (from robberies if not random violence) with more people out on the streets rather than less?

PigDog 11:09 am 11 Oct 06

My experience with these lockouts (albeit limit) was in Wagga Wagga, the town so good they had to name it twice. In Wagga, the lockout is from 1am. Personally for me, all it meant was that instead of ducking out for a kebab then heading back to the pub, people would just drink through till when ever the pub closed. After all, why risk leaving when you know you can’t get in anywhere? That said though, the police did claim that it resulted in less violence.

The biggest risk is that you rush to get to a place by lockout and when you arrive discover that it is shit. You can’t go anywhere else! It is stay or go home.

johnboy 11:08 am 11 Oct 06

Hospitallity workers? thier working day doesn’t finish until 10 or 11,

shift workers?

younger folk who don’t get out of bed before midday?

clubbers who’ve taken a pill and won’t be able to sleep anyway?

There are plenty of reasons to be out that late which aren’t violent.

Mr Evil 11:02 am 11 Oct 06

I can’t understand why these places need to be open until so late in the morning. I worry about people who are still hanging around Civic at 4am: they need to get a life!

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