Probing the polls: school parking and the campaign to boot Alan Jones from our buses

Genevieve Jacobs 22 September 2019 56
Alan Jones

Alan Jones’s presence on the back of ACTION buses has prompted a petition for his removal. Photo: Supplied.

Last week’s poll looked at complaints about school parking during busy times after a Red Hill school parent complained about the 15-minute parking limit when collecting their children.

Parking inspectors recently began patrolling the area around Red Hill School, issuing fines to anyone who has exceeded the 15-minute time limit. P&C President Patrick Pentony made a personal call to extend the parking limit time to 30 minutes, but most of you didn’t agree with the argument that parents were disadvantaged.

We asked you whether the government should extend parking limits outside schools from 15 minutes and 525 RiotACT readers responded.

Your options were Yes, parents need enough time to engage with teachers and the school community without getting fined, which garnered 242 votes.

Alternatively, you could vote No, longer parking times mean someone else loses the chance to use that space, which won the day with 283 votes, a small but clear margin in favour of the proposition.

This week’s poll has already generated energetic debate on RiotACT.

It began with a petition originally created by Canberra businesswoman Peta Swarbrick who called for 2CC’s advertisements featuring Alan Jones to be removed from ACTION buses.

The petition also says that all advertisements that promote people who make sexist public comments should be added to the list of banned advertisers cited in the Transport Canberra advertising guidelines.

“These comments show that Alan Jones does not uphold acceptable community values and does not respect women publicly,” the petition reads. “These comments could encourage violence against women, and therefore the promotion of this broadcaster is inconsistent with the values we should uphold in our community.”

The current Transport Canberra advertising policy states that ads must not represent, portray or promote “a message that can be deemed offensive or demeaning to specific community groups (i.e. religious, ethnic, women, etc)”.

ACT Greens got on board with the call, and Greens MLA Caroline Le Couteur says that given the broadcaster’s comments advising the Prime Minister to “stuff a sock” down the throat of NZ PM Jacinda Ardern, “We do not need people promoting this and we don’t need the ACT Government to implicitly normalise this by allowing it on the back of their bus”.

2CC station manager Michael Jones said the petition came as a surprise to him. He asked organisers to contact the station and explain what their problem with the advertisement was.

What do you think? We’re asking whether the campaign to remove Alan Jones’ advertising from the back of ACT buses is a good idea. Your options are to vote No, love him or hate him, it’s a free country, or Yes, I’m completely over Alan, get him out of my eyeline.

There is a campaign to remove Alan Jones' advertising from the back of ACT buses. Is this a good idea?

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56 Responses to Probing the polls: school parking and the campaign to boot Alan Jones from our buses
Capital Retro Capital Retro 10:18 pm 28 Sep 19

“Alan who? “

Alan Jones, Australia’s most successful rugby union coach, that’s who.

Bill Gemmell Bill Gemmell 6:55 pm 26 Sep 19

Alan who? Oh yes, the guy who has singly handedly persuaded old folk that they cannot afford to heat their houses in winter or cool them in summer! I am totally torn about the right of 2CC to advertise their product as opposed to the dangers this guy presents to the more vulnerable. One thing is for sure though, I now actively avoid 2CC in the morning.

Claire Claire 4:49 pm 26 Sep 19

I wonder if it had been a male politician being told to put a sock in it if it would have made such an impression. Okay, I know he muddled up the saying, but any Australian should have known what he meant. Also if it had been some leftie insulting someone they would have been applauded.

Roman Semciw Roman Semciw 5:43 pm 24 Sep 19

Our democracy and freedom of speech allows Alan Jones to be critical of all things in life and he's not the Messiah to fix all of our countries problems. If you don't agree with him then make an effort to change stations as you have that freedom to do so. A hungry lion has no boundaries, why should you feel any different in our free society.

    Ivan Slavich Ivan Slavich 6:47 am 25 Sep 19

    Roman Semciw I have, don’t listen to him..

Acton Acton 3:52 pm 24 Sep 19

What a lot of self-serving, manufactured indignation is being sprouted by those who cannot comprehend or abide the existence of alternative views within a democratic society, based on freedom of expression. Those seeking to shut down debate are always the greater danger to society.

Jones released a statement:
“I note some concern about my comment this morning re New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern and her remarks and preaching about climate change.

“Of course what I meant to say was that Scott Morrison should tell Ms Ardern to “put a sock in it.”

“There are many people who would relish the opportunity to misinterpret things that I have said as we have seen online this afternoon. Of course I would not wish any harm to Jacinda Ardern.

“This wilful misinterpretation distracts from my point that she was wrong about climate change and wrong about Australia’s contribution to carbon dioxide levels.”

Peter Manger Peter Manger 10:03 am 24 Sep 19

I'm torn. I promote freedom of ideas, but the guy is vile. I'm also concerned it is getting more press through the negative press. Can we take out an add that simple says "Don't listen to any station that promotes repulsive grubs that need socks stuck down their throat".

    Peter Marshall Peter Marshall 10:36 am 24 Sep 19

    No-one needs to be reminded of his misogynistic violent speech by seeing his mug on government buses' butts.

    Ryan Daniel Ryan Daniel 12:27 pm 24 Sep 19

    Peter Manger the best test of freedom of ideas/speech is allowing it for people/things you strongly disagree with.

    Peter Marshall Peter Marshall 1:22 pm 24 Sep 19

    Wrong. The best test of freedom of ideas and speech is ensuring that people who promote harmful ideas and speech do not get a platform.

    The only difficulty is deciding who or what is harmful. Inciting violence isn't going to be defended by many people, though - it's already illegal, it just needs to be enforced.

    Ryan Daniel Ryan Daniel 5:18 pm 26 Sep 19

    Peter Marshall who decides what is harmful? People generally disagree strongly about political issues because they genuinely believe that the other view is harmful.

    The test I was referring to is in terms of dedication to the actual concept of freedom of speech and ideas. To test how dedicated one is to that concept, one has to test themselves by not censoring people with differing opinions to themselves. That’s what I meant by test. If freedom of expression of ideas is truly considered crucial to a functional society then one has to tolerate unwanted ideas being expressed. If that freedom isn’t important then one doesn’t have to. But that is the test.

    Julie Macklin Julie Macklin 6:32 pm 27 Sep 19

    Ryan Daniel One test of freedom is does that person allow freedom of speech and alternative ideas to their own. The only time I ever listened to Alan Jones, he didn't if they disagreed with his own. He would either muffle them; I could hear this very faint voice attempting to put their view, but Alan Jones would talk over them so the listener couldn't hear the alternative viewpoint, or just cut them off. No one should complain about blocking the freedom of speech of someone like Alan Jones who doesn't allow others to have it.

rationalobserver rationalobserver 9:59 am 24 Sep 19

The leftie thought police are out in force over this one.
The harsh reality is that if people didn’t listen to his show, his employers would show him the door. The fact is that a huge number of every day Australians prefer to consume his brand of brainwashing in preference to the ABC’s version of brainwashing.

Yuri Shukost Yuri Shukost 9:35 am 24 Sep 19

Don’t like him? Don’t listen to him. Easy.

    Yuri Shukost Yuri Shukost 11:54 am 24 Sep 19

    If listener ratings don't increase noticeably, then 2CC will conclude that they are wasting their money and will not renew the advertising contract.

    Do you think that 2CC will remove the ads just because people who wouldn't listen to him anyway demand it? No, they want people who are undecided.

    Peter Marshall Peter Marshall 1:24 pm 24 Sep 19

    Or how about ACTION decide not to profit from misogyny, eh?

    Ivan Slavich Ivan Slavich 6:48 am 25 Sep 19

    Yuri Shukost agree, I don’t listen to him..

    Yuri Shukost Yuri Shukost 9:52 am 25 Sep 19

    Peter Marshall dream on.

Michelle Taggart Michelle Taggart 9:10 am 24 Sep 19

ACT Government stop Advertising this vile man on the buses.

Jenny McInnes Jenny McInnes 8:48 am 24 Sep 19

Nasty, nasty old has been with antiquated views.

Lesley Fitzpatrick Lesley Fitzpatrick 8:28 am 24 Sep 19

Ditch him.

    Lesley Fitzpatrick Lesley Fitzpatrick 9:25 am 24 Sep 19

    Peter Marshall too true. Wouldn’t want to add to the pollution of the worlds’ oceans.

Margaret Freemantle Margaret Freemantle 8:23 am 24 Sep 19

Get him off the buses and the radio...and anywhere else he shows up.

James Harber James Harber 8:06 am 24 Sep 19

Get rid of the moronic fossil

Peter Bee Peter Bee 7:34 am 24 Sep 19

Don’t listen and tell the station you don’t listen. Not a great point made wanting the 2CC adverts off a bus as such.

Peter Major Peter Major 7:09 am 24 Sep 19

He/the radio station is lawfully entitled to advertise. Buses need revenue so what's the issue.

More rabid Green paranoia

    Peter Marshall Peter Marshall 7:57 am 24 Sep 19

    You don't know who Alan Jones is?

    Peter Major Peter Major 11:06 am 24 Sep 19

    Peter Marshall i don't care, he is entitled to advertise. What's your problem.

    Peter Marshall Peter Marshall 1:24 pm 24 Sep 19

    So you don't know what you're commenting about?

    Peter Major Peter Major 2:54 pm 24 Sep 19

    Peter Marshall i know Alan Jones, ex ARU coach, right wing evangelist etc. Fully entitled to advertise.

    I gather you don't respect freedom of expression

    Peter Marshall Peter Marshall 3:10 pm 24 Sep 19

    As common as unicorns.

    Rabid isn't an adjective that can be applied to Greens. It belongs with the intolerant, the violent, the greedy etc.

Ivan Slavich Ivan Slavich 6:27 am 24 Sep 19

I stopped listening to Alan Jones 20 years ago after being a regular, he is just so righteous and always thinks he is right and so black and white. He has single handedly been responsible for the gas shortage on the East coast by destroying the Coal Seam methane industry prospects and now blames everyone else for the high gas prices. He is the one that caused the price crisis.

Stephen Matthews Stephen Matthews 5:18 am 24 Sep 19

Better than chevrons to make you keep your correct distance behind a vehicle

Brad Gaynor Brad Gaynor 3:44 am 24 Sep 19

Don’t listen to 2CC. Easy!

Noelle Waugh Noelle Waugh 11:49 pm 23 Sep 19

Don’t encourage him. He’s a total lightweight.

Widya Santoso Widya Santoso 11:02 pm 23 Sep 19

You see his smiling face as the bus you're rushing to catch pulls away from the kerb...

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