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Prison contraband?

johnboy 29 June 2009 13

Jeremy Hanson is very excited by what he sees as a slip from John Hargreaves on prison security.

    “Minister for Corrections John Hargreaves has let it slip that the reason drugs, razor blades and other contraband got inside the Alexander Maconochie Centre was because an important security system that would have prevented this breach safety was not operational, despite assurances that prisoners would not be accepted into the AMC until it was safe,” Shadow Minister for Corrections Jeremy Hanson said today.

    “On 31 March 2009, I asked Mr Hargreaves: ‘Has there been any downgrading of the security specifications at the AMC in order to rush the commissioning?’
    MR HARGREAVES: No. (Question Time Hansard, 31 March 2009)

    When drugs and other banned items were found, Mr Hargreaves confessed:

    ‘We do not have in operation at the moment a machine called the SOTAR system. The SOTAR is an x-ray system … Now once that SOTAR is done then that – we believe that that probably would have prevented the entry of that stuff into the centre. (ACT Budget debate, Thursday 25 June 2009.)

But hey, it’s open and it’s human rights compliant. Who cares about safety?


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13 Responses to Prison contraband?
FoMoCo FoMoCo 8:32 am 30 Jun 09

FC said :

Wait a minute. Do other prison’s have X ray equipment. I don’t recall the equipment being used at BRC or Symonston.

I know BRC didnt have an x-ray machine, but did have a hand metal detector. I do know that the new youth detention centre near Mitchell has x-ray and a metal detector as does Goulburn gaol..

FoMoCo FoMoCo 8:30 am 30 Jun 09

There is a an airport style x-ray machine that has been operational since the gaol went “live”. There is also a metal detector that you go through in order to gain access to the site..

gift gift 12:42 am 30 Jun 09

Then again I’ve heard that tennis balls are usually thrown over the wall with goodies in them

gift gift 12:40 am 30 Jun 09

Maybe Mr Hargraves should move the x-ray machine from the court house, Priotise Priotise!

Thumper Thumper 7:06 pm 29 Jun 09

Is anyone really surprised that the gaol was not actually finished?

sunshine sunshine 7:03 pm 29 Jun 09

xray machine or not – there will always be contraband of varying sorts inside a prison.

amarooresident2 amarooresident2 3:47 pm 29 Jun 09

Wasn’t there an article the other day about the equipment awaiting approval from the relevant authorities?

Igglepiggle Igglepiggle 2:29 pm 29 Jun 09

Wow. Contraband smuggled inside a prison. Tell me you’re not surprised?

FC FC 2:04 pm 29 Jun 09

What does the use of this equipment have to do with the prisoners feeling loved?

FC FC 2:03 pm 29 Jun 09

Wait a minute. Do other prison’s have X ray equipment. I don’t recall the equipment being used at BRC or Symonston.

Ian Ian 2:02 pm 29 Jun 09

Actually, do our human rights respecting prison authorities actually call the inmates prisoners? Maybe they think thats too harsh a work for the little luvvies, and call them clients, or guests, or rehabilitees, or something kinder?

Ian Ian 2:00 pm 29 Jun 09

You’re looking at things the wrong way. The important question is “do the prisoners feel loved?”

neanderthalsis neanderthalsis 1:51 pm 29 Jun 09

Hmmmm, an ACT prison lacking Xray equipment to prevent cons and visitors from bringing in contraband. Why am I not surprised.

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